The town of Grimoire spreads out on the east coast of the river. If you go upstream, there's mansions of nobles and expensive looking shops. While the downstream side is where commoners lives in and mostly commoners make business in there. And at the center of the town, there's another river, which seperates other houses that is also part of Grimoire town.

Me, I was staying at inn in commoner side. It was not cheap. The futon was not comfortable and it was run down inn but at least I'm safe.

As I drop my bag on the floor and pick the child clothes I bought. I was actually planning on buying the new one but it was expensive, so I buyed the old one's instead. Adding both the clothes and the bag it was 50 copper coins.

Although I bought the old one, the clothes I bought was pretty good on Momo. Since she was wearing one piece dress, I also bought the same one, with green ribbon on the back. Adding the pick color of the dress, which represents the peach. It was perfect match for Momo's plant-based appearance.

“Hey Momo. Thanks for the help, here's your reward. Come here.”

After that, I change Momo's clothes with the newly bought one. She became more cuter and she looks like little princess from another country.

“Wow! It looks like a dress only created for Momo.”

As she enjoy her new clothes, she excitedly jump left and right and run around the room.

Seeing Momo dance around the room, I feel like I wanted to protect her from any danger even just a insect. Right now, I feel like I'm fully grown parents. So this is what it feels like to be a parets huh.... Yahoo!

It's already been a week since I became adventurer. Ever since Lysette summoned me, I'm not worrying about my food anymore.

Since Lidell help me to write my letter, I paid 300 copper coins which is pretty expensive. I just want to tell on Lysette that I'm safe and stopped worrying about me.

But I'm still worried if that letter will ever reach Lysette. Since I don't know her address, I just randomly write Lizanan and her full name. Since Lidell says, nobles are pretty famous, it will reach her safely.

For the past 3 weeks, my daily routine was training in the morning, hunting with Lidell, wait for the payment, go back to my inn, and eat then sleep. It was kinda slow life series but I'm already used to it.

Currently, I'm about to go back on my room again. Surprisingly, my over all earnings was 3,500 copper coins for a whole week. Since I buyed necessary things like food, personal belongings, the replacement leather armor and, the letter.

My remaining money now here is 1,000 copper coins. I actually wanted to buy my own sword but it was expensive. So I decided to borrow Lidell's spare sword in the meantime.

“Even if I spend money on my equipment, I feel like I can still reach my 2,500 copper coins in a month.... Well, in the end it was all thanks to Momo and Lidell though.”

At first, I was just planning on going to Lizanan, but since this world is dangerous, I can't afford to go on a journey without knowing anything. And I also want to earn money while travelling. Because of that reasons, I need to get prepared on physically and financially. Haste is sometimes recklessness after all.

“I heard there's no magic nest around Lizanan, so it's probably safe in that town but since it's different city, the prices there might be higher than here. ”

“Then, I'll just stay put here for a while and get ready I guess.”

It's not like I want to become burden on Lysette after all, for a guy like me, that was lame.

But in exchange, Lidell is the one who's taking the burden. For now, I'm just gonna rely on him and pay him back someday.

“Like I said, you can just rely on me anytime. I'm also gaining from it after all.”

Good looking and also naturally kind to everyone. That's kind of person Lidell is. I also want to become like him. Both of appearance and body.

Good appearance and has good souls.... I'm not that kind of person. For now, I'm just gonna focus on my muscle training and in magic. With the power of muscle and sword style, adding a magic that has no interval, I can hunt any animals on my own.

Also, you can actually used the magic bullet in other parts of body. For example, eyes. Instead of using my fist, it's pretty much easier to aim when using my eyes, like an cyborg with a beam.

Another discovery is, you can actually used magic bullet directly to the target. Instead of using the usual magic bullet, you can just accumulate the magic bullet on someone and fire it. I tried it on rabbits but I can't do it. Doing it is pretty tiring but it's possible. Maybe I can't do it but someone here might can do it.

Since you can hit a magic without aiming, it might be dangerous, nobody will most likely able to dodge it. Since I can't find any countermeasure from it, I'm scared in teaching it to someone. (TL: It's like guided missile.)

