The place where Mariabelle and James were to stay in the imperial city was the townhouse of Count Fidelo's family.

Facing Triangle Bay in the northeast of the imperial capital, this was Count Fidelo's mansion for their stay in the imperial capital, and similar residences were lined up in the surrounding area.

As was the case in the kingdom, nobles with their own territory have mansions for their stay in the imperial capital, aside from the castles in their territory.

Nobles, who have their mansions close to the imperial palace, are often old noble families, such as grand dukes and duchesses.

And relatively newer families, such as Count Fidelo, have their mansion a little further away but with a good view facing Triangle Bay.

Among them, the pavilions with an alleyway at the rear of the property for horse-drawn carriages were very popular among the wealthy aristocrats, and the townhouse of Count Fidelo was built in such a place.

Mariabelle and her father were allowed to ride in Count Fidelo's carriage from the chapel to the mansion.

The spring-loaded carriage had less vibration than those of the kingdom and was more comfortable to ride in.

After getting out of the carriage, they found a pavilion with white walls and blue roofs.

The walls had probably been recently repainted, and it looked as if it had been newly built.

As they passed through the hall and were led to the guest room at the end of the stairs, they were met by a bright blue sea before their eyes.

"Well, what an amazing view!"

Mariabelle listened to the gentle sound of the waves and inhaled the scent of the sea.

Ships running at a distance were drawing lines in the blue sea with white waves, and seagulls were flying freely in the blue sky.

Mariabelle, who had never seen the ocean this close, has a childish twinkle in her eyes.

"Wow. This is magnificent."

James, who was standing next to Mariabelle, also marveled at the view.

"I hope you like it," Count Fidelo said proudly, and James agreed.

"We thank you for allowing us to stay in such a wonderful place."

"Oh, no, it's not that formal of a thank you..."

Looking at James, count Fidelo lowered his head, and started sweating; Mrs. Fidelo softly offered him a white handkerchief.

While Count Fidelo was wiping away his sweat after receiving it with an air of familiarity, Therese took Mariabelle's hand.

"We have room for you here too. Come on."

She led the way and found two guest rooms in front of the sea-facing room. One of them was adjacent to the women's dressing room.

"I've prepared a few dresses for you..."

There were many imperial dresses in the dressing room.

Many of the dresses in the kingdom hide the chest, but in the southern empire, the dresses show off the collarbones.

The dress prepared for Mariabelle was made with a lot of delicate lace around the collar, which didn't show much skin.

This was partly because Mariabelle wasn't accustomed to the Imperial dress, but it also reflected Renato's intention for Mariabelle not to show too much skin.

"I prepared them in a hurry, so many of them are ready-made, but His Highness will provide you with a proper dress for the ball."

"A ball...?" Maria Belle was surprised, and Therese covered her mouth with her hand.

"I wonder if it was still a secret... A ball will be held to announce the formal engagement to His Highness."

"I haven't heard anything about it yet... When will it be held?"

"In a week."

"A week?!"

"Yes, because Lord Berkeley can't be away from his estate that long, can he?"

"But isn't a week too soon?"

Mariabelle was at a loss as to what to do with the matter that was so sudden.