December 01, 2022

I feel so sluggish. I'm even have hard time opening my eyes.

Every part of my body hurt, my feet, my hand.... Hurt? Oh, I see. I survived.

I fully remember that I used too much mana on defeating the wolves. Since I'm alive, I guess I killed them. Since I feel softness in my back means I'm in grass, didn't I pass out on the ground? I guess I just have to see it myself.

Since I just open my eyes, the first thing I see was light. The light was so bright that it blinded me. After a few seconds, my vision came back to normal. And the first thing I saw was a ceiling.

“Is this.... Am I in a room?”

The bed I was sleeping on was old, not as comfortable compare to my bed in earth, but it was clean.

When I look at my injuries, it was bandaged properly. Then I notice that I was naked again. Everytime I see myself naked, I feel like I'm in another world again.

When I touched my wounds, It didn't hurt that much or more like it was painless. It feels weird when I'm touching it but it doesn't hurt compare to when it was bitten.

Then I try to move fingers, It normally moves, I was worried but thankfully my muscles and nerves didn't get damage.

Sigh... “I'm saved.”

In that day, someone help me and take care of me. My body was full of dirt and cuts in that time, they probably remove my clothes to treat me.

The room was small, it's about 5 square meter. It was neat and clean room with one door and window, that illuminates the entire room.

The room was also decorated with modest furnishings, creating a simple but comfortable atmosphere.

For the first time in three days of living he- No, I'm not actually sure how long I've been sleeping but I can finally meet a person.


The door suddenly open, I meet my eyes with the girl but she suddenly close the door.


“P-please wear a clothes!”

I hear her voice behind the door. Thank god, I've been saved by a good person.

Oh, I forgot I'm naked. So she saw me.

When I tried to stand up, I did get dizziness but it eventually subsided.

There was clothes in the chair beside me. It was the clothes I wore, it was full of holes and dirty but it was washed and fixed now. The girl probably stitched it for me.

“I guess, I'm saved now.”

It's my first time seeing a person I need to be well groomed.

When I open the door, I suddenly feel awkwardness, maybe it's because the girl saw me naked was a pretty person. If I'm in earth it would probably cause more problem.

The room on the other was much more bigger and it looks like this is living room. The girl is standing, not facing me. The girl was beautiful enough to make me gawk at her. Since I've been gawking for a few seconds, I call to her.

“Uhh... Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Akito. Thanks for helping me.”

The basics are greetings, courtesy, and gratitude. This should make human relations go smoothly. Since it was always displayed in front my school for three years, there's no way I can forget it. If it doesn't help me here, that school teaching wasted on me.

“Good morning, please call me Louise. How's your body?”


Yeah. She was extremely beautiful.

“I'm fine but I don't think I can work yet though.”

She was asking sincerely, but I lied to her. I feel little guilty.

Louise was short, but were probably same age. She was a girl who has still had an innocence look. She had chestnut-colored hair and a short bob that suited her well. Her large, round eyes were azure-green, and her small, pretty lips were a white peach color. She was no doubt a beautiful girl.

Since I was born in the year where fashion is famous, they were some classmate in my class that was pretty. I thought I'm already used to them but Louise was beyond them.

Seeing my gaze, Louise turned around and tried to hide her red-stained cheeks with both hands.

“Umm, does the wounds still hurt?” Louise tilted her head and looked into my face.

Her tallness was about 5.5 feet? Why am I scaling her height?

“Eh? Uhh... Sorry, I'm fine now, it's strange, in fact, I don't feel any pain. Are you the one who help me?”

“Yes, I'm the one who treated your wounds but the person who carry you was a adventurer.”

Oh, so there's adventurer. Means there's guild around this town.

“Please sit at this chair, I will heal you.”


I obeyed her and sat on the chair. Then Louise goes behind me and she put her hands in my shoulder. I feel comfortably warm and relaxing at the same time.

“Please stay still, I'm still new to this, I might fail.”

Fail? I don't hope so, I don't want to get murder nicely.

Since a cute girl asked me to, I don't have choice to do so. I close my eyes to relax myself and also to calm my mind

“Water, the life. Mana, the power. Heal.”