For now I can fire 30 magic bullets. The power of that is enough to knocked out a wolf. But if I choose to kill it, the power needed will increase, so I can only fire 10 times. Well, knocking it down is probably enough, since I can just finished it by using sword.

For that reason, I change my target to wolf to one horned boar. I can actually kill a single wolf by myself but, there are times that they attack by pack. If ever a two or three wolves attack me, I might not win. Even if Lidell is at my side, I can't afford to take it easy since there's another wolf waiting.

Hunting with Lidell, we already assume that there are more than 2 or 3 opponent we might encounter.

But since our tactics are perfect, we can kill monsters without me or Lidell getting hurt. While Lidell use his body to protect, I can use magic bullet to knocked out a monster then we can just finished them off by swords.

“Since you're easy to rely, I feel like your spoiling me.”

We may be hunt a lot but there are times I need to hunt on my own to train myself. I can't afford for Lidell to always rely on after all. Sometimes I need to rely on myself like when Lysette summoned me here.

But hunting on my own still makes Lidell worried about me. Even though he's watching me hunting, he was like my guardian, watching my back if ever something bad happens. Of course I'm grateful to it.

Don't worry about me.... I want to say but I can't.

But I need to change my mind set. In my current state, I can't help Lidell at all. Even if he's beside on me, I'm not fast enough to protect him from other monster.

Even if I can beat monster on my own, once you get weaken, it's definitely hard to survive. That's the lesson I learn when I'm fight those wolves. I'm not like badass main characters on a novel or in a game. That's why, I'm gonna reflect myself to that.

Nevertheless, I can actually beat One horned boar on my own. Since that boar only knows straight attack, I can just dodge and use strong enough magic bullet to knocked it. You can just say One horned boar are just muscle brain.

In short it's easier than wolves!

After knocking out the boar, I'll just wait for a few seconds, when he's not moving anymore, then finished it.

Since wolves are smart enough to dodge my magic bullet, they were pretty hard to aim. That's why I choose the less brain one horned boar as prey. At first, I'm dodging the first dash but when you put enough power on magic bullet, you can just aim for the head and it will knocked it.

As a result, the normal 100 copper coins normal income of adventurers exceeded their income which I get 500 copper coins a day. Well in the end it was all thanks to Lidell and Momo but most of it is probably because to Momo's cheat ability.

But it is the best when we're not getting injured at all. Ever since I fought the wolves, I slept for 2 whole days. In the end it was all thanks to Louise healing magic, because of it, it enhanced my body to heal faster. But if Louise don't have healing magic, I may not be here and sleeping in her room for a week or I might be dead now. In short, the best solution to get more income is not to get yourself hurt.

Another week past.

At first, I'm getting muscle pain everyday, but after a week, I'm not getting muscle pain anymore. In my current size, I may not get any muscle anymore.

“I'm looking pretty good now.” I praise myself.

As I continue to learn swing sword from Lidell, I can swing properly now unlike in the past. Since adding weight to sword adds more power, I always got hard time controlling the swing of the sword since it's heavy. Well, if I can used it as spear maybe I can used it to stab.

But thanks to the muscles and training, I was able to swing sword now without getting swayed by the weight of it. Because of that, I was able to discover some things.

Apparently you can tell the sharpness of that sword just by swinging it to the air. If you swing a sharp sword it will sound smoother while dull sword will sound dull. In short, sharp sword tends to sound quiet unlike dull swords. For now, I'm gonna practice how to swing quiet.

In the end it was hard. I'm lacking with ideas. Everytime I swing my sword, apparently my arms makes sounds instead. I guess I'll just focus thrusting instead.

As sweats rush over my body, a refreshingly handsome guy walks out to refresh my day. I want to be like him.

“You're always right on time.” I said.

“You're also here early like always.”

“You're always helping me out. I want to become considerate as much as I can.”

Before hunting, me and Lidell came to Adventurers guild to pick my new equipments. In the past week, I earned 4,000 copper coins, which helps me to buy one handed sword roughly cost 3,000 copper coins and bow and 20 arrows for hunting.

