Chapter 4: Practical Test (2)

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Chapter 4: Practical Test (2)

Chapter 4-Practical Test (2)

All I can say is that I was really lucky.

The monster in the first monster wave had stats similar to his, so he was able to manage it.

How did he solve even the second E-class monster wave?

The difference in stats alone is double. He was also at a disadvantage in terms of numbers, but Hanseong has [Magic Domination] and Experience'.

It was a monster he knew too well, and consumed [Potion of Lesser Strength], [Potion of Lesser Health], and [Lesser Full Body Armor] purchased using a total of 120 million won which was the money he earned at the casino.

Originally, it was the right level to have to give up. But I couldn't give up easily. Because admission would be difficult.

However, the random D-grade monster that came out in the third wave was a magic-type monster called Specter'. A monster that is greatly affected by magical abilities and magical talents ignoring physical abilities.

It was a situation that should not appear in this test, that is, it was close to an error', and Hanseong was a player who had already peaked with magic and even had [Magic Domination], so there was no way to lose to Specter.

Even so, it was a D-grade, and it even came to the point of exhaustion of magic power.

Originally, this would have been the limit.

In grade C, a twin head troll' that normally has a height exceeding 4m in height has emerged.

A powerful monster that cannot be defeated unconditionally. Moreover, it was after Hanseong's magic power was exhausted.

But did his luck come into play?

Or was this also an error?

The two heads started fighting each other, and Hanseong escaped from them and collected the points for'survival time' and left.

So in the end it somehow worked out.

admission and splendid debut

"Do you think something is wrong?"

Students, now candidates' stare at him and gossip with each other when crossing paths with him. It wasn't for him to hear, but he had the cameras collect information from his surroundings.

"Is he that strong? His rank was raised to around 500th."

"You said you crushed Gil Sung-Hyun, Jin-hoon, and Han-Byul in the ranking test?"

"You almost ignored, laughed and looked down on them? I was there !"

"But his face was really ugly. I can't look at you for more than three seconds!"

"Hey! Three seconds is too long!"

It's still an illusion, but it's going to get stronger soon, so I didn't care.

When the hell did I just ignore you?

It was just that he was dazed due to the exhaustion of his magical powers. he wanted to sit down quickly and rest, and he didn't have time to think about anything else.

The worst thing is

Am I that ugly?

Hanseong looked at his face reflected in the camera.

Well, his charm is 3.

The facial features themselves have hardly changed. But something felt wrong like it was out of harmony, his impression was subtly unpleasant. For a moment, I thought that it would not have been bad to focus on [charm] rather than [luck.]

"Ahh. However, the reward was quite generous."

The achievement function has been viewed.

-[New Student of the Storm]

-Achievement Rating: Rare

The mob, which had no presence, appeared like a storm under the name of Lee Han-Seong'. In the future, the presence of Han-Seong Lee' will be even greater.

Awareness rises!

Got the attention of 3 main characters.

-Recognition: 58 Points acquired!

Search results are displayed.

Most of the information was duplicated, but there were a total of about 5 barbarian items, and there were people who collected 3 of them. The set effect was great, and it showed the best efficiency in terms of physical abilities.

"Good. I have to get it as quickly as possible."

If the bracelet was obtained and awakened, the poor physical ability of Hanseong could be raised to the minimum standard of the candidate. Han Seong surfed the Internet until late at night to find Barbarian items except for swords and bracelets. He couldnt find anything more from the sea of information,

After some time, Hanseong felt a pang in his chest. He wanted to see his parents, whom he could only see a few times a year as he was busy, and he also wanted to see his ill-tempered older sister. Although she was the older sister whom he hated to see, she was his family.The air was somehow chilly, and the spacious dormitory felt empty. Hanseong put the blanket up to his head to escape the intense emptiness and closed his eyes.

The [intermediate physical training room] in the center of the academy looked like a miniature soccer stadium. All kinds of equipment, as well as benches and power racks ranging from a minimum of 100kg to a maximum of a ton, were lined up, and a high-gravity training room, a rapid resistance training room, and a high-concentration magic power training room were arranged on one side.

"Hey, why are you so fired up?"

Hanbyul asked Jinhoon while he was also lifting a 200kg dumbbell. Because Jinhoon was doing squats with weights1.2 tons heavier than usual. Jinhoon couldn't even speak properly, so he was sweating profusely and was breathing roughly.

A candidate named Han-Sung Lee climbed to the top 500. Still, the ranking in the top 500 cannot be compared with those in the top 10. However, he alone endured the C-grade monster until the end .No, it was a score that could have wounded or killed him.


Jinhoon lowered the weight.

"That was great."

"Is it Hanseong ?"

"Yeah, did you see those eyes?"

Hanbyul tried to recall his memory. But at the time he was just dumbfounded.


"He was similar to my brother, no, my father."


"His eyes were like telling everyone. Is that all you got? I can do more! Follow me!"

Hanbyul was exhausted, so he didnt pay much attention. Maybe that's right. Because Jinhoons eyes are accurate.

" Are you sure about it?"

"Yes. He did not see us and Gil Sung-Hyun as his competitors."

Jinhoon tends to overestimate a strong opponent. And then he starts liking him even more.

" When did we become friends again?"

"We are of the same age and we are friends in the same school."

"Ah, that's not it."

"why? I don't think he's that bad."

"but How bad can you be?"

Hanbyul couldn't understand Jinhoon like that, but he also liked that aspect. A friend who is

infinitely kind and tolerant, comfortable and reliable just by being by your side.

"Anyway, I have to work harder. I will visit the gravity field."

"Ugh! would you do that? Do you know what you did for 4 hours today?"

"I have to. I must win."

Jinhoon clenched his fists tightly. Hanbyul saw Jinhoon's hot eyes after a long time. Jinhoon is most excited at times like this. He loves a heart that beats wildly as if it was proof that one was living. Because of that, Hanbyeol could not be dried. Also, there may be a feeling of favoritism. I can't lose against my friend Hoon.

"Okay. Then I'll do more skills' training."

"OK. See you later."

Han Byul saw Jin-hoon entering the gravity training ground and activated his smartwatch.

"Yes, is this the chief. I have someone to investigate, yes."

Is it someone who can get along with a friend who is like a white sheet of paper? Or is it black filth that will contaminate him?

"Just do your research. After that, I will take care of it."

I wish I could be your friend. He seems like a talented friend, and I don't want to kill him myself.