Chapter 7: The Banquet at Night (2)

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Chapter 7: The Banquet at Night (2)

Part 7-The Banquet at Night (2)

Hanseong's vision turned black.

They were called the beings of the night' and there was no light. Fortunately, the in-game camera used by Hanseong ignores such limitations. Of course, it is a function considered to be outside game, and used by streamers. Hanseong changed the camera modes and looked around.

When he turned around, Seong Si-Yeon was rubbing her eyes and trying to discern the surroundings. Assassin Siyeon Seong has strong resistance to darkness thanks to her unique ability called [Shadow Rider]. She is still a cadet despite being just a 17-year-old student.

"Let's go!"

"Hey, Hanseong?"

"Follow me."

Hanseong grabbed Seong Si-Yeon's wrist, which was unexpectedly soft, and ran. Seong Si-Yeon is a character who is good' and needed to be kept alive. Hanseong ran as fast as possible to a place where Bentos eye couldnt reach.

There were many obstacles including people, so it was difficult for Seong Si-Yeon to follow Han-

Seong. However, her body movements and senses were already beyond the ordinary, so she was

able to adapt quickly.

I can't see any gaps in her defense.'

[Night Banquet] has Bento, an executive, along with three of his associates. A total of 12 people were mobilized for the new member's initiation test. They started closing in killing people from all sides. They seem to enjoy the killing and screams of the people. It was a ritual, where blood was being spilled and the slaughter felt like a drug to them.

This game is considered extremely difficulty which can not be said without any reason. A place where unimaginable evils and disasters might occur at any time, a world filled with these kinds of crazy people.


A person noticed Hansung and Seong Si-Yeon's presence. When their eyes met, he smirked and chased after them.

"Si-Yeon, wait right here. Until your eyes adjusts."

They'll be here soon."

She looked completely different from ordinary people, she knows how to be patient, keep her cool and doesn't get excited or not losing her temper easily. These must be the basic skills that we were ingrained into her as an assassin. Hanseong drew magic with one hand and resonates with the magic around him with the other. One cannot enter the casino with weapons. It was unfortunate that he left his weapon at the front desk when he entered the casino.

I have to subdue this guy, and retrieve my sword.'


Fortunately, the guy in front used magic and abilities. Several magic circles came into existence at the same time. The power of magic itself was considerable.

Perhaps it was with the help of his ability, he was faster and stronger compared to his level.


Waves of magical power with various attributes rushed to Hanseong like a beast. He was smiling

wryly, as if he expected Hanseong, who hardly had any magic power, to be swept away by the

magic power.


Hanseong raised his vigilance and concentrated. There was no sound, if one was to express it?

The streak of blue light, known as magic was visible in Hanseong's eyes. Colorless, odorless, intangible, its magic power is an essential element for humans, but it is similar to air, which cannot be easily felt normally. However, the moment Hansung stretched out his hand.

Magic was caught in his fingertips. It felt very soft like cotton candy. In this world, one in 1,000 people senses magic. 1 in 1 million people smells the presence of magic and 1 in 1 billion people directly see the unprocessed magic.

But, who could directly touch it? None. This is possible if you have a [Legend] or higher [Legend] level that has accumulated thousands of arduous achievements over years. Who can see, smell, touch, and move?

As far as Hanseong knows, no one exist with this characteistic. A being who can attach the word dominance' over magic? Demon King, Heavenly King, Dragon. There was no such existence.

It was possible with [Magic Dominance] possessed by Hanseong. No wonder it has SSS rating.


Hanseong swept away the mana gathered with his hand. It took only 0.01 seconds

for the huge magical circles to disappear. It takes 0.2 seconds for the attack to panic and create several magic circles in retaliation.

hey hey, Attach magic circles to both limbs and run. Perhaps Hanseong's physical abilities were considered to be his weakness.


He could feel the smell of blood in his mouth. His stomach was upset by the excessive use of magical power. He must never let go of consciousness. Once again, the magic power was raised.

At the same time, it resonates with the magic of the atmosphere and places it under the control of Hanseong.

Only those with the talent of [Magic Mastery] could do this. However, using [Magic Mastery] is such was a manner was normally not possible. It was only possible to use magical power' because it was a Hanseong who stood at the pinnacle of magic and even possessed [Magic Dominance].

Poff Poff Puff.

Dozens of magic circle was is disrupted.


He killed the opponent, but Hanseong also had reached his limit. But he didn't fall.This is not a game. This is reality' where one can't be revived.


"I can see now."

Seong Si-Yeon supported Han-Seong.

the problem was

-The main evil' character Bento' is looking at you.

Shows interest in you.

-[Information View] is activated!

Reading Bento's thoughts.

-Your use of magic', power of light, and swordsmanship' stimulated his desires!

"Damn it!"

I hate these phrases more than the enemy right in front of me. That guy gets excited when he sees a strong opponent. Are you angry?

-You have been targeted by the main evil' character.

You've earned 60 awareness points!

This was good. But at the price of his life being threatened was not good. Hanseong stabbed and killed the guy right in front of him.

At the same time, the effect of barbarian equipment was also ran out. The power left his body, and his eyes became blurry. Still, he held on to his spirit. It was thanks to the thought that if he lost my mind here, it would be the end.

I really can't move even one fingertip.'


Bento on the other side disappeared and he appeared in front of Hanseong. He felt a chill on his skin and his joints became stiff. He wasn't that scared when it was in the game, but when it

changed when was the reality, He got really scared.

At that time, Seong Si-Yeon, who was behind the Bento, approached cautiously.


I wanted to scream right away, but I couldn't.

The moment Seong Si-Yeon attacks Bento, her head would go flying even if it is a surprise attack, the result will not be different.


Hanseong was looking at Bento when wind suddenly blew.

"Ha ha ha ha ha! ah ha ha! It's fun."

Bento retrieved the sword that was brought to Hanseong's neck.

"Fun. I hope you will be stronger next time we see you."

Bento disappeared again from the spot. Dozens of security guards were seen running into the casino from the entrance.

what happened just now?'

Bento's actions, where did the sword come from? No, when did it touch your neck and when did he retrieved it?

Hanseong wasn't even able to notice it at all. He was worried but at the same time, the rewards that he got were enormous.

-Emergency Quest!

You have cleared [Bento's Trial].

-Success Reward: Recognition Points 30.

Those who received your help at the casino remember Candidate Han-Sung Lee'.

-Some of the main characters will remember Candidate Han-Sung Lee'.

Gained 46 awareness points.

-A strange [Luck] is activated.

-Those who have been helped, once again reflect on'Candidate Han-Sung Lee'.

You've earned 93 awareness points.

-Total Recognition Points held: 261

-You have reached the limit of your mental strength from using too much magical power.

-Statuses may be permanently lost.

Weird [Luck] has been activated.

-[Magic Domination E/SSS] is increased to [Magic Domination D/SSS].

-Magic stat increases by 3.

-The body is overloaded.

-Statuses may be permanently lost.

Unbelievable [Luck] has been activated.

Strength has increased by 1.

Health has risen by 2.