Louise pleasant voice fall into my heart. I listened to her voice filled of compassion as if she was singing.

Oh I see.

If you're gonna understand the meaning and the purpose of the words, you can unconsciously make magic circle at the same time.

Water, the source of life. Since human body is compose of 70% water, we can say that every humans always needs water to survive, same as also when I was still in forest.

Mana, the source of power. Summoning Magic and Magic Bullet has always have power we can feel when we activate them.

Understanding the two sources, that's easy as that.

Understanding the meaning of the words, I guess I'll test it later on. I'm curious about the word 'fail'. Well if I fail, I'll just take it as opinion.

Wait, isn't my mana being used? Apparently when you used a heal in others body, that body's mana will get used, instead of the person who's activating it.

It's pretty different from what I've been teach. Also I wonder if the magic will work if I cut the incantation. Well, I'm just gonna ask Louise later on.

After that, Louise use another magic, which take around 30 seconds. I heard you can shorten it but memorizing that long incantation, Louise must be hardworker. Comparing to myself, I can't remember incantation that long.

“...... the joy of rebirth give it to him or her.”

As the incantation ended, I feel explosion of mana inside of my body. It's not damaging my body but it's accelerating the regeneration of my cells.

“Thank you, Louise. I feel better now.”

“Please thank the Godness Althea instead.”

Louse gives me smile and a cup of water.

“Thanks, I was so thirsty.”

“It's because you've slept for two days.”

I thought it was just one night but two days?

“Ow, this water is good....”

The warm water was gentle on my thirsty throat, and next my stomach responded.

“I can't cook that much but I will prepare something easy to digest.”

Louise didn't laught at me but she goes to the room that has no door. Seeing the inside of it, it was kitchen.

After a while, I hear the sound of boiling water, the rhythmic sound of chopping vegetables and followed by the steady thumping sound of boiling water. As the distinctive sweet smell of vegetables arrive in my nose, my stomach began to claim hunger again.

I've almost die, but my body still reacts the same.

When I was injured, a beautiful girl taken care of me, she's even preparing a meal for me. If I tell this to my friend, he'll surely cry out of jealousy.

“It's hot, please let it cool before eating.”

“Thanks for the food, Louise.”


The soup she cooked was good. I feel like I was being filled with love.

The soup was not enough, but I'll treasure the taste of my first proper meal.

I thanked Louise once again. As always she just smile. What a angel.

While Louise wash the dishes, I couldn't take my eyes off on her. Maybe because she saved me. Adding to it she was pretty, nice, and has soft voice. Oh, I guess this is what they call moe, I want to protect her.

Feeling a bit guilty, I started a small talk.

“Was I lying nearby?”

“Yes, it's just over one hill.”

Apparently there was town name was Grimoire, pretty close where I pass out.

Also the one who found me was Louise, coincidentally there was adventurer nearby, so she asked him to me carry me all the way here. And she nursed me for two days.

“So, I killed the wolves.”

“Wolves don't come often come in that area though.”

Louise says there was three wolves dead closer to me. Since it was close to town, wolves don't often come there. If I knew there is town nearby I would have ask for their help, but since I'm focusing on surviving, it didn't cross on my mind.

Also Louise ask me why I was with wolves, but I said the wolves attack me instead of I lured them. I definitely lured them, but it can easily believe to say they attack me.

“Louise, I want to thank your parents for all the trouble I put you through.”

For a moment she stop washing dishes but she eventually continue it again.

“They're not here, so don't worry about it.”

Speaking of which, the room was very simple, with very few things. It was really minimal, as if she was living alone.

“Are you alone, by any chance.”


It's not just Lysette, Louise is alone too. Are they loner?

Just joking. But is this normal in this world? No it's mostly not. Living in this world alone is sad after all.

“It's almost a year, my parents were killed by a monster in the forest.”

After she came back washing the fishes, Louise told me what happened.

“I know it's sad, but I can't stay like that. So I work in a store to survive and play with kids sometimes.”

Louise was smiling but unlike the previous, it was force smile. Making it more sadder to me.

