November 27, 2022

I was woken up by the warmness of sunlight. Looking around, what greeted me was endless forest. Comparing to yesterday, today was extremely peaceful. You can see birds flying in the sky, small animals running around at the side of the river. Yesterday's disaster was almost a lie.

“Oh my god.” I was stunned by the beauty of this world.

I considered earth as beautiful but this world is much more natural.

Looking at myself. My looks maybe same as villagers but I'm wearing ripped clothes and it smells awfully bad. I am more like dirt in this forest. But it's probably better than walking buck naked.

Remembering the corpse yesterday, makes me want to gag but, my stomach is empty. Instead of gagging, my stomach rumbled instead.

“I got unlucky last night but still unlucky today.”

In earth, I'm probably eating my sister's breakfast now. Even if there's no newly cook, I can just look for something in fridge. All of the normal from yesterday, is not in my life now. This is the exchange for transferring in another world.

“Am I gonna stay here forever.... Where are you, Lysette?”

I can't stay negative.

To motivate my weak body, I wash my face in the river. The water is clear and looks clean but it'll be bad if it's not drinkable.

So I decided to not drink the water until I reach my limit. It'll be bad if I got stomach ache along the way. I'll definitely die.

By washing my face with the water, it actually motivated me a little.

Now, only what I have to do is to find Lysette's villa. She said she's in province named Lizanan, but I don't know where or how far that place is, in my spawn location.

I've already played this kind of games in the earth a lot of times. Firstly, you have to find a village but I don't know where's the way. All I can see was big ass trees around me.

Isn't village always close around river? If only I can find manmade road.

“If a person lost in earth, it is recommended to not move in your location but since I'm not in earth, rescuers will not come right?”

Lysette didn't know what will happen after summoning. If she did, she would have adviced me from the beginning. Meaning I'm all on my own.

The basics in survival is to find water and food. Water is already secured but it's not verified safe. While in food, I have nothing but, since you can survive longer in water, I'm probably fine. Also I'm in forest, I can just find berries or fruits I can eat.

Basing on the corpses last night, we can say that this place is not unexplored area, there's probably one or two village here somewhere

“I'm sorry Lysette but I'm gonna prioritize my safety first.”

Even if she was confined, the confinement purpose was to protect her. So Lysette might be safe for a long time.

First of all village. Since smartphone cannot be use in this world, I have to find village. If I find village I can just write a letter and send it to Lysette and ask for her help.

I should be the one who will help her, but I'm asking for her help instead.

I feel a little down, but I need to be positive . Don't think negatively. I have to be strong and positive, this is not a game after all.

Since the river is heading north, I decided to go in that way. How? Just observe where did the sun rised. After walking for three hours, I finally made it through the forest.

And what greeted to me was nothing. No, I'm just exaggerating, It was actually a dead place. You can see nothing more than dead trees and rocks.

Lysette says demon don't come to a places where they can't survive. Basing on this place, it only looks like demon lord place.

Since I can see small animals running around, It's probably safe. Just my instincts though.

“I'm starving.”

I have money here that I got last night. If I go to place where there's people, I can probably have meal. The problem is how much? Well, since I got it from a adult man, let's just say I can get two or three meals from it.

However no matter how far I walk, I can't see a single manmade structures. Maybe I should just think another way to find food. I guess I'll just go with the fire.

Yesterday, I tried making fire by dead leaves but it didn't work. If I find a thing that is more flammable, it'll probably work.

Should I cut my clothes into pieces? But I don't think this is cotton.... Ah, cotton located.

Apparently they were plants like cotton growing here. After gathering them, I immediately tried them and they catch fire easily, no effort. I guess, fire secured.

The beginning of my journey is absolutely bad at the first but now, I guess, things were starting to turn out well. Look, the weather here was perfect, I can see animals running around without care. It's so peaceful.

If I eat something right now, my future might be safe for now. I ready the sword and knife I got last night and start to find something I can eat. Is it easier to catch a fish or should I go with meat instead? Seeing the rabbit hopping around, I tried to catch it but I can't. If only I can get closer to them.




I couldn't catch them at all. I can't believe that these rabbit's athletic ability surpass mine. So this is the effect of Go-Home club.

Even If I get close to them, they can sense my sword and run away from it. I wonder how can I remove my presence? It's seems like manga characters only can do it.

“This is not going so well.”

I lost my confidence yesterday but these rabbits even crushing it more.

In the end I didn't catch one. I satisfy my hunger with water. And I'm not getting stomach ache from it, for now.

My parents is surely worried about me.

Before I transfer here in this world, I asked Lysette if I'm the only one who can use the magic stone. Or will I be able to use it to contact in earth.

In order to use the magic stone, the person must be with the same wavelength as the other person. Fortunately, my brother, Yuto can normally be able to talk to Lysette.

Naturally Yuto was puzzled to the stone. Since he didn't understand a thing about the situation, he stop asking about it eventually.

Of course Lysette and Yuto talk about me going to another world but he apparently don't believe us. But now that I disappeared, he probably have notice it.

The plan was to use Lysette's magic stone and contact my brother on earth but we got seperated.

