The largest hall in the imperial palace was opened for the first time in many years for a ball.

It was the first ball to be held since the death of Crown Prince Renato's fiancée, and all the nobles who had daughters of the right age were in attendance.

The nobles were already fighting behind the scenes to win the position of the next fiancée.

As expected, the daughters had refrained from wearing gorgeous dresses, but they were dressed up for the occasion to the best of their ability.

For the past few years, the most popular fabric for dresses has been the blue silk from the Fidelos' household, which is both elegant and glamorous.

It has become popular not only for its beautiful drape when tailored, but also for its eye-catching blue glow as the person wearing it passes by.

However, if everyone wore blue silk dresses, they would all look alike.

So nowadays, many of them wear dresses dyed in gorgeous colors.

However, for this ball, the original white dress of blue silk is the most appropriate.

In particular, the blue silk produced this year had a reputation for being more lustrous than ever, and the nobles were eager to obtain it for the ball, but none of the stores sold it, it seems that it has not yet been distributed.

In addition, all the nobles were in a hurry to have their dresses tailored, and it was difficult to find seamstresses, especially those who were good at embroidery, it was as though they had been kept in a safe house by some family.

The nobles who were trying to sell their daughters were looking at each guest name as it was announced at the entrance by the head of the Imperial Household Office, as if they were trying to figure out the family that was able to secure an invitation.

Eventually, when all the guests had arrived, the royal family slowly descended from the stairs in the center of the hall.

First the two princes, except for the crown prince, then the emperor and empress.

Crown Prince Renato had not yet made his appearance

At the end of the stairs, on a wide landing, were seats for the royals

Standing in front of them, the emperor addressed his subjects, who bowed their heads in a deep voice.

"Dear ones of my empire, lift up your heads."

With these words, the emperor looked around his subjects who were downstairs.

Expecting eyes gathered around the emperor, as if they were wondering why Renato wasn't there yet.

"Well, As everyone knows, the other day, Crown Prince Renato's fiancée, Princess Monica of the Grand Duke Marini, passed away after a long illness. It is truly regrettable, as I had looked forward to the day when I would welcome her as a member of the royal family."

The emperor closed his eyes and fell silent for a moment.

The nobles followed his example and held a moment of silence for the dead Grand Duke's daughter.

The emperor then opened his eyes and said, "But as you all know, Renato, the crown prince, is in need of a new companion. So..."

The faces of the nobles with daughters shine, wondering if this ball would be the beginning of the crown prince's choice of wife after all.


"Let me introduce you to the new fiancée chosen by the Crown Prince."

The dress, recognizable as the Fidelos' blue silk, draws long drapes and shimmered blue as Mariabelle descends the stairs.

The hem was embroidered with blue roses, and if you look closely, you can see that the roses were lighter in color at the top.

Although she was wearing an empire-style open-chest dress, the bust was wrapped in lace, further enhancing her purity.

Shining on her bosom was a large sapphire necklace the same color as Renato's eyes, and matching earrings dangled from her shapely ears beneath her intricately braided golden hair.

Her bright emerald eyes, framed by long, smoldering golden lashes, gazed ahead with dignity.

Attracting the attention of the imperial nobles, Mariabelle appeared at the ball together with Renato, with an elegant smile on her face.

"I am Mariabelle, the daughter of the Marquise of Berkeley."

The eyes of the nobles, who were surprised by the suddenness of the event, caught sight of the immensely beautiful princess being escorted down the stairs by the crown prince.