“Sorry, I make you stop the work.”

“It's fine, I am glad you are safe.”

I can't do anything to help her or more like, I just trouble her.

The best thing I could do was probably left here and lessen her work.

“Louise, I'm actually lost. I don't know anything in this area. Can you help me?”

“Yes, if it's something I know.”

I asked Louise, and she told me that the town of Grimoire is located in the west of the Kingdom of Eldoria, directly opposite to the eastern city of Lizannan, where Lysette is located.

Apparently walking from here to Lizana takes about four weeks. If I walk 10 hours a day, and every hour takes about 4 kilometers, means 40 kilometers in a day. and in a week 320 kilometers. Lastly, in 4 weeks 1280 kilometers.

Also I already know that there was 2 hours time difference betweem my world and this world. Since it was afternoon, when I was summoned, adding the time I spent in the space and the 2 hours difference, the time I came here reach evening. Thankfully, I didn't get summoned on sea.

“Are you going to Lizanan?”

“Yes, I have acquaintance there, and we plan to meet there.”

“In horse carriage, it will take you 20 days and it will cost you 20 silver coins.”

I don't know how much that worth.

“Oh, where's my baggage?”

“You're baggage is in here.”

My baggage was at the wall, then I took the thing what I thought was money.

“1 silver coin and 45 copper coins.” Louise said.

“How much would it cost to live for a day in this town?”

Since, I'm pretending to be from countryside, let's just say I don't know anything from this country.

“I think you can get a cheap room for 10 copper but I don't recommend it, because it's not safe. For better choice, the inn's in the south is much more safe, since there are adventurers living in there too. Lodging in there will be 25 copper coins.”

I see, so if I work and collect for silvers, I need a room where I can keep it safe.

“Please wait a bit” Louise said and go to the next room.

“A few moments later, she holds a fur coat in her hand. The color of fur that's....”

“The wolf's fur you killed, Akito-san. If you sell this, it will take around 35 copper coins.”

Louise also retrieved the wolf I killed and she even removed the pelt.

“Louise, I know it's not worth that much but you can take it.”

If I was not help by Louise, the blood around would have been attracted wolves again. Since I don't have anything, that's the only thing I can give to pay her.

After a few minutes of convincing her, she eventually take it.

“Like I said earlier, Thank you, Louise. If you didn't save me, I would have died.”

“Umm... I maybe heal you but it is not recommended to move yet, so please stay still for a few days.”

A beautiful girl asking me to stay still. There's no way I can refuse. But Lysette is still my priority.

“Yes, of course. I will stay put for a while, since you saved me, I want to treasure it. But since I came from countryside, and I don't know much about things. I'll just go to the town and decide what I'm going to do.”

But I really need to go on Lysette, if I stay here longer, I feel like I'm gonna lost why I came here. Plus, if I stay here, Louise might take care of me, she might not be able to lead even a simple life.

“But I'm gonna stay in town. I don't think I paid you enough yet, that's why I can't keep troubling you. Also by the time I will go to Lizanan, I'll properly say goodbye.”


Louise is still worried about me but I ignored her and go to Adventurers guild.

If I look back now, Louise is mostly at the door worriedly looking at me. I want to say, Don't worry, but if I do that, it'll most likely meaningless.

By the time as I walk outside, I notice that Louise house is not that big, there's also no houses nearby. It's like she was being isolated. But if something like that is normal there's nothing I can say but-

“I want to help her.”

I've been saying that a lot of times but I'm not saving anyone. I thought I'm looking for excitement but I'm same with my classmates, a peace lover.

Louise will be fine. She doesn't need my help.

As I walk away to Louise house, I ignore her feelings and go to the town, Grimoire.

Finally arriving at town, Grimoire. The town was actually bigger with wodden fences around. It's probably just to protect large animals, like horse and sheep.

I was thinking what excuses I will tell to the gatekeeper but the town has no gate to begin with, so it was easy to get in. Well, if there's gatekeeper like novels believes in, it's probably troubling me right now.

“Isn't this town too good for a travelling town.”

