Chapter 650: Returnee buyer.

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Chapter 650: Returnee buyer.

In Ye Qing’s vision, an energy service center cannot only satisfy up to 200 car owners but also park and charge in a dedicated charging area. It also has to undertake the maintenance work of Shi lei cars and has enough leisure and relaxation equipment, which is unique and attractive. It can’t be like a traditional freeway service area, just for the owner to fill up and eat, and wash the car and add water on the way. It must be unusual and very attractive.

Ye Qing just calculated the current profit of Huge Industrial Monster Co., Ltd., and found that the cash reserve has reached a scale of 100 billion and once the energy service area plan is officially launched, it is assured that the money will flow faster than gambling in Las Vegas and even a large amount of follow-up profits will be met in the future to meet this plan.

With such an incredible investment, Ye Qing certainly will not allow himself to create an ordinary, poor energy service center. He wants to make the energy service center a Huge Industrial Monster calling card and a landscape and whoever sees it will give a compliment and whoever goes there will be amazed.

The renderings were opened, and an irregular diamond-shaped, scalene-triangle silver building appeared on the dream display.

At first glance, it seemed to the directors to even have a few irregular gems placed at random, and then they found that it was a long column that contained a nameplate in the shape of the scaled-down version of the Huge Industrial Monster Building and that said the identity of the building. The building was surrounded by three rectangular parking lots covered with a shaded roof and each parking lot was equipped with high power charging stations and users can charge their own car as long as they park their car in the car park and the charging fee is directly deducted from the smart assistant’s portfolio.

“For the energy service center construction method, I intend to use the modular construction scheme.” Ye Qing clicked the mouse, and the energy service center on the screen suddenly dispersed into pieces of translucent glass with the same specifications and round square steel of several specifications.

“The material will be supplied by the factory, and the factory will also supply Mechanical Colossus Type I for construction and installation. ~ At the moment we are not talking about highway energy service centers. ~ In 23 provinces of the country, in half a month, I want to see at least 70 energy service centers start construction.”

Ye Qing gave orders to Wu Xiao Fan, the director of the construction department, and looked to Kong Tao the sales manager, and added:

“At present, we can only rely on the cooperation of major auto trading companies for the sales of Shi Lei cars. When the energy service centers are completed, I plan to include other Shi Lei car sales cooperators, to improve the sales quantity of Shi Lei cars. Manager Kong, please contact those who wish to cooperate more closely with us, that they should set up a 4S store for Shi Lei cars, and they should set it up in the energy service center and accept our supervision.”

Kong Tao thought for a few seconds, and then nodded in agreement: “Boss, this plan is good. These other automakers have 4S stores all over the country. Our Shi Lei car has just started, and naturally, there is no 4S store for it, so we can only cooperate with big auto trade companies. ~ If there is no 4S store, consumers will always feel the after-sales service is not guaranteed. However, the establishment of traditional 4S stores is too inconvenient. If we put it in the energy service center, we will not only generate additional income but also use the fastest speed to open a large number of 4S stores all over the country. ~ No problem boss, there are many car dealers who want to cooperate with us. ~ Sorry, during the meeting the phone in my pocket shook six times.”


Is the meeting over early? Yes, it didn’t last too long.

After the morning meeting, Ye Qing called Qiu Yi, the general manager of the purchasing department, at the office alone. He too was present at the morning meeting, but some things were not so easy to say in front of everyone.

At the meeting, in addition to talking about professional tasks, everyone was eagerly waiting for the Shi Lei car to beat Mercedes-Benz and BMW in sales. But in fact, if the hardware problem is unsolved, then there is no problem for the Shi Lei car to defeat Tesla and to win the mid-to-high-end car market in China.

Ye Qing was prepared to take all the risks to invest in energy service centers, isn’t it just for this purpose?

As for the material problem, it is, of course, only a question of the supply of the mineral Dysprosium.

At present, the monthly supply of metallic Dysprosium has increased from one ton to three tons. Depending on the amount of the current metallic Dysprosium and the Dysprosium required for the shrunken version of the plasma battery for the Shi Lei car, Ye Qing can only produce 30,000 vehicles per month at most. If a full version of the plasma battery is produced, the consumption of metallic Dysprosium is even more alarming.

