After hunting, me and Lidell started to go home as usual. While we're talking I remember the ghost I encounter in my inn.

“That girl was probably stray brownie.”

“Stray Brownie?”

“Brownie is like fairies, and they're rare see too. We call them stray brownie because they don't have master.”

In the world of novel, brownie's are fairies who do house chores and other stuff. But in this world, brownie's are actual fairies?

“Brownie's can't live long without masters. So there's probably something's happened to that brownie's master.”

“So there's no harm from it?”

“None. And if ever you see that brownie again, give her name. They are like blessing after all.”

That girl is cute that makes me want to protect her. Of course she's harmless.

“What will happen if I give her a name?”

“If you give a brownie a name, you'll become the next master, and she'll be live longer. Since they like living, that girl will likely accept it, but there are more fairy's who don't.”

Reminiscing what happened in that night. That girl was small like animal. Since she suddenly disappear, I thought she was ghost. Brownie's are spirit, there's nothing to be afraid of.

Now to think about it, ever since I came to this world, I've been discovering a lot of things that I wasn't aware of myself.

“She was cute and small like an small animal.”

“Cute like small animal huh? I can't imagine it and it's pretty different from what I've heard. ”

“I don't really know about fairies so I might be wrong too.”

She looks like a kid to me. As expected of fantasy.

“Brownie's are like humanoid plant. They're about 3 meters tall. But has a look like a child is something I've never heard of.”

“If that girl has big appearance I'll definitely get scared of her.”

In earth, the brownie I know was pretty different from this world's brownie. But as Lidell explain more about brownie's, they're actually pretty same.

“You can tell if they have growing leaves on their head.”

“Yup, there is.”

I thought that growing leaves in her head was her toy, but it might be trouble if I took that thing off.

“I'm not also familiar with the appearance but, that girl may be a brownie.”

“I see. If I see her tonight, I'll give her a name then.”

“Brownie tends to not know how to speak but they still have emotions. They're good observing surroundings and taking care of things, whether it is big or small. That's why most of the merchants became successful in their business when they own a brownie.”

“They may be good at hunting too.”

Making a game about guessing left or right maybe a good business, but I don't have funds yet, so it's impossible. But I'll still consider it.

“Business is all about trust, so finding partner is mostly on your own. Oh also, if the brownie's die, your things might also disappear so it's pretty risky. Adding the responsibilities in other parts, you may get involved in some troubles.”

Troubles huh.... Even though I'm in different world Louise and Lidell is also a person, not just by appearance but also they're existence. So, society must is also same.

I thought being a merchant is a good job but, I can't fight If I'm in close space where I can't move freely.

While feeling the gentle wind pass through my body and the smell of grass and flowers. Going home is actually my favorite. Even though I was raised in a stone jungle, Smelling the grassy wind doesn't feel hate to me.

Facing the east. I feel like I'm feeling the same wind as Lysette does.

Departing from Lidell, I go back to the town. When the sun is set, this is the time where this town is so lively, you can see a lot of people, you can also hear the conversations around you. It's like a festival.

After buying my midnight snack, a 2 loaf bread, I gone back to my inn and excitedly open the door.

Since the sun is already set, I light the candle and open my door of my room. As I excitedly light the room, the brownie's existence didn't appear throughout the room. I was little hopeful but maybe she's just hiding somewhere....

“Well, too bad....”

As I think of the future while sitting on bed. The 2 bread loaf suddenly move.

“Here she is...”

She literally targeted the food first.

As the brownie jump like the last time. Remembering the same pattern, I got back my bread.

“You want a bread?”

The brownie turn her face to me, she think about a second then nodded 2 times.

“Come here, I'll give you this bread.”

Patting my lap, the little girl was little hesitant but the power of bread empowered it and she eventually sat on my lap.

“I shall give you a name. From now on, your name is Momo.”

Since this girl has the same smell as peach, I'll call her Momo. (TL: Momo in English is peach.)

After I give her a name she was not happy but she became livelier than before and she give me a big smile. I guess she really like it.

“Here's more bread. Eat it as much as you want.”

Momo's cheeks was full of bread now while giving me her biggest smile.

Earlier, Lidell says brownie's are good at observing surrounding and taking care of things.

“Momo, can you fold this clothes for me.”

Then Momo look at my finger and she happily take care of the clothes. I thought she's gonna put it in the cabinet but it's not. A magic circle suddenly appeared in her hand and that magic circle suck my clothes and disappeared.

My clothes will come back..... right?

“Momo can you take out my clothes?”

This time, a magic circle appeared on the floor and my clothes suddenly pop out of it. Apparently it's still same as before. I wonder if there's other thing she can do?

“Momo, can you take my clothes again?”

After nodding. Momo open her hands and sucked my clothes again. She was like orchestra singer and it's kinda cute.

“This is gonna be useful. Thanks Momo. Here's more bread.”