I may be pay a lot, but it's better since it's my own. I can also hunt even without Lidell after all.

My saving is around 1,600 copper coins. I can now plan when will I go to Province Lizanan.

It's already been 20 days since I came to this world and this past week we're pretty lucky. If I can save 2 or 3k copper coins as travel expenses, I can now say gratitude to the person who help me for the past weeks.

“That's the sword I lend to you right?” Lidell asked.

“Yup. I'm sure of it.”

Don't tell it's useless now since I used it wrong? Should I donate this new sword instead?

Then Lidell show unlikely face to the sword I borrow. Then he checked the grip and other parts and he gets his magic tools. Lastly he cast unknown spell to the sword then...

“Woah! That will be useful in the dark.” The sword glowed up.

Maybe I can use it to replace candles.

“This magic tools is used to light things. If this sword can amplify it, means this sword is Magic Sword. It's not created in mithril though.”

“Really?! I didn't notice it when I was borrowing it.”

The sword I buyed was only 3,000 copper coins. Lidell sword is pretty same with my sword in looks but Magic Swords might value more. I didn't expected I was using it though.

“No. I'm sure it was just normal sword.” Lidell said.

“I take a lot of time choosing my first sword, so I'm so sure that's the sword you lend to me.”

“Basing on the appearance, I'm sure this is my sword...”

“I've been using it everyday and I didn't notice it. I'm impressed you noticed.”

The main difference to me is the sword was kinda dull now than before. Maybe because they taking care of it in the past... I feel like there's something missing parts in that sword now...

“I'm relieved that the sword is not broked. For now, how about I'll take it to blacksmith? I feel bad making it that way so I want to give it back fixed. Of course I'll pay.”

At the next store, there's blacksmith, who fix sword and other stuff. Apparently the owner purposely open store here for efficiency. If ever a weapon cannot be fix anymore, he will buy it and sell it with high price next door. His business is lit.

Then I ask the blacksmith to see this Lidell's sword to me. Then the blacksmith check the sword again like we did.

“This sword is definitely have magic ore on it.”

Magic ore is a ore that is been exposed to mana. Comparing to ordinary ore, magic ore is much more stronger. It was one of the material used for magic swords, armors and other stuff. As he talk about ore's, I discovered that there is different kinds of magic ore in this world. Then when I asked if one of them is mithril, apparently I got it right. As expected from a fantasy world.

If a ordinary iron ore is expose to mana. It will become much more stronger, less likely to rust and, sharpness will also improved.

“Mithril ore is also good. It can amplify more mana than average and it's light. It's probably best material for making armor and sword. The main concern of this ore is it's lightness. Unlike iron, which is heavier, it has more power than lighter mithril.”

According to the blacksmith, the best ore is called Orichalcum. Orichalcum is one of the mythical material used by heroes. Apparently they were only 5 confirmed orichalcum weapon and 2 orichalcum armor.

Rareness of a weapon can be divided into 7 parts.

And the sword we bought was lower class. As expected it was not like main character weapon. It only did the job to train me.

“This kind of weapon is not that big deal, you can even get this without travelling magic nest. I will buy it for 120 silver coins.” The blacksmith said.

That?! Not big deal? And you're buying it for 120 silver coins. As expected from magic swords.... it's expensive.

“I'm sorry but I cannot sell it. It was a gift to me, so I only want it to be fixed.”

Fixing the magic sword cost 300 copper coins. While mine can be fix for 100 copper coins. Since I'm already here also, I also bought whetstone and oil for anti rust.

Somehow, it cost me a lot of money but I already completed my items. Because of today's expenses, I have 1,300 copper coins left. By the next week, I can finally travel all the way Lizanan.

Since Lidell already know my objective, I guess I'll update him about my next week plan.

This past 2 weeks, Lidell really helped me a lot. Lidell is my friend who supported me both mentally and financially. Of course I want to pay him someday but it's not like those thing he needed. I'm talking about how he supportted me and help him as he did to me.

