After registering, I go to the market and ask for the prices of some products and services here. I just want to calculate how much I can spend everyday and also to save money for traveling.

Staying at inn is 10 copper coins, a single meal is 2 copper coins and cheapest food is 1 copper coin. If I eat once a day, I need to earn 13 copper coins a day. And just like Louise said, the safe inn is 25 copper coins.

Apparently they were not much F-rank request. Even if there is, you have to battle getting it to other adventurer. To me battling is just waste of time.

So all I can do now was to only hunt and sell it. If I want to rank up I need to kill a demon but currently, I have no idea what the heck is demon is. If only I can rank up by killing slimes and goblins like in games, I guess you can count no me. But if a dragon suddenly appears, you can count on me running.

Based on the research, you can buy 1 loaf of bread in 1 copper coin. While, 1 silver coin is equals to 100 copper coins. 1 gold coin is 100 silver coins and 10,000 coppers coins. Lastly, 1 platinum coin is 100 gold coins, 10,000 silver coins and, 1,000,000 copper coins.

Even if there is platinum, it is not mainly used in here. While the rates of every coins is 100 for every coins. But the rate will change if you travel to another country.

For now I'm gonna save 20 silver coins, for the horse ride all the way to Lizanan. If I don't include the pay for inn and the food. I need to earn 2000 copper coins.

Since I'm planning on hunting rabbits, both skin and meat is being sold for 10 copper coins. If I kill 10 rabbits a day, which is max of magic bullet, I can earn 100 copper coins a day. But since I don't want to destroy the ecosystem, I'm not gonna massacre them.

Since the belongings of the dead adventurer is been retrieved by the guild I'm penniless now. I am now hunting rabbits so that I'll get something to eat later. Since they were pretty hard to catch, I tried to hunt them until I learn their pattern.

Basically when they jump using right leg their body will go left. So I always fake to attack them and look at the leg they will use to jump on and fire the magic bullet in that area.

In the end I hunted 5 rabbits and has been buyed for 35 copper coins. Since my knife was also collected by the guild, I was not be able to drain the blood which makes the quality of the meat low.

Subtracting the 25 copper coins for lodging that leaves 10 copper coins left in my pocket. So I have 2,490 copper coins needed to go in Lizanan.

“This isn't good at all.” I was disappointed that rabbits didn't help me at all.

Later that night, when I go to the guild to sell my rabbits, I saw bearded guy, I gave him a smug look but, in the end he treated me a dinner. He was a good guy.


While I was relaxing in my bed while munching the bread I bought. I feel someone's gaze.

“Who's there?!”

Looking at the entire room there's no one here who's gonna stare at me, but for some reason, I feel like there's still someone looking at me.

“Don't tell me this is.... a ghost...?”

This isn't horror genre, give a break. I'm coward.

Leaving the bread in the table, I investigate the entire room. When I left this morning it was apparently same still, even the closet and other parts of the room that you can hide, but I can still feel the gaze upon on me.

“Swoosh.... What the h*ll?!”

When I look at my back the first thing I saw was the flying bread I was eating earlier. As expected of the world of magic, you can make bread fly. My common sense is full of holes now.

“That bread is mine?! Come back here!”

The bread doesn't taste good, it's tough unlike the bread in my world but it's still taste bread. The moment I bite into it I saw a girl desperately trying to take it back.

How- when did you come in?!

The little girl was crying and punching my chest, it actually doesn't hurt.

When I held out the bread to her, she jump like a rabbit and absentmindedly to get the bread from me.

This is fun but, since I'm not selfish guy, I gave her the bread and she give a big smile.

“How did you get in here? Are you hiding inside the bed?”

But the girl is eating, she didn't answer my question.

The girl was about half my height and she has a long green hair upon her waist. There was a leaf on the top of her head for some reason, like a... or something growing on it. His large, wide eyes were dark green and somewhat small animal-like. Im feeling that since she was cute, she's about five years old.

Now that I've noticed it, her green hair is something rare to see. I may see pink or blue haired later on.

While the one piece dress she's wearing was full of dirt, same as her skin.

