Over the next week, Mariabelle began training hard for the ball.

Mariabelle, who studied everything seriously with a sincere attitude, learned the manners of the empire almost perfectly even in a short period of time.

Meanwhile, James exchanged documents with a civil official from the imperial palace.

The wheat trade was concluded on mutually satisfactory terms, and James felt a weight off his shoulders.

After all, he must have been tense since the engagement broke off.

And like that, the day of the ball finally arrived.

Mariabelle, who had her whole body polished by the maids, headed to the Imperial Palace with Mr. and Mrs. Fidelo and James.

The attendees were somewhat excited to see Renato, who had not made a public appearance since the death of his fiancée.

Mariabelle and her party were invited into the palace not through the main entrance for guests, but through the one reserved for the royal family.

Renato was already waiting for them in the room they were ushered into, and he broke into a smile when he saw the beautifully dressed Mariabelle.

Carlo jumped in between Renato and Mariabelle, who were about to embrace each other with their arms wide open.

He said, "Your Highness, you will have to wait."You'll mess up her beautiful dress."

"I'm just going to say a quick hello. We're engaged, so that's all right isn't it?"

Carlo smiled at Renato, who seemed dissatisfied, and declared, "No.""Carlo smiled at Renato, who seemed dissatisfied, and assured him I have to present Miss Berkeley in perfect condition at the unveiling later on. More importantly, you haven't introduced her yet."

There were some people behind Renato was: his brother Angelo, who was smiling; a young man who looks just like them; a mature man with black hair and blue eyes dressed in a gorgeous costume; and a noblewoman with soft flaxen hair tied up in an intricate bun.

This were the emperor and queen of the Galleria Empire.

"Lord Berkeley these are my parents," Lord Berkeley, these are  I hope you will get along with them from now on."

"...A"Aren't you being a little too friendly...?" Carlo's voice was easily ignored as he muttered quietly.

The emperor and his wife didn't seem too bothered by it, so perhaps this was normal among the royal families.

But since it was the first time they met face to face, Mariabelle and James made a formal imperial bow; they both joined their hands in front of their chests and bowed deeply.

"This is a private place, please make yourselves comfortable."

The emperor's voice was dignified, which sounded a little lower than Renato's, and naturally will make you want to bow your heads.

"This was a sudden engagement, but I am very happy to see you here today."

The two looked up and were unexpectedly greeted with kind words.

James and Mariabelle bowed deeply again.

"I believe you have already heard about Renato,o the crown prince situation. I am truly sorry that the engagement had to be so hectic."

As expected, James didn't bow, but he was flustered when the emperor expressed his sincere apologies.

As long as his daughter's marriage partner was the crown prince of the Galleria Empire, he was prepared to have an audience with his father, the emperor, but he didn't expect such a kind humble partner.

The king of the kingdom, Edward's father, has strict etiquette, so he doesn't take a trifling attitude toward his subjects.

Ten years ago, he was more gentle, but when the royal family was reduced in number due to the spread of a plague, he began to treat his subjects harshly, perhaps because of the pressure of his duties.

Because of this, the court of the kingdom has become a little more formal, so James was surprised that the king allowed Edward to marry a commoner.

James wondered if the royal court looked different now, and he pondered about the kingdom.