Chapter 5: Main character

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Chapter 5: Main character

Chapter 5-Main character


Hanseong woke up feeling a faint chill, maybe its because he had overworked yesterday.

"Today theres basics of magic and liberal arts class. I also have to meet Yam Charles.

She is a French American. In the beginning, she was a no-nonsense candidate who was similar to Hanseong. She is one of those NPC mob characters that doesn't stand out until the second half. A character that no one cared about. Then, while a streamer was doing a video called Raising Extras', he brought all kinds of [Growth Potions] from [Treasure] grade items and gave it to Yam Charles' and even gave her [Achievements] while she was in the party. Then, she grew up unbelievably. There must have been something special about her, as other extras never grew up like that.

"I don't have to do that."

He has two abilities called [Awaken Target] and [Information Reading] using them it is possible to accomplish similar results. She powerful ally in the war between monsters and humans in this world'. However, awakening is only possible with party members. That being said Hanseong has to get close to Yam Charles.

"What kind of character does Charles have.?"

Hanseong searched the internet and moved to the classroom where the basics of magic class were being held. He had to travel there by bus because it was such a long distance. When he entered the classroom and was people were startled upon seeing him.

"Hey! Thats Hanseong Lee."

"Really? Hes kind of ugly."

"Besides, is it true that Gil Seong-Hyeon, Jin-hoon, Han-Byul, even Seong Si-Yeon is wary of Lee Han-Seong?"

"Awesome. Can a 500th place normally receive so much attention?"

All whispers were being heard and I felt sorry, but the microphone performance of this recording camera is top-notch.

Awareness rises.

Received attention from multiple characters.

-Recognition: 12 Points acquired!

I also got awareness points there. A total of 60 points so far. Even if you gather up to 100, you will be able to get a low-level random box.

"Hey, did you see his shaking his head now?"

"Wow! Great. How could he be so cheeky?"

"If he has have the skills, is that arrogance? Confidence?"

Him being ugly is a fact due to his low charm. You need to have the charm to increase his favorability faster and become colleagues, otherwise, bad rumors may start to spread, and many routes may be blocked.

This is Lee Jung-Hyeon, the Mage' in charge of the basic magic class."

Jung-Hyeon Lee is a magician of flame whose main focus is on fire-attribute magic. She is a famous person who is not only talented but also a world-class star because of her outstanding appearance. Mage Lee Jeong-Hyeon started the class as if she read Hanseong's thoughts.

"Oh, is it that difficult?"

This was the current state of Jinhoon because he specializes in physical abilities. Hanbyul next to him is trying to explain the contents of the class to him. He has a setting where he is well versed in magic because he is from an elite mage family.

"To make it easier, think of magic as if playing with a puzzle."

It was like teaching a child. Hanseong used information reading' out of curiosity for a moment. I know how far Jinhoon grows while playing this game. However, the exact number of growth points and talents was not known in detail.

-Use information browsing.

-Ignores the target's [Clear Deep Eye (A/SS)].

The level of [Information Access (F/EX)] is low, Except for [Detailed Information], only

approximate information is viewed.

[Status Window]

Name: Jin Hoon

Stats: [Strength 42] [Speed 33] [Agility 38] [Health 41] [Sense 44] [Magic 45] [Spirit 37] [Intellect 18] [Charm 25] [Luck 62]

I should be friends first.'

To do that, I thought I had to raise this charm stats first, but he couldn't afford to do that at the moment.

"Then let's take a break."

At the words of Mage Lee Jung-Hyun, the candidates gathered left to drink refreshments and go to the bathroom. I feel like I'm back in high school.

"Here, everyone here is between 17 and 20."

Those who have been identified and trained in their talents and abilities at a young age usually enter at the age of 17, and if talent is discovered late, they may enter with only a few years of basic education. Of course, to do that, you must have an overwhelming talent or ability. However, if you are over 20, you cannot enter the Hero Academy. Hanseong got up and followed Yam Charles.

Standing in front of the vending machine, she looked through my pockets and looked for a smartwatch but seem to have ran out of charge. But what is this it seemed that he couldn't even use his smartwatch.

Is this also influenced by [Luck]'

"Do you need one?"

Hansung asked while paying with his smartwatch. Yam Charles looked at Hanseong with bewildered eyes, realized who he is, and was surprised.

"uh? uh! Hanseong? Lee Han-Seong?"

"Oh, do you know me?"

"All right, of course! Most of the freshmen would know Hansung Lee"


While he was saying that, Hanseong's drink came out, and with his eyes, he indicated that she should also choose one.

"Oh, no. It's fine

Yam Charles shakes his arms as if it's okay, while she got flustered, she accidentally presses on a drink and the drink comes out.

"Oh, I'm sorry, That's a mistake!"

"Thank you?"

"yes? Oh, thank you. thank you."

Her face turns red I don't know if it's her original personality, or if it's because she's 17 years old, but she was the type of person who was easily embarrassed.

"See you around."

"Oh, I see.

This much for the first impression was enough. Even if you get too close from the beginning, you're likely to be misunderstood. Besides, this situation is unreasonable. Each character has a favorable feeling' for the player, and the charm greatly affects the favorable feeling.

Her personality is already known. It's best to get to know each other slowly He has a feeling of inferiority to his talent, so he shouldnt touch that part as well."

Let's do it slowly Classes soon started and basic theory explanations for the Magic Transformation Formula' began. Of course, Hanseong had nothing to gain from the lectures. Hanseong quietly raised his magic.

It'll be much easier to learn with magic control."

A very thin magical thread drawn from Hanseong's fingertips. Two strands come out and twist to become one again, and two strands are pulled out to make one. The two strands thus formed are put back together. If you repeat it tens or hundreds of times in this way, a very thin but incredibly compressed magical thread is created.

I keep trying to loosen up and it doesn't come together well.'

The reason was that the magic ability was low and that the current grade of magic domination was F-class.

Magic power has increased by 1.

Magic power has increased by 1.

If you pull it out until you reach your limit and your head is throbbing, your magical power will increase. It was a training method that others would say is nonsensical, but Hanseong has been doing it for 52 years. In that state, if you create a magic circle, you will get an S-class [Ultra-Concentrated Magical] passive unique ability, and if you create strong energy, you will get an S-Class [Ultra-High Concentrated Energy].

The problem is that for mass power' and magic control' to be possible, a genius has to train for a few years and only do this.

But if its him, it will only take two weeks as he had already experienced it once.'