“Wait a moment...”

There's towel I saw on the closet earlier....

“Hey, clean your face with thi-.”

Wait, where did she go? She's not a ghost right?!

Once again, I look around to find the girl. She's not under bed nor in table, the curtain didn't move a inch, and the door remained lock.


The girl take my bread and disappeared. Even she has body of a girl I was still scared of her.

In the end I got hard time sleeping. I tried to hide inside of my futon but it didn't help me at all.

I wasn't be able to sleep that much.

The next day.

I headed to guild and change my plan. To think that I give up on my earning plan in 2 days.

Since reality is not that nice, the rabbit I want to sell were not earning that much. There's not much person here who actually needs it after all.

Adventurers are only required for them to get request depending on their rank. Meaning I can only take F-rank jobs.

Since world is not fair, humans can only take a job that is only lower or same with their abilities, this can help to prevent the risk of failing.

But I can't do that. Since most of the F-rank jobs are mostly labor, it will not help me to achieve my goal. But in order to rank up, you need to achieve something that is higher than F-rank job.

But, as a matter of fact, it's possible that I can hunt more than 10 rabbits a day. It's because I don't use trap or weapon to hunt, I only used magic to kill them.

“Mmmm.... Wait..?”

Now that I think about it, there's no rule that you can't get higher request or kill a stronger opponent than you. Meaning, if I get the material needed for a higher request means I'll get the pay also.

If only there's no tax... When I was in earth, tax is not that big deal to me.

Before the product will deliver in market, it's always needed to be inspected by adventurers guild or commercial guild. Also Adventurer and Commercial Guild are both taking 10% tax on every request or catch.

The current population of Grimoire town is 1,500 people in total. But there's 10% living outside the town, but even though they were beyond the fences, they still consider them as part of Grimoire town.

But there's a place where a lot of demons currently living on. It was south of Grimoire town, and it is called Kasion Forest. Demons are living in there because the mana in there is not average.

Normally, demons don't came outside in their ecosystem, so attacking Grimoire town will not likely happen. But there are still some reason why demons attack towns. First is when demons are travelling they coincidentally find a town and attack it. Second is when adventurers got a request on killing a demon but they didn't succeed, that demon will likely follow them.

Since fleeing in the battle with demons is prohibited, they were still free to flee as long as it will not harm others, that's because adventurers is one of the important individuals. Since materials and the demons they kill is for country's safety, the adventurers guild still priorities their safety.

It's a story I hear from another adventurer while eating breakfast.

“Since I can't afford to change my goal, I guess I just have to change my lifestyle.”

I still have to save 2,490 coper coins, to travel all the way to Lizanan. Since killing rabbits is not helping me at all, I cannot hunt them anymore. Should find another animals that has more value or kill a monster that can pay more? I just run away from a monster the other time and now I'm try to kill them? If they were easily to kill everybody should've already doing it.

Since I can't make a choice, I'll just leave it on guild.

I tried to read the request but I can't read them at all. Yesterday, I was planning on learning them but a ghost suddenly appear and in the end I wasn't be able to do it.

“Should I read it for you?”

Then someone offers to read it. When I look at my side, the guy who's offering a help was handsome. He has blonde hair and were likely same age. In earth, I consider myself as good-looking but this guy frighteningly dazzling.

“Oh, then can you search me a F-rank job that will give me a 100 copper a day?”

I was pretty demanding. Even though I asked for impossible job, he still replied to me 'no worries.' He's still a hottie even just talking.

“Sorry, I can't find any.”

“Thought so.” As expected they were nothing. This troubles me.

“I don't really recommend this but, if you collect magic stone and sell it, you'll earn much more money in that way.”

“Are they easy to get?”

Lysette already mention that a lot of times but I completely forgot about it.

“You will only get magic stone when you kill a demon. Since magic stone is mostly used in magic weapons, they are demanding.”

This guy really teach me a lot of things. Not to mention he's handsome, nice and most likely popular to girls, and he looks like he's being considerate to me too.

“I see. If only I can find a demon I can defeat.”

“Can you use magic?” he asked.