As always Momo give me her best smile. I feel like I'm owning a pet right now. But since she also give me good vibes, everythings good.

After that, I wash her dirty clothes, take her to bath and wash her hair along the way.

As I wash my clothes too, I feel like I'm taking care of my little sister that is same age as Momo. I feel relieved.

After drying my clothes, we came back to inn, the bed is big enough for both of us. Even though Momo is a spirit, she has still same warmth just like humans. Feeling the loneliness Momo's warmth helps me a lot.

As I woke up. I thought I'm back on my old world, but reality is still reality. The main difference is there's small creature sleeping on my side of me. And that's Momo, sleeping happily.

Since there's no glass window here, a few pieces of wood is crafted as window. Since the light is not that strong, maybe it's just a light coming from outside, which pass through small holes of the window.

I'm guessing it's about 5:00 A.M. in the morning. Maybe because of hunting I slept so good yesterday. Also since night is early here, I got the needed hours to sleep. At night, there's not much you can do here. Unlike earth, this world has no T.V. nor games or entertainment. So I have no choice but to sleep. And candles is not cheap here.

However, I actually plan on waking up early from now on. Since I'm planning on getting muscles, I need to train everyday.

“Momo, I'm going outside. Can you stay here?”

Momo cutely wipes her eyes and began to stand up. So she's still same just like other kids. She started to walk lazily and she seems planning on going together with me. Training together is fine but I'll just leave her here when hunting.

Wait. I'm gonna travel soon. Is it fine to take Momo with me?

Why didn't I think about it. I randomly give her a name yesterday but taking a child on a travel is pretty dangerous. She's just gonna be burden.

Oh! right.

“Momo, can you disappear when a monster appeared?”

Since I can't take care of her everytime. I'm thinking she can just disappear everytime were in danger.

Since Momo can't speak, she nodded her head 3 times to confirm.

“Good girl, Momo.”

I patter her head and she's pretty happy when she's being praise. So we left outside the inn while she use her invincibility.

Little closer to the town. I stretch my body to lossen my muscles and bones. Since I'm not hunting right now, I'm not gonna swing sword or other stuff. Instead, I'm just gonna do physical training like running and push ups.

I was planning on taking in lightly but since Momo is here I got cocky and worn myself.

“Ha... Ha... Ha... I'm... So... weak...”

Even though were running intensely, Momo is not at least tired at all.

I'm so short on breath right now but Momo is still running happily.

“Isn't nice to be a child.”

Isn't I'm a child too?!

“Good morning, Akito.”

While taking break, as always Lidell gretted with his hottie smile.

“Good morning, Lidell. As always thanks for making party with me.”

“Same here. Let's earn a lot of money again today.”

“You're a noble right?”

Lidell is a person who relax when he has no opponent.

“Even though I'm noble, my father's rank is not that high and I'm fifth son, so it's even imposible to get engaged.”

Even though he's a noble there's still ranking from it. Like baron to duke, which is pretty same with earth.

If this guy is in earth, he'll surely get flooded by girls. But if were talking about engagement or in politics, the story will change.

Since he was the one who talk to me first, I thought this guy will betray me. And now that were friends already, I feel cringe about myself everytime I remember it.

“For me, I still prefer Love Marriage. Political Marriage is not independent after all. Since you have good face, you'll surely find someone effortlessly.”

If Lidell is in earth, he'll surely get a jackpot. I wonder if there is also in this world?

“I'll take the half for advice but nobles that didn't inherent is no different from commoners. However, even though they're not noble anymore, they still act like one. So it's hard for commoners to handle.”

“Being noble is kinda troublesome. So since you can't engage nor inherit, what will you do from now on?”

“I'll give up my inheritance and become independent. After that, I'll take the Knight Examination and become Kingdom's Knights.”

“Knight huh... As expected from you.”

As Lidell change his expression. I wonder, is becoming a knight is Lidell's dream or he just doesn't have choice but to do so. For me he looks like a prince but being knight seems he also looks good into.

“That's why I'm hunting monsters. Since there's no war in this era, killing demons and monster is most of the jobs of the knights.”

“So killing monster is part of your training, so that you'll be able to become knight.”

“Yup, but yesterday's battle is really my first time.”

I see, so the reason why he's good at hunting yesterday is because Lidell is training for his knighthood. Since Lidell is also noble, he was also educated and trained properly. And becoming adventurer is probably to gain more knowledge that is connected to his career.

Training, equipment and, gaining knowledge is normal for adventurers, so that they'll be able to take down a demons but the most moronic here is me. I can't believe I'm trying to hunt a demon with no preparation at all.

Wait, if Lysette just give up on her inheritance, wouldn't she will no longer get assassinate by her in-laws?

But in detailed. To be able to abandon your inheritance, there's gotta be another person who's higher than your rank or the next heir is applicable to the right on inheritance. Since Lysette brother-in-law is not adult, nor not higher than Lysette's rank, he doesn't have right to succeed the title.

