Chapter 6: The Banquet at Night (1)

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Chapter 6: The Banquet at Night (1)

Part 6-The Banquet at Night (1)

Magic power has increased by 1.

-Magic Domination has risen to E grade.

Again, the level of magic ability or talent was low, and the efficiency was great because it was a high-level training.

"Lee Han-Seong Candidate?"

"Yes, Mage."

"You don't seem to be concentrating on the class right now, are you?"


"Then let's solve a problem."

On the magic blackboard, the expression formula for the very basic magic [Light Orb] and the expression formula for [Fireball] was written side by side.

"If you have just heard the explanation, you can deduce the conversion formula' of the manifested magic. About 50% of it was explained."

It's nonsense.'

As a basic knowledge, all hero candidates learn and practice basic magic. However, it was only basic knowledge' to start to pass the test, so it was an unknown formula except for some hero candidates who received regular magic education.

Probably to set an example.'

If that's the case, I'll play along.'

The problem was this. How to convert [Light Orb] to [Fireball]. To cancel the magic and apply a new magic, the magic loss is large and the delay is long. To compensate for that shortcoming, it is converted without canceling the magic. Of course, it couldn't be easy.

But who is Hanseong? A player who cleared this world itself and stood at the pinnacle of magic through continuous dedication for 52 years.

It's not difficult.'

Hanseong grabbed the magic chalk and scribbled it down. From the magic circle that corresponds to the Magic Control Engine' of [Light Orb], the

properties and expression method have been slightly changed. Added [Loss Preservation] while transforming. The explanation was simple, but it was enough to fill one side of the blackboard with only formulas.

This should be just right.'

He stopped chalk stopped and looked at Mage Lee Jeong-Hyun.

"Was this enough?"

"Were you majoring in magic?"

"Yeah, it wasn't magic, but I am quite knowledgable about magic."

"Right. Well, I don't think it's a bit return to your seat."

"all right."

I could just show that I couldn't solve it. It might have been little embarrassing because the sword was listed as the main weapon. However, this should be considered as a development for creating connections with the Hidden Piece that Hanseong knew well.

Mage Lee Jeong-Hyun is teaching the basics of magic in the academy, but he is a person who is unusually connected to the hidden peace related to obtaining abilities '

The rewards of Hidden Peace vary from B to S.

The S-class reward is a unique ability called [Magic Replacement] that supports mental power with magic. Or, conversely, it is a unique ability called [Spirit Power Substitution] that supports magic with mental power.

It's worth doing this much work for it.'

Because there aren't many ways to get this kind of ability right now.

"Wow, were you like that?"

" No."

Some characters' eyes were focused on him.

What. Wasn't it the 1st place in the rankings with sword as the main weapon?'

Great. You mean you're also good at magic?'

It could be just on theory.'

Hey, look at that speed. Are you at the level of a complete professional wizard?'Updated from novelb(i)n.c(o)m

Everything's perfect except for the face .'

I seriously thought about whether I should raise the attractiveness level first.

Attracted the attention of candidates and instructors.

When I turned my head to the voice that seemed to call for Hanseong, a woman with a beauty that took his breath away by just sitting there. Although she is still young, she has long black hair and had a sharp eye An unusual scar on her clavicle.


All the coughing came out. I remembered who It was out of breath differently than before.

"Bar, nice to meet you."

"Hey, Its interesting to see a freshman who caused the storm in the test in a place like this. Would you like to play a game?"

I don't dare to object at all. Seong Si-Yeon. In specialized school, 9th rank among national students. Thanks to the measurement test, it climbed to 8th place. But that is not the point. She is the second daughter of a family whose main occupation is assassination. Since she was very young, she has been trained in life-and-death brutality, and she killed her first man at the age of five That is not whats important. Her family is one of the world's leading [Gukyeon]. It is a place where they kill people like eating candy.

If you get involved with this woman, you'll be hooked at once.'

Han Seong is convinced that Seong Si Yeon is the most dangerous person in the academy. really. Hanseong let out a long sigh and made up his mind.

"Are you here to talk or to play games?"

He felt numb. His fingers were trembling, and sweat was running down his spine.

"Ha ha ha ha ha! Yes, if you have come to play, you have to play."

As expected In front of this woman, all you must do is not resort to what idiots like to do at times like this, such as cowardice', savagery', and conspiracy'. It would be better to deal with her head-on like this.

What should I do? I know how strong she is

"Dealer, let's get started."

Sung Si-Yeon threw it and the game started. Hanseong's operation was as follows. Si-Yeon Seong wins money but loses to Bake Raymond. Raymond, a gambler to the marrow, will not be able to get out of his seat just because he's losing.

By the way

"Why are you so bad at this?"

I was curious, so I asked without thinking. Seong Si-Yeon turned into a demon in an instant. It was scary now, but at moments like this, you have to be more confident.

It's because I'm not feeling well today. Leave it! I am going to pick them all up soon!"

"Yes, yes, I understand."

Hanseong looked at Si-Yeon Sung's chip and Raymond's chip. It does not look like an assassin is a good gambler. There seemed to be no talent in this area.

I could help.'

This is also an opportunity. Even though Seong Si-Yeon is dangerous, it is good to get to know her if he has a chance.

"Let's start the game."

The dealer took a new card and started shuffling it. The game went smoothly. The first round was won neatly and then lost several rounds in a row, to help Seong Si-Yeon win. It was not that difficult either.


Hanseong swallowed the sound that almost escaped his mouth.

"Why, what's going on? Did something bad happen? colourful! You cannot hide your face like that. You look pale, rookie!"

My whole body was stiff.

Why is he here?'

Someone who should not be in a place like this. Black suit and white shirt. Light skin makeup and dark red lips. He looked very feminine and masculine at the same time. He had a very beautiful appearance, but the evil that dwells in it secretly dominates the surroundings. No, it feels like Hanseong knew too well how strong he is and how evil he is.


The light began blinking.

This is unsettling.'

When some people got up from their seats and step back. Black smoke billowed from the floor.

Ah, maybe.'

With a white face and red lips, Bento' grinned. I felt a chill running down my spine seeing the creepy smile.

Why is it today?'


A scream begins, and black shadows started appearring everywhere and started killing people. The [Night Banquet], an evil group to which Bento belongs, chose this place. It is a place where new members are tested, and its also considered their initiation festival that they enjoy. I did not know. Being a game, not all elements are the same every time you play. The time and place are slightly different. Besides, this must have been one of the hundreds of casinos in the Underworld alone.

(Sub Quest) Survive their festival!

[Night Banquet] has chosen this Fader casino'. Today they chose this place for their festival. Get out of the way so you do not fall victim to them!

On success: ???

On failure: death