Since I don't have any weapon, it's mostly likely hard to kill a demon when you can't use magic too. I can used magic but I don't know if it'll work against demon.

“I can but it may be weak you know.”

In reality, you won't know until you try it. If my magic is so weak, I'll just leave it to the fate.

“Actually it's my first time hunting one. I'm bit nervous since I'm alone. How about making party with me?”

Is this kind of person really exist in this world? Don't tell he's gonna betray me at the end?

“We can but, I don't know your motives.”

This hottie equipped with a one-handed iron sword, a leather armor with a small shield, and a hemp bag on his back. Although it is his first battle, the equipment he has looks pricey and perfect, I don't think this guy is beginner.


Apparently the way he reply is innocent. I feel like a bad guy suspecting a innocent guy for nothing.

“No, forget it. I may be useless in battle you know? but if you're still willing to get party with me, it'll help me.”

For now, let's observe, observe this guy and move if something bad happen.

“Yeah me too. Oh I'm Lidell Vardis. Nice to meet you. You can call me Lidell.”

“I'm Akito.”

Even in another world, handshake is still way of greetings.

When I grab his hands, his hands was pretty meaty, there's no way this guy is beginner.

“By the way, why do you need 100 copper coins a day, Akito?” he asked.

“I have acquaintance in Lizanan. I want to save 2,500 copper coins in less than a month.”

“That's a long journey. I know a lot of routes, are you in hurry?”

“Hmm.... Hasting is sometimes recklessness, so I plan to take it slowly.”

They're probably worried about me. Both Lysette and Louise. For some reason most of kindness I get was always from girls. If only these kindness is also in my world, I may have already girlfriend by now.

“But earning 100 copper coins a day is pretty much impossible.”

“Are you serious?!” Since I can't predict future, what awaits to me was dead end.

“Being alone is difficult, especially if you don't know anything. But I have knowledge, I can also kill demons. We'll save money in no time.”


I thought I'm in dead end now but apparently there's hope. Hearing my gratitude, Lidell just give a smile.

A hour past after we leave at Grimoire town. Finally we're already close to Kasion forest. And coincidentally, this is the place where I got transported.

“Since were already close, demons will likely attack soon.” Lidell said.

Lidell also says, Kasion forest is a magic nest. If I came here alone earlier, I may not be able to come back alive.

Magic nest is pretty same with magic bullet. It's a place where there's a lot of mana, that attracts demons. Since demon is not interacting to each other, it will not humanity since they attack each other few times.

“Were not in the forest yet but be on caution. They were times that adventurer fail to kill a demon and ran away mindlessly. We may meet one or two.”


There are also times that demons move on their magic nest to another magic nest. It is one of the unlucky coincidence happenings from a adventurers. Bearded guy said earlier.

“Akito, is this your first time fighting a demon?”

“Uhhh.... I only fight rabbits and wolves.”

I didn't actually want fight them but, it's more like they attack me.

“Since there are wolves inhabiting in here, there are cases when a wolves learn how to feel mana, they become demon itself. But even though they were called demons, their strength is still F-rank, so F-rank adventurers can kill them and get a ton of money from it. But wolves attack with their pack, so it's still dangerous to attack them alone. The demonized wolf size is bigger than normal but they were still weak like their normal size.”

I only defeat 3 wolves and I almost die but-.

“Killing them will most likely impossible for me.”

“Don't worry, since the center of the magic nest has the most mana, the strongest demon is most likely at the center too.”

Since stronger demons tends to seek concentrated mana, they mostly stay at the center of the nest. Since the strongest demon is at the center, most of the monster far away from the concentrated mana is mostly weak. So if ever a weaker demon goes further onto the forest they'll mostly likely get eaten. (TL: In short Food Chain.)

“At the right, on the dead tree. it's a wolf.”

About 10 meters long dead tree. There's a wolf lying at the side of it.

“I'm going out, and provoke it. I'm gonna create an opening and you shot magic on it.”

Since the wolf already notice us, the wolf used the dead tree as stepping stone and jump further.

While Lidell used his shield and catches the jump of the wolf and blasted it to make a distance.