If ever Yuto ask where am I, Lysette will probably answer him. But basing on my situation, It would be hard to tell it to my parents.

If only I'm with Lysette right now. I could have said to my family's that I'm doing good here. Even though it's not

The next day. I feel pain in every part of my body. The leaves I created as bed is not that comfortable. I feel tired but I can't stay here any longer.

Even though I said I will save her, finding food on my own is not easy. I became too cocky and didn't listen to her warnings. I will not forget this and I'll apologize to her someday.

“Anyway, I should really find something to eat today.”

If only I can use.... Wait, didn't I feel mana when I came here? That means I can use them now right? I guess I just have to try it.

According to Lysette there are three ways to use magic.

First is, using magic tools. Using magic tools you can amplify mana into it and use magic from it. Example of magic tools was magic circle.

Second is, Chanting. This can be use when you add magic circles and incantation. Since magic circles can amplify mana and controlling the mana with incantation, you can create magic by using your consciousness from it.

Third is called Voiceless Incantation. This method has magic circle but without incantation. The only way to control the magic is to familiarize yourself with the magic.

In short, magic tools is the easiest, chanting comes next to it and voiceless magic is the hardest.

Right now, I don't have tools to make magic circles. While in chanting, I have idea what I shall do but I don't know if earth's incantation will work here and I don't remember them either. Lastly, the voiceless incantation. In order to activate this, you need a precise control of magic without relying on the incantation.

I have never use a magic before, you can just say that I have no absolutely precise how to control a magic.

“But that doesn't mean I can't do it until I try it.”

I'm not saying I can do it in the first try but I know that you can do it eventually if you try and try it.

When I came to this world, I certainly did feel something just awaken inside of me, meaning I have mana already inside of my body. But mastering the form of mana is not like not walking but if I eventually get used to it, I feel like I can do it unconsciously.

In earth, in order to move your body is just need a willpower. Mana is probably same with that. While in knowledge, Lysette teach me a lot of times. By combining her teaching and my experience, I think I can manage it eventually.

So I decided to practice No-Incantation. Apparently you can use this without incantation, so it's the best choice out of the three.

But they were two problems. Lysette says you can't use a magic if I don't have aptitude in it. For example, Lysette is good at Ancient Magic at the same time she's bad at Spirit Magic. Meaning, Lysette have no aptitude on Spirit Magic.

The second problem is the curse. Lysette says in order to get curse, you need to break a magic seal. Curse are also hereditary and some people here have curse. If it didn't extend to earth, I may not be able to use magic.

“I guess I just have to try it.”

I close my eyes and focus on my breath. By closing my eyes, I can focus on the details efficiently. I know it's not useful in battle but adapting it, is the most efficiency way to master it.

Lysette said in order to use magic I need to use every part of my body and gather all the mana in one place. But since I didn't know what part has the most magic in my body, I didn't understand it at first.

But theoretically, it's not every part of body, it's about cells in every part of body that carries mana. Since Lysette doesn't know about cells. She probably had hard time mastering it either.

Since I developed mana inside of my body, every cells must have mana right now. Understanding the concept of it makes it a lot easier but it just theory until I test it.

After a while I can now feel the sensation of mana inside of my body, it's the same sensation when I was in the close space. If I'm gonna explain it in earth language, it's probably same as adrenaline rush, I can feel my muscles were being energized.

I tried to manipulate the flow of mana in my left fist but it was difficult. After that I tried to manipulate it in other part of my body until I can completely control it. Once you start to feel the flow of mana, it was surprisingly easy.

After that, I will test the damage of the magic in the tree nearby me. But this time I accumulate the mana in the tip of my left fist. By doing this I can add another layer of mana and push it out my hand.

Then I feel shimmering heat pressure in the tip of my fist and it exploaded violently into the tree.


I was surprised by the damage. It only did a small tip in the tree but this damage was enough to knock out a person.

I was able to use magic on my own.

“Yess!! I did it!” I clenched my fist and cried.

I always tried to become positive but things don't go the way as I want. But in the third day, I got hope. It's only a small hope but this is big step in protecting myself.

“As expected of me, it was easy peasy.” I tried to comfort myself.

But I didn't expected I can use magic without curse.

Since I want to name my first magic, I named it Magic Bullet, since bullet can only damage tree the same way as I did, I feel they're pretty same.

I tried to use the magic bullet once again so that I can memorize the sensation of it. As expected it only tip the tree like the last same time.

“This will do.”

For now I'll keep doing this until I can control my magic unconsciously. Since it has interval to activate, I want to test in some ways so that I can use it in battle.


I'm already hunting rabbits for three hours but I still can't catch one.

I tried to use the magic bullet to the rabbits but they are extremely sensitive. It's still same situation as the sword. Before I even activate the magic bullet, they can sense it and dodge it.

Still, that doesn't mean I need give up. If I don't eat, I will soon be unable to move, and it would be even more difficult to hunt than it is now.

I spot my next target, but this time, I make a distance. It was about five meters, it's the max distance of magic bullet can reach. But when I fired it, it did get damage but it's not enough to kill it.

This is gonna be the fifth try. Now I didn't go to the max distance but I close myself enough to the rabbit to damage it.