As I watch the people around me, I got relief. My appearance is same as their appearance and because I'm blending with them normally. The people who pass by on the street are no different from those in my world, except for the way they dress. It's the same feeling when my family travel abroad.

Their culture was same as Medieval in Europe. There are some structures that looks weird but comparing to earth, the technology here is not advance. Example is glass. In medieval era, the glass was already discovered in that era, but there's nothing here.

Wood was also mainly used for structures. The town has brownish color, but there's still trees around, which has natural and relaxing feeling into it.

“First, I need to secure food, clothing, and shelter.”

Lystte says there's adventurers, explorers and, hunters, who specialized different type of jobs.

Adventurers and Explorers is pretty much same, they collect magic stone that is necessary for daily life. While Hunters specialized hunting. Since I'm planning on becoming adventurer, goodbye wolves.

According to Louise, you need to join an adventurer's guild or a commercial guild to sell your catch. They will deduct taxes when you buy or sell, but they will guarantee your identity instead.

I wonder if they will take responsibility for my identity.

“Adventurers Guild? straight here and at the second corridor, then right. There's a tavern called Ritzgard. It's right there”


Thanks to the random stranger I found it. For now it's going so well.

The guy I ask was about two years older than me. Just like he says there's building that has barrel sign.

This is bar right? Since I can't read at all, I took a peek inside.

Lively voices can be heard from behind the open door. It is about 10 o'clock in the morning, but they're not out for job. Means they're probably waiting for it.

Louise says, you need an identification so that you'll be able to go in, in a large city's. Since adventurers guild have the service for free. I will prioritize it.

If they teach about hunting in hard mode, I'll try to learn it at the same time. I can also use it as part time job, hunting rabbits, it can sell both skin and meat. At the same time, I can secure food. Plus, I can save up money to see Lysette.

Whew, no rush. Lysette will be fine. She's a reliable girl than I am. I need to prioritize my survival first.

“Kid, you're in the wrong place.”

When I came in, a mascular guy sitting in the table called out to me. He looks about middle-aged adventurer with beard and mustache.

He is not snarling me. But apparently the bar and the adventurers guild was same building but different entrance.

“I'm sorry, I went to wrong way. Thanks for helping me.”

“You're injuries seems to be better now. . I envy you young guys, you heal so fast.”

Oh, he's the person who carry me.

“Perhaps are you the done who carry me all the way to Louise house?”

“I'm the one who carry you but the one who take care of you was the young lady. If you want to thank me, thank the young lady instead.”

“Of course I did, but you help her to carry me , That was helpful. Thank you so much.”

The bearded adventurer wave his hand like he don't care and came back to his companions.

I was wondering what I should I do, but apparently he's not interested. I'll just ignore him too.

I saw a piece of paper stuck like a sticky note in front of the entrance. Paper, I see. I thought it might be parchment paper, but it's just regular paper in poor quality. Since it was unexpected, I look through its written contents.

...... I can't read it at all. I can only read the roman numerals symbols but most of it is NG. Lysette says I can eventually speak their language but she was right. Magic is really useful.(TL: NG - No Good.)

I can speak but I can't read, I can't also write. Well I can just study them later on, but I need to eat first.

“Kid, isn't pretty early for you to work?”

“Don't worry, I'll pick easy request.”

Since I just got attacked by wolves, he was probably worried about me. But I need money, if I don't work, I'll starve to death.

“I don't know how to register as adventurer.”

“Ask that girl with a big rack in the counter.”

As I look at the counter, I saw two girls. The girl with a big breasts right? I thanked the beard guy and make my way to the counter.

As I stood at the counter, but for some reason the girl at her side has tense look on her face. But I decided to not pay attention to her.

“What can I do for you?”

“I would like to take a request but I needed a registeration right?”

“Yes, but our guild only take above 15 years old.”

Are you serious?!

Wait, my birthday just ended. I'm 15 now. I'm maybe baby face but there whould be no problem.

“Yes, I just turned 15, there should be no problem.”

She look at my face for a moment but she eventually believe me.

I found out later that it is common for children to falsify their age in order to earn money.

But the children don't hunt demons or monster, instead they catch fish and sell it in order to get money.