Me being traumatized by the wolves, only I can do was to watch them like a idiot. The wolf this time is bigger and faster than the last time. Just by seeing it, I can feel his fangs on my neck.

“I'm gonna handle this one first! But used this experience to get used to it.”


When Lidell sees my reaction to the wolf, he stands forward and protected me. I know it's pathetic but I have no choice but to cling on him.

Lidell's physical ability can be par on the wolf's speed. Seeing him used his sword and shield, slowly by slowly I gained again my composure.

The size of the wolf was about 1 meter. It's the same size as my grandfather's dog named Dobbleman. I remember the last time that he frequently jump on me and overpower me on the ground. Even though we we're getting along, my trauma with wolf rises again and lose my composure again.

My heart is still pounding but I can just overpower it with will-power!

“My magic longest range was 5 meters!”

“Understood! I'll try to stop it's movement.”

Then the wolf jump on Lidell but he catches it again with shield and used that opening to stab it's left shoulder. Because of the wound, the wolf agility started to slow.

Using my left hand, I accumulate mana on the tip of my fist and shot the magic bullet on the head of the slowed wolf.


The magic bullet thrusted into the skull of the wolf while Lidell use that opportunity to stab the wolf on the throat.

There's no way this guy is beginner.

Even I, who don't know anything from sword style, I know that Lidell is trained to perfection.

“As expected.”

Even though we already killed the wolf, my feet is still shaking. Lidell probably already noticed it but he didn't say a thing.

“That magic earlier knocks out that wolf earlier. But still, I didn't expected you can used Voiceless Incantation.”

“I'm actually from countryside. Since they were no books or tools. Only available we have is Voiceless Incantation, and the magic earlier was only magic I can used.”

I actually want fire ball like those in games but only I can do was see through magic bullet. But this wolf will likely become mysterious phenomenon, since the head is crush.

“Using Voiceless Incantation in your age is something unbelievable you know. I actually practice magic sometimes but I'm bad at it and hard to chant.”

Really? I thought Voiceless Incantation is not that great but I'm actually not losing. It actually make me relieved.... Sh*t, I'm about to cry again.

“We should have killed a demon instead. I could have got ton of money with it.” I tried to hide my tears with boasting.

“Wolves is not profitable, you can only sell the fur while bones and meat is not that good either. But, if you find a good buyer, you'll make a good deal.”

The Lidell used his knife to remove the fur into the meat. This kind of thing is hard to watch. When I was removing the fur from rabbit, I almost vomited, but if you don't have knowledge in this kind of thing, you can't become adventurer.

“Can I try it too?”

Lidell is hesitating but he eventually answer 'Sure.' I know he's trying to be considerate to me. As expected of hottie.

After that, we did the same thing and hunted 7 wolves in total, and I notice that I'm getting little dizzy.

“My magic is almost at limit.”

“7 wolves, Huh? I guess this is enough.”

“How many do you think our profit in this?”

“Every fur is 20 copper coins and in magic stone it's same.”

Rabbit's fur and meat can be sold 10 copper coins. So let's just say our profit in wolf's fur and magic stone is 4 times. And since we're cutting the profit in half, means..... It's still same profit as the rabbits.

“Adding it all, we have 280 copper coins. Cutting it in half, I have 140 copper coins. Well, it's much more better than rabbits but I have no mana for this day already. If only I have sword.”

“This is big achievement already. Selling meat can take time selling but it's much more efficient in raising your rank. We killed it after all.”

I see, so there's actually meaning in hunting wolves. Since it can help me raise my rank, I can also find a request that has more profit.

What I learn today was I can't hunt anymore when I'm lacking in mana. For now, I can only shoot 15 magic bullets, but that's the limit when I'm hunting rabbits. But if I switch my target to wolf, my limit is 10 magic bullets.

So I borrow Lidell's sword to train. Since I can't fight when I don't have mana, I at least need to defend myself with weapon. In the past, I only used the sword to stabbed but I really need to learn how to swing properly.

“This is surprisingly heavy.”