While I was distracted, Momo suddenly look into my face. Oh, I forgot to introduce her to Lidell. But when I introduced Momo to Lidell, he apparently can't see her.

“As expected I can't see her.” As Lidell look at my side with his serious face.

Too bad.

“Is person who can see brownie is a rare case?”

“No, they are not really rare but in order to see brownie's, the person must have a spirit attribute. Since I can't see her, means I have no attribute on spirit magic.”

“I see... If others can't see her meaning I can relax leaving her alone without problem.”

“Yup. There's a lot of person who's gonna take advantage of you when they see you with her after all.”

Taking advantage of her ability, I asked Momo to be only seen by me, whenever were in outside.

“Since we have brownie today, how about hunting boar for today? Since boar makes more money than wolves we'll be able to get much more money than yesterday. Also, adding the ability of brownie's we don't have to lift the boars on our own.” (TL: Brownie's are like Magic Bag in this series.)

“You can't probably see her but please call her Momo. She's taken likin to that name, so we'll both be happy, if you call her by her name.”

“Oh, My bad. Welcome aboard, Momo.”

Momo who's sitting on my lap became very happy when she was greeted by Lidell.

“Let's go then.... Meat huh.... I would rather to eat than to sell it.”

“Then let's split it. It's not like were gonna sell it all.”

One Horned boar. Apparently one horned boar just like the same itself.... As it name, the boar has black colored body, red horn and, red glaring eyes. The size was about horse and about 100 kilograms in weight. It's much more bigger than I expected.

“The horn was his main weapon but attacking on the back is also dangerous since he can kick by using those legs.”


Since the boar sense us, the boar readied himself and attack us, but Lidell who notice it, he use his shield and protected us from attack. Lidell's shield is just thin plated iron but he's still trying to hold it back, so that he'll not be blown away.

His forms looks simple and easy to do but taking that big ass boar face to face is not something I can do. I don't have courage to do it.


Then Lidell use the timing of the force, dodge it, and use the side of the boar. Then Lidell repeatedly attack the feet and neck of the boar which is quite effective.

Using magic, I supported Lidell by firing magic bullet at the wound of the boar which helps Lidell to attack the other side of the boar then attack that wound with magic bullet again.

“Akito, were good now.”

Comparing to Lidell's speed, I'm slower. If the boar suddenly rush to me, I'm not confident I can dogde and attack it at the same time. Maybe I can dodge it by jumping but attacking it at same time, I'm scared.

That's why I'm relying on Lidell's strength. Looking at him, it looks he can defeat that boar by himself. Since I'm also observing the surrounding's, you can say that Lidell can fight without care about other monster. So, I'm little useful.

We fought the boar about 10 mins ago, since the boar is not moving anymore, I guess it's already dead because of blood lost. This is pretty tiring, I don't think I can hunt this boar everyday.

Basing on the size of the boar, this seems worth an effort.

“Let's just take this boar later on a butcher, it may cost a money but it'll take our time less.”

“Agree, Momo can you take care of this for me?”

As always Momo nodded happily while holding a twigs she probably picked up somewhere. After that, a magic circle appeared under the dead boar and disappeared.

“After seeing it again, it's really a great power.”

“Hey, what about Momo? Reappearing that big boar will attract attention right?”

“Yeah, but we can just take Momo in my house. It's our prey after all, we can just ask someone who will butcher it at my home.”

“That helps.”

“The best way to hide Momo is probably to take a Private Purchase. Since there are some items or weapons that an adventurers has, the guild will protect that information so that it will not cause rumors. Because of that, adventurers are willing take private purchase because there's no information leaked behind them. Protecting information is one of the guild's job, so they will not likely say a thing.”

For guild, adventurers is maybe there secret producer. No wonder they are scared since adventurers are scary.

“The worst is when you even have to gamble just to protect that information.”

After that, we hunt 4 more other animal then I hit my limit. So we gone back to the town without forcing myself.

Returning to Lidell's house we were able to sell pieces of meat for 50 copper coins, horn was 40 copper coins, magic stones were 30 copper coins since we kill 5 monster in total we got 150 copper coins, and the rest animals were sold by 30 copper coins. In total we got 750 copper coins, cutting it in half I got 375 copper coins this day.(TL: Momo is not included.)

At first day I got 35 copper coins, at second day 140 and now third day I got 375 copper coins.

“I can't believe on the progress of my net worth.”

“Normally when hunting one horned boar, you always need at least 5 people to pull that thing out without cart. So if we hunt that boar with four or five people, we may not get that much profit, so let's just say it's all thanks to Momo.”

Even if we killed that boar, we may not likely be able to lift that thing off on our own. Because of Momo we were able to make thing efficient than hunting wolves. Well, there are parts that cannot be sell but it's safe to eat.

“Thanks for being here Momo!”

Apparently when I patting her head, she really likes. I guess I'll give her something delicious as her reward.