This noon we were supposed to hunt but since fixing the magic sword and buying things needed takes a lot of time, we cancelled it instead. In this past 2 week, all we do was to hunt and sell. So isn't bad to take break once in a while right?

So this time, I invited Lidell on a meal, of course with Momo too. We three, were already friends in this past 2 weeks but we all didn't get proper meal together. Even if we hunt, were just eating, easy to eat food, since cooking takes time.

So we go to a restaurant without our equipment. Apparently we can't enter if we have weapon on our things. And surprisingly, Lidell is fine with it.

“I hope this restaurant suit with your taste.”

“I'm not picky. If I'm not with my family, I want to act like commoner, so you don't have to care too much.”

“Sounds like you.”

Because of grammar, and body physique, Lidell can blend with them unlike other noble.

Since it's noon, they were a lot of people eating. So we wait a little bit. The restaurant was pretty noisy but it was not noisy to ruin our conversation.

Me and Lidell ordered meat while Momo choose vegetables. While eating we just continue our conversation.

“Akito, you want to go on Lizanan right? If you don't mind, can I ask why?”

I don't mine but I cannot say it all. Since Lidell is noble, maybe I might discover something from his reactions.

“Noble's taboo is black hair right? But you don't care my hair at all. But that's not the general response from aristocracy isn't?”

“Unfortunately but yes.”

I see. So Lidell is not particularly friendly but he doesn't care about traditions.

“I have a friend.... She was a noble.... with a black hair.”

Lidell's reaction were convinced instead of disgust.

“Helping her seems recklessness you know.”

“She was once assassinated but it fail. So it's most likely recklessness.”

“Is she in danger?”

“Not yet. But I don't plan on taking those words lightly.”

Basing on my words, I'm impatient. But I have plan, and taking that plan is probably the safest.

Facing the window, I told my thoughts to Lidell.

“If I could, I want to help her. But in reality, I'm the who's getting help. I'm always troubling everyone. So I really need to apologize to her for saying saving her.”

Louise, the guys from adventurers guild, Momo and Lidell. All of them, they really help me for these past 2 weeks.

“I don't think you're trouble.” Lidell said as he also face the window. “Akito's presence has helped me a lot - including Momo, of course. Not in the beginning, but now I know that Akito is no less capable than I am of defeating our enemies.”

With those words, I felt a sense of security, as if I had obtained the minimum guarantee that I would be able to live on my own. I almost cried.

But I understand myself that I don't know many things. So I can't listen to him yet.

“I'm really grateful to you. Or more like I appreciated your help.”

However Lidell shows sign of confusion in my words. But thanks to him, we were able to defeat monster on our own. I can also defeat monster on my own but I can't ignore the risk part. In the past, I'm the dumbass guy who thinks I can defeat monster on my own without preparations but I'm confident now that I can defeat monster on my own.

“You want to become knight right? Why though?” I asked.

“No reason. It's just normal for us, who lost in inheritance to become knight.” As I changed the subject, Lidell gladly rode with it. “In my case, I thought that military officers were closer on protecting the civilians than civilian officers. I don't know who's better but in short it's just about who's closer to that point.”

Certainly, militaries were closer in protecting civilians. They fight directly after all.

“So it's Noblesse oblige.”

Duty of nobles. Lidell is not saying absurd things. In his point of view, fighting for others is natural thing.

“No, I'm not talking about that exaggerated thing but I've been feeding by civilians taxes, so in exchange for that I want to become sword and shield for the kingdom”

Both facing our face, I can see Lidell's blue eyes, but the inside was not me. It was distant goal but the path was narrower.

“If you have that loyalty to kingdom, it'll be waste if you didn't become one.”

“It was a narrow goal but I need to work to the bone to expect your expectations. I need both skill and achievement but with your cooperation, it will help me.”

“Cooperation is always my wish, so I hope that you can get along with me as much as time allows.”

“Of course. For the sake of my wish also.”

Being able to support each other is a wonderful thing. But in order to not left behind, I need to become greedy.