“Lighter sword tends to have weaker power. Since female adventurers don't have enough muscle unlike men, female adventurers used them, but they mostly used bow and arrows in fight. Also females is the weakest in all races.”

Comparing the body of men and women, men have mostly have muscle but, I farely saw a lot of women who has muscles.

“Are other races stronger than humans?”

“I'm not actually really sure about that since there skills and other strategies, but in physical strength, Beast race are the strongest. They excels both on speed and strength but in exchange they can't used magic.”

Lysette already mention me that there are beast people but isn't they're pretty same with animals.

“On the contrary, the Demon races is one of the rivals of humanity. Since they both excel at magic and physical ability, there's not much races who can par with them, since most of races only excels at one ability, like in strength we have dwarf while in magic, we have elf.”

YES! Elf's existed! I really need to see them. Just for own interests though.

“While us, it is said that humans are weakest and have no special abilities. However, there is no weak if ever there's war, since there are many advantages we can use like strategy so, we can't say were the weakest."

This world and the world of novel and manga is pretty much same, but I didn't expected that the gap in talent is bigger. Thankfully, there's no discrimination here.

“In the case of female humans, it is better to hone their skill in magic instead in sword. If ever there's a female knight, you can't see them being a front guard but they mostly at rear guard.”

“So there are exceptions...”

“But there are still female warriors that is stronger than male warriors. For example, about 150 years ago, there are female warrior who contributed a lot of victory in war. Since the king taken liking to her, the king established a female knights for her.”

Looks like Jeanne d'arc.

“But that female warrior didn't wish for it. Since that warrior has black hair, she was afraid of getting failure and didn't accept it.”

Lysette already tells me that black hair is being hated in this country. It's also the reason why she's being discriminate from her household.

And Lidell is most likely noble too. How do I say this, it feels like he was raise different. I can feel elegance in his movement and also in talking. I'm just guessing but I'm probably right.

Then Lidell eyes stop through my hair. He was probably wondering why I have black hair.

“Are you curious about my hair?”

“No, not really, It just something rare to see here.”

Rare huh? Lysette says commoners don't really mind black hairs but basing on Lidell's action, it feels like Lysette is the only person who's getting discriminate.

If being black haired is being discriminate here, I would have cursed god. But apparently it was not necessary. I also don't know how to curse after all.

Since Lidell is teaching me both on history on sword. I kinda have confidence in my lack of knowledge and skill right now.

Comparing myself to Lidell, I'm much more weaker. His body was more mascular and looks smart too. He's also about 10cm taller than me. Compare to him, I'm more like bean sprouts. So, I guess I'm gonna do muscle training.

“Looks like I need muscles.”

“You need, Since you're a fast learner, you can defeat a single wolf, if you have muscles. And you also need armor to protect yourself. Fighting wolf alone is pretty dangerous after all.”


In conclusion, we were able to defeat a wolf mostly thanks to Lidell. If I fight it alone, it's probably not easy.

Whether I hunt wolf or rabbits, the profit is still same. Hunting rabbits is safer but I can't hunt them anymore. Since I'm planning to get rank up, I need to defeat wolves instead, but I can't defeat wolves alone, I need Lidell to team up with me.

I'm in trouble, but I can't ask help for Lidell again.

“Today's battle is not actually my objective but if your fine with it, can you team up with me again tomorrow?”

I was hesitant to ask for help but he give me it instead. As expected hottie.

“I feel like your spoiling me.”

Heck yeah! I don't care about pride anymore. I'm just gonna ride to the mood.

“No problem. I'm also learning from you after all.”

Lidell says he's also learning from me. To me, I don't think he's lying but if it's something he can used means I'm also paying him also. Give and Take.

Prioritization is still expenses all the way to Lizanan. Once I helped Lysette, I'll also pay Lidell back someday.

Today, I was able to get some money but I really need weapon and armor. Since Lidell says he's gonna lend his spare sword, we can hunt more wolves than now.

Since I've got plan now, I'm gonna go home for tonight and write letter to Lysette, it might take a while but-. I don't know how to read?! How can I write when I don't know how to read?

Yeah, I really need to study reading.... This is gonna be harder than learning English.