Chapter 651: Shi Leis car drifts across the sea.

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Chapter 651: Shi Lei's car drifts across the sea.

"Good job."

"Before loading the car, remember sealing the car with the metallic insulation cloth stored in the container, to prevent the GPS from being located."

"Ok," the latter nodded, then turned and climbed into the seat of the co-pilot of the car Shi Lei.

"Please wear your seat belt."

When the vehicle started up, the smart assistant who hadn't yet defined a character jumped off the screen to call him back.

"Haha ~ Now this smart little helper is super popular on the Internet," Cheng Han pushed the little helper on the screen with his finger and directly pushed this cute little elf to run around.

"I heard that the smart assistant can not just choose the appearance, but the smart assistant can also set the personality and gender. Sir, have you ever lived abroad, in which country have you seen similar technology?"

"In the United States," the man with the poor mandarin smiled and added: "I don't know if there is such technology. Maybe Google has similar technology. But this smart assistant is really handy. As long as you speak while driving, you can control the car's system. ~ Just I don't speak Mandarin very well, maybe he doesn't understand me..."

"You can speak English. He understands."

The latter smiled and began to look inside the Shi Lei car.

There were no words the entire trip, and it was noon when all the formalities were done at the DMV. Cheng Han ran very happily with the money, but the repatriated buyer was in no rush to leave, he sat in the car, took the camera out of his backpack, and photographed various details inside the car.

At night, the Shi Lei car Elite edition was first driven to an isolated warehouse, and was packed by two foreign men, and put into a container. At two in the morning, the container was transferred to the port.

The customs declaration stated the container contained an experimental electric vehicle and a set of related accessories. The car on the list has been replaced by a product of a less noisy Japanese car manufacturer. The company may have placed several orders for the transport of vehicles, and customs clearance went very well this time: Customs only checked the list of formalities before releasing the container.

It is impossible for port customs to open every export container for inspection. Millions of containers are exported every year, and some containers are filled with tens of thousands of goods. Who can control them?

Customs officials carry out probability-based checks by doing random inspections, just like in a lottery. If ever it happens that they find there is contraband or that the customs declaration is false, then congratulations on them, and anything related to the contents of the cargo like online customs broker, packing station, agent, pointing station, production plant, etc. cannot work. This talented and daring and at the same time psychologically strong group of people is not at all afraid of customs.

When the freighter left the port for the high seas in the early morning hours of the next day, the freighter full of containers directly encountered a thousand-ton flat-roofed express vessel, and the container containing the Shi Lei car has been transferred from the cargo ship to the flat-roofed vessel and is being shipped to Japan as soon as possible. On the evening of the same day, the Shi Lei car boarded a cargo plane direct to the United States from the Japanese airport.

By the time the plane arrived in Silicon Valley, California, two days had passed. However, the news is the very popular car in China has long crossed the ocean to the United States, which is much faster than the Shi Lei car entity.

Another production of the Huge Industrial Monster?

American internet users thought this world is too crazy. In backward China, there is actually a company that can launch high-tech products that shock the world one after another, from ionization purifiers to Magic Crystal cell phones, to sewage treatment systems, and now a new energy vehicle, the Shi Lei car.


Now, across North America, the Magic Crystal mobile phone has become the brightest new star. It has excellent screen quality and stability beyond Apple's system. Everyone wants to get a Magic Crystal phone, but if you want to get it, you have to find a way to buy it from illegal ways.

Among five hundred people with a phone, there is hardly a single Magic Crystal cell phone user. On the contrary, it sparked the pursuit of Magic Crystal cell phones by American users, believing that the harder to obtain, the better.

Now, I don't know who the good people are, who spent all day transporting clips of the car Shi Lei to YouTube from a Chinese video site.

"Boss ~ do you really want to turn on the wipers on a sunny day?"

"Your Majesty ~ I really don't recommend you turn on night mode in broad daylight."

"Young master ~ you really don't need to ask me who is running faster, the car in front or me. If you want to know, you can ask me to turn off the rear-wheel drive and use the front-drive only."

"Husband ~ come home, you still owe the bank a loan of 113,200 Yuan. Are you sure you want to go to the bar and drink a bottle of beer for tens of Yuan so late? In case you run into the police..."

After the sewage treatment system and Magic Crystal mobile phone, Huge Industrial Monster's Shi Lei car has become the most popular. All kinds of Shi Lei car jokes were added with English subtitles, then uploaded to YouTube, the eyes of American netizens would pop out.

Is it a car?

They were fascinated by the intelligent assistant and their desire to have reached it at its peak, and they can't wait to sell their girlfriend and own a smart assistant. It was simply a soul mate that only existed in the fifth dimension. In front of the sky-defying intelligent assistant, many people even ignored the Shi Lei car and even more the sky-defying plasma battery technology.

Of course, this is also due to the fact that the Shi Lei car has just been launched and most of the users are not low on energy.

The plasma battery in the Shi Lei car can store four hundred kWh of electrical energy and can travel an average of 1,500 kilometers in the urban area. When users get it, Shi Lei's remaining energy is 99% or 98%. After running for a week, there will still be 70-80 % energy remaining.

From this point, we can also see the consciousness of the Huge Industrial Monster.

Regular fuel vehicles are purchased at 4S stores, and the fuel tank is full enough for the owner to drive to the gas station on the way and even the air conditioner cannot be turned on for fear that fuel is not enough, which will cause the buyer to stop halfway. The staff at these 4S stores have long practiced invincible refueling technology, ensuring the owner can only reach the gas station and it is impossible to pass through one more traffic light.

Let's take a look at the Huge Industrial Monster. The battery returned with the car is completely full and the user has over 1000 kilometers of mileage free of charge.

Regardless of the issue of energy, American internet users are already crying everywhere. Why is the USA, which is the first in technology, everywhere lagging behind the Huge Industrial Monster?

Doesn't this Google company brag about artificial intelligence all day long, isn't it Tesla calling for the use of computer technology to produce cars?

Hurry up and get this kind of smart car assistant, we almost searched all the internet, but can't download Shi Lei car assistant!

Along with the smart assistant, the Shi Lei car's night mode, color-changing glass, and electronic windshield as advanced as a fighter jet all drive Americans looking for tech crazy.

The combination of these characteristics deeply angered American internet users, making them feel their technological dominance has collapsed.

Even ordinary internet users have this kind of awareness, not to mention focusing on the new energy vehicle area and sitting in Tesla's world number 1 in that market.


A cargo plane carrying the Shi Lei car took off for Silicon Valley, California, which is the world's largest electronics industry and home to the computer industry. Not everyone knows the name Silicon Valley, and not everyone knows this temple of electronic computing, an alien that Tesla is associated with this name.

Now this company, which adheres to the use of computer technology to make cars, has a huge sense of crisis and is interested in the Shi Lei car.

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