I accumulate mana into my fist and push it with another layer of mana and unleash it to the rabbit. The rabbit was hit by the magic bullet, the rabbit was still alive and breathing but it eventually stop moving.

“Fuuu, finally. that was pretty easy.” My words is actually contradicted.

If I don't act strong, I might pass out because of relief. Then I wipe out the tears on my cheeks. I only defeated one, why am I crying? Am I always this crybaby?

The rabbit I killed was about 40 inches(1ft - 3inch). Since it's not that big I named it Big Foot. But if there's someone I can ask for opinion I might change it.

I regained my composure and I hunted rabbits once again. But after I killed the third rabbit. My consciousness became sluggish. I feel a fatigue that is strong enough to make me faint.

Did I used too much magic? Now that I know what is the impact in my body, I will be more careful next time.

At this point, I can only fire 10 magic bullets. Lysette says the amount of mana will increase by training it. I don't know what training that is but just like physical strength, I decided to use my magic to the limit and then rest.

Since it was almost dark, I prepare the fire and the rabbit that will be my meal tonight. First, I wash the rabbits in the river and remove the dirt. After that, I use my knife to cut the neck and drain the blood. Removing the organs makes me remember the dead corpse in the woods. But I still manage to take apart.

I was able to build a fire, but now I could not gather enough firewood. I thought I would be able to get firewood instantly since I was in forest, but it was all twigs and branches, and it burned out quickly.

Luckily, I manage to find good amount of firewood. So I burn them all at once. It maybe too big for a camp, but let's just say this is to protect myself from wild animals.

Unfortunately the meat is not that good. Well it taste not bad. Maybe because I didn't add seasoning. If only I have salt, it may improve the taste but I need to eat even though it's not good.

I learned that if there was no seasoning in food it will not taste good.

They said people die if they don't eat salt for a long time. I wonder how long? But imagining dying without salt feels unrealistic but before that happens I need to meet someone.

Today my stomach is so full. Yesterday, I got hard time sleeping because I didn't eat a thing but eating makes you really feel tired. Because of walking and running I immediately got sleep.

“I messed up.”

Apparently, the meat I eaten yesterday attract three wolves. It's because I hanged the rabbits yesterday and the blood attracted these wolves.

As expected of inexperienced.

It's actually my first time seeing wolves in real life but thanks to my grandfather they look actually cute since they resemble dogs. If you look at them closely they look so fluffy.

Oh no!

The wolves started to howl and it actually worked to intimidate me.

I grab the rabbits skin and the smoke fish I'm eating and I throw it at as decoy, after that I ran away as fast as I can.

Thankfully they didn't follow me. Those wolves were just probably hungry that's why they attack me. Even If I wanted to fight, the food will just get in the anyway, so it's better to leave those behind.

Are you serious?!

Apparently the wolves is fast eater. There's no way they will be satisfied with just a fish and rabbit skin.

I'm a moron. Slowy by slowly, the distance between me and wolves is closing. Even if I ran, I will eventually get exhausted, so It's probably better to fight them instead.

For now I'm gonna kill one. Three v.s. one is not fair after all. If I kill one, maybe I can lessen my disadvantages.


But when I was about to fight them I got cold feet and ran away again.

I can see them now clearly, maybe because my mana improve last time. I feel like I've got five sense just like those rabbit does.

The three wolves were running 20 meters apart. I bet they would not attack me at the same time. I really need to think for strategy before they catch up to me.

First plan, If they attack at me together, I will kill them at once. Sounds unrealistic though.

Second plan, If they got intimated on me, I will attack them one by one.

Third plan, If a single wolf attack me, I will kill him with my magic bullet. Doing this, is more on time reaction and it would be easy if a single wolf jump at me.

Comparing to the rabbits, wolves jump straight to their prey. Attacking them mid air is easy.

Choosing the third plan, I use the magic bullet in my left hand and I punch the first wolf who jump right after I stopped running, after that, I use my right hand and use the sword to stab the second wolf. Since I don't know how to swing a sword, I just use it as like spear.

Since my both hand have been preoccupied, the third wolf jump right after me, instead of dodging it just like manga characters I reflexly curdled up and protect myself from the third wolf.

While being stabbed, the second wolf bitten my right leg.


I'm currently protecting myself in hopeless situation, while the second wolf biting right leg, the third wolf attacking me. I stab the second wolf with my knife in his neck.

Killing the second wolf, the third wolf bitted my right hand. I feel the pain like my legs does, but it's nothing to compared with the summoning magic.


Unlike the first and second wolf, third wolf is much more smaller in size, I guess he looks medium. But even though he's medium, he can still overpower me and attack me on the ground.

The third wolf bitting my right hand and he's trying to ripped it off out of my body.

“You motherf*cker.!!!!”

Instantly, my fear suddenly change into rage. I guess this is instinct of survival.

Because of rage, I unleashed all of my magic and punch the wolf with my left hand.

I don't know if those wolves are already dead, but I'm about to pass out, Is it out of mana or I'm gonna die now?. Am I gonna get eaten by those wolves or die because of blood lose?

Shit. I don't wanna die, Why.... am I..... so weak.....