The plasma battery carried by the Shi Lei car is at its lowest level, and only one-tenth of the necessary metallic Dysprosium has been used in its manufacture. 30,000 cars per month, only 360,000 cars per year, this weight represents less than a tenth of the annual car sales of a company like Volkswagen.

If there is not enough amount of metallic Dysprosium, the Shi Lei car will not even think of gaining the market share of mid to high-end automobiles in the Chinese market.

In the office, Qiu Yi stood in front of Ye Qing and sighed for a long time: “Boss, I couldn’t do what you explained to me. I have contacted many suppliers of electronic raw materials in Japan and South Korea in recent days. None of them are willing to sell metallic Dysprosium; a 50% premium is not enough. ~ They also informed me that the main supplier of Dysprosium in the international market is China, why Chinese companies will buy more Dysprosium metal in overseas markets?”

“Nobody sells with a 50% premium?” Ye Qing has doubts. Don’t these capitalists just recognize interests and don’t recognize nationality?

“This may be related to the fluctuation of metallic Dysprosium in the Chinese market.” Qiu Yi explained: “The Bureau of Mines has deliberately reduced the international export share of metallic Dysprosium to supply it to us. Now, these foreign suppliers of electronic raw materials are all covering themselves. The metallic Dysprosium is a treasure, and they themselves don’t have enough, how can they be willing to sell it?”

Ye Qing sighed and motioned for Qiu Yi to go to work first. He has 100,000 machine guns in hand, but not enough bullets, which is probably Ye Qing’s current mood.

Sitting on the mechanical engineering chair in the office on the sixty-sixth floor, Ye Qing turned around and looked out the window with some anxiety.

Seen from here, the crowd in the square below is no bigger than a swarm of locusts. However, many people gathered in the square. Whenever a brand-new Shi Lei car was kicked out of the underground garage by the buyer, there were always a lot of people around it, rendering the buyer unable to bounce back. These buyers are the lucky ones who started lining up early.

Cars are different from commodities: although orders in the flagship store have been on hold for two months, there is still a third left, buyers who bought the place before they completed the formalities.

You don’t have to think of Ye Qing’s place to know the people around happy car owners are local tyrants who want to buy Shi Lei cars at a high price.


Not everyone can resist the temptation to win tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands if they change the car’s hands. At least a third of the local bullies who are willing to pay a premium price for their cars have achieved their wishes. Soon there was another in the second third.

Cheng Han, who is 29 this year and was planning to marry his girlfriend next month, was the lucky buyer who just brought out a Shi Lei car from the underground garage. He was able to purchase the Elite Edition of Shi Lei on the first day it hit the market after it was built. There weren’t too many complicated reasons for him to make this purchase. The main reason is that his parents work in the electricity utility and do not pay for electricity at home.

After spending over 400,000 Yuan to buy an electric car and his girlfriend had no problem with it, moreover now, there are jokes and videos about Shi Lei cars all over the internet showing that the one who can drive a car Shi Lei has more face than the one who drives a Mercedes-Benz. So, after waiting in line to complete the formalities so far, Cheng Han finally arrived at his Shi Lei car.

But who would have thought that as soon as Cheng Han stepped out of the parking lot, there would be a group of bosses with a strong accent and a lot of glitter surrounding him and his Shi Lei car, and are ready to buy the car that he had bought at a more expensive price? The highest price someone offered was 650,000 Yuan, which really scared him.

It was only when this man full of Chinese and English, who looked like a returnee who had lived abroad for many years, transferred the 650,000 Yuan, real money, to the bank card. of Cheng Han through multiple online bank transfers, and Cheng Han reacted like a dream and took this guy to the DMV to do the transfer.

“I’ll make a call first.” The returnee, who knows English and Chinese, pleaded guilty with a smile and took two steps to the side.

The call was made overseas. When the call was connected, the returnee said in plain English: “Mr. Lauder, everything is fine. I will drive the Shi Lei car to the designated port for loading at eight o’clock this evening.”

… …

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