Chapter 649: Energy service center.

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Chapter 649: Energy service center.

The underground car park is divided into indoor and outdoor areas, which are located at the entrance to the underground car park on both sides of the flagship store for external services. The original passage that led to the civil air defense project has been turned into an entrance to the underground parking lot for employees, and Ye Qing also went down to here.

After driving on the asphalt pavement, Ye Qing flashed the light, and the car light Shi Lei woke up the electronic gate mechanism of the exclusive garage reserved for Ye Qing. The induction recognition device recognized the license plate, then the door opened automatically.

Entering here is like stepping onto the stage at the Paris Auto Show. In this garage, which is not open to the public, almost the world’s biggest luxury car brands are gathered. From world-famous road king the GTR, to Bentley Mulsanne, to Rolls-Royce Phantom, to Ferrari and McLaren, they are all present here. And every car is new, most of which hasn’t even removed the seat covers. There is no doubt that these luxury cars belong to Ye Qing.

These luxury cars were unbought by Ye Qing to show off. Shi Lei cars were only mid-range cars. In Ye Qing’s vision, when the reputation of the Shi Lei car is established, a luxury car with a price of over 2 million Yuan can be launched.

Of course, now is not the time to launch a luxury car. No matter how perfect Shi Lei is, he is still just a newborn, and there is still a long way to go before he becomes a world-class brand like Mercedes-Benz or BMW.

Luxury cars are not the same as regular cars; if they are launched too early it would be a shame that the sales are not good. Besides, the luxury version of the car is still being designed, and it is impossible to push it back.

Entering his own elevator, Ye Qing first went to the 66th-floor multi-functional conference room to prepare for today’s morning meeting.

The Huge Industrial Monster Building has a total of 99 floors. Floors 60 to 66 are the directors’ offices, and Ye Qing’s work office is also located here. During working hours, everyone gathers in this office and represents their work situation. As per usual practice, during the morning meeting, the heads and managers of the different departments will report on the business and sales affairs of the day before, as well as the work plan for the day.

It was just that after Ye Qing entered the conference room today, for some reason, the supervisors and managers in front of him all looked at him with great grievances.

“What’s the problem, isn’t you comfortable moving to another office?” Ye Qing sat down in his seat with a puzzled smile. It didn’t bother him at all but felt very happy.

In the Blue Sky Building, a hundred or two hundred people could be crammed into one office, and all the noise made while working was annoying. Now, in the new environment, even the bathroom is larger than the original sleeping area, and the environment is also brand new, making people feel comfortable from the bottom of their hearts.

“No, boss, we are harassed by customers who want to buy Shi Lei cars.”

Kong Tao said with a wry smile: “Since the official announcement from China TV yesterday, which gave us over three minutes to talk about Huge Industrial Monster and his Shi Lei car to show us. Now calls from across the automotive industry, whether from dealerships or parts and materials suppliers, have fallen into a jumble, and they are eager to find us to further cooperate with us. ~ “

” ~ Boss, since the news that ended at 7:30 am yesterday, I received about twenty people, all partners, you know I couldn’t get home after work, they blocked me at the door of the apartment building…” Kong Tao involuntarily shuddered just after speaking.

The phone in his pocket vibrated again, and it goes without saying the gang must have called back.

“Even me,” the HR manager who isn’t in charge of products added: “I’ve been approached by a bunch of people. The popularity of Shi Lei vehicles is so great that now we are out of stock on all ranges of Shi Lei vehicles. I have heard there are a lot of bosses out there who want Shi Lei vehicles, no matter what model they are, they will buy them directly for a 30% higher price.”

“I didn’t expect the Shi Lei car to be so highly recommended,” Ye Qing stood up spread his hands, and said slowly: “Actually, the 5,000 vehicle inventories are already pretty amazing. I have already extended the production line at the factory. It is expected that by next week the production will be doubled. ~ “

” ~ The main problem is on the raw materials side, not to talk about the report on the labor situation.”

Ye Qing is the chairman, but in the conference room he is the one who takes care of the business of the company the least, which makes it easier for him, but he can understand the inner thoughts of those partners who cooperate with Huge Industrial Monster.

Nowadays, the real development of the economy has slowed down, coupled with the increasingly fierce competition, it is more and more difficult for everyone to do business. Now the Huge Industrial Monster has opened a golden door for these traders. As long as they can make contact with the Huge Industrial Monster, it’s almost like someone patted their shoulders and said: “Brothers, as long as you can move the money in the safe, you can move it.”

Hearing the news that he was waiting for Ye Qing to announce it, Kong Tao brightened up with a cheerful smile at the corner of his mouth.

“Boss, at 9:00 pm last night, the flagship store and 23 outlets across the country have signed and sold over 3,700 orders for Shi Lei cars. Today, I think orders will explode. After all, we must take into consideration the influence of official Chinese TV news.”

“But at the demand level, the orders need to be controlled. I suggest limiting the signatures on the number of advance orders for Shi Lei cars at each point of sale based on the results of previous sales. Otherwise, there will be too many advance orders and two months will not be enough to fulfill those orders.”

“We have also sent a notice to dealers in provinces that have sold cars, to install chargers for the battery within three days and have them in their place.”

“It’s not enough to be responsible for the point of sale.” Ye Qing nodded and shook his head after hearing this: “The Shi Lei car is a whole new energy technology, and ordinary household lines cannot withstand the current charge when recharging the batteries. The quality of battery charging directly determines the user’s experience of the Shi Lei car.”

“Let the technical department send technicians to different outlets to guide and strictly control the installation of electric piles, if they cannot meet the standards, their qualification as an agency will be directly revoked.”

Kong Tao nodded seriously.

“Boss, the personnel office sent a message of recruiting a large number of skilled workers to the Jiangnan Ministry of Labor Office and large intermediary enterprises throughout the province as well as neighboring provinces.”

“It is estimated that 3000 technicians can be recruited in a week to take on our own construction of electric piles and construction of the energy service area.”

“Has the location of the first batch of energy service zones been determined?” Learning that the energy technicians were on the right track, Ye Qing turned to Wu Xiao Fan, the new director of the construction bureau.

“Boss, according to your request, the approximate location of the first 100 energy service centers has been investigated. In addition to provinces and municipalities directly under the central government, there are also 30 high-traffic highways to set up energy service centers.”

“For cities, we can buy land to invest and build. For the highway, you have to get state approval very quickly.”

“The approval document is not a big deal. We can have state support for this plan. Let me show you the factory-scheduled energy service area rendering first.” Ye Qing took out a USB flash disk from his pocket and connected it to the media equipment in the conference room.

As soon as they heard the word rendering, the supervisors and managers immediately turned their attention to the huge dream screen behind Ye Qing.

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