“This is the guild rules, please read it.” she inquire. “While this the registration, please fill it out with your name, party name , and skill that you have.”

I receive a form and the guild rules but I don't know how to read them.

“Should I read it for you?”

“Yes, please.”

Apparently she knows what I'm thinking.

The guild rules were as follows

Ⅰ. The adventurer must follow the laws of the country in which he or she is adventuring.

Ⅱ. Adventurers shall pay a tax of 10 percent of the commission fee.

Ⅲ. Adventurers are divided into S, A, B, C, D, E, and F ranks, and may only accept requests of the appropriate rank or lower. (However, parties are discussed in a separate section).

Ⅳ. Adventurers, without exception, start at rank F and rise in rank according to the results of their achievements (details of achievements are described in a separate section).

V. When an adventurer finds the body of another adventurer, he or she must collect the adventurer's plate and report the situation to the guild (however, the adventurer's safety is the top priority).

The rest is about manners, there were no particular problems.

“Do you want me to write it for you?”

“Please.” I asked.

“My name is Akito, I have no party and skill.”

I was thinking using alias but there's possiblity that my named will be pass to other. It's also possible to be pass to Lysette.

“Please put your hand in this registration plate, it may hurt a little but it's harmless.”

I did what I was told. When I put my hands into it, I feel a little shock of electricity.

“If this registration plate got lost you'll not be able to go in other cities. Reissuing the plate will be one silver coin.”

So this is one silver coin? It's four nights in inn.

“Thank you so much.”

So I'm finally adventurer. According to the rules, If ever you want to rank up, you need to defeat demons. By doing basic request is apparently not consider as achievement.

Also if ever you kill a demon, there's crystallized magic will appear in their body. Since the plate can recognize how strong the demon is, depending on the color of the crystal, the plate will change it's color, copying the color of the crystal.

And the level-color of the crystal is from none, white, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. They were assigned to ranks of F, E, D, C, B, A, and S.

Also if you kill a demon that is weaker than you, your rank will not increase no matter how many you kill them. Meaning, if you want to rank up, you need to fight a demon that is equal or stronger than yourself.

Just like the demon crystal, the plate is also use to tell the rank of the demon your currently fighting. If ever you killed a demon that has same strength as you, but the color of the plate didn't change, means you have to find a stronger demon than you.

But if you're being trained by a strong person, your rank will not increase since there is no hostile on killing each other. But if you hire a strong person and defeated a demon with him, your rank will also increase.

But if you rank up, it's not available for you to accept the request that is lower than your rank. So it's not recommended to hire someone to protect you and get rank up. It'll not fit to your ability after all. It's like taking yourself to a suicide.

But there is some adventurer who want fame, hire stronger adventurer to get higher color plate.

While in solo, you can only take D-rank request even if you kill C-rank demon. It's because C-rank jobs are only for Party.

But beside the plate, the adventurers also use the crystal as ornaments in their armor or swords to show how strong they are.

You're probably thinking they are boastful but there is reason for it. It was also a wise way to receive more favorable requests by showing one's ability.

If anyone is going to take a request, he or she wants to give it to an adventurer with a high success rate. A person with a high success rate was one who had a good record of defeating demons. The special magic crystal stone was a clear indication of an adventurer's ability.

For the same reason, many adventurers had two names. Many adventurers were commoners who did not have a family name. For example, even if "Thomas" was a good adventurer, it would be difficult to tell which "Thomas" he was if there were 20 or 30 of them, it would be difficult to know which one was which.

Finally my first job as adventurer was to tell who's sword and clothes is this.

“Oh I see. No wonder I can't see him in this town already.”

When I was desperate escaping against that monster, I found the sword and other stuff in a man's body. I told what happened in that time, and thankfully I was able to get the plate of that adventurer. If ever they will retrieve the stuff. I have to do something about my clothes.

“His belongings will be retrieved by the guild, but since you have circumstances, you can take his clothes with you.”

The girl also said if I don't give back the belongings of the dead adventurer, I'll be mistaken as bandits who attack adventurers and steal their belongings. So let's just be thankful that I have clothes.