Chapter 3: Practical Test (1)

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Chapter 3: Practical Test (1)

Chapter 3-Practical Test (1)

therefore! We should not think that we are simply representing our country. It is the future of the earth, and mankind hopes to keep our land safe from the threat of monsters The speech seems to end soon, but it does not. When I first started playing this game, I took classes to immerse myself in the exciting history of this world. Just like the other students here.

However, for him, it was nothing but a boring story, as Hanseong had lived in this world for 52 years and experienced the world to such an extent that ordinary people could not perceive it.

"Now, let's start the practical exam. I hope and wish all of you can pass it."

As soon as the instructor in charge finished speaking, the students stood up one by one.

Ugh, that guy.'

There was one student who stood out.

Sung-Hyun Gil.

He is one of the hero candidates who have talents and potential on par with Jinhoon and Hanbyul. A neutral personality, but consider being closer to evil than good. The arrogance and authoritarian thinking originate from the background of being the heir of a rich family. He has outstanding magical talent. However, his ranking fell behind Hoon and Byul. Later, evil characters start to approach him which can make him one of the characters that can head toward evil.

"Getting close to him was a shortcut to a bad ending."

He was one of the characters to avoid in many ways. I'm so nervous, that a chill is going down my spine."

The crazy creators of the game place the player against ridiculous geniuses and bring down what is called [Disaster] from time to time. Some statistics say you must die at least 132 times to clear within 10-year which is the shortest periodl.

But now it will be different.'

Naturally, he was a player who reached the peak once. But now he has the craziest stat to [luck] in this shit game with lots of random variables.

Total potential 1,000. Each stat cannot exceed 100. Of course, depending on each person's constitution, talents, and [characteristics], they may not be able to raise certain stats even if their total potential remains. Basic stats of 5 to 10 are considered normal adults, and even an extremely trained athlete cannot exceed 15. Candidates must be at least 20. Even if it's a newbie, there will be some elites who have reached their 30s. If there is even a slight twist, it is the end.

"Student Hanseong Lee. Come forward."

It was a dome the size of a football stadium, a space that is several times larger than it looks from the outside. The characters here call such a place gymnasium'. They are divided into dozens of groups to measure their ranking.

"all right."

"Let's start the ranking measurement practice test."

There is a gate that is about 3m high. When you enter this area, F-class monsters will appear. It's like a game, you earn points and compete with other freshmen.

He could not help but be nervous. It used to be a game, but now it's a reality. No, this could be cheating if it was the game. But at least for Hanseong, its no different from reality.

Admission. And a flashy debut.'

It must be perfect. Hanseong looked at the weapons displayed on one side. It is a weapon for candidates without special magic. A device to prevent someone from entering by hiding their skills as artifacts. It doesn't mean much to others. But it meant a lot to Hanseong. It is a decision to try a different play from the previous play.


Hanseong's stats are considered poor. But when it comes to swords, the word is different. Hanseong didn't just play this End of the World' game. He also dabbled in games with settings in martial arts, the Middle Ages, etc. He's been dealing with swords for more than a few decades in-game time alone.

If you have [Magic Domination] and [Luck], it will be more than enough to make up for the lack of physical stats.

One of the reasons why I chose the sword in this play is that the sword can be considered as a template'. As in many games and novels, the sword' is strong. The history of the sword is one of being endless and of great depth. In numerous stories, swordsmanship', can reach the levels of myth and legend, firmly standing at the apex.

It was the same in this [End of the World]. Hanseong chose magic' in the previous play, and that was one of the worst choices and a handicap. This is because magic' is not mainstream in this world. It was reason that Hanseong took 52 years to reach the end.

But the sword alone is not enough.'

-Candidate Jinhoon 988 Points-

"Wow! oh my god! Isn't that score great? I think you killed all but one D-class monster?"

"Its luck. Because he specializes in the body, it is bound to be advantageous for this kind of test."

Jinhoon is very undervalued due to his body-strengthening techniques. But it can be considered an objective evaluation. In the beginning, Jinhoon is powerless against attacks related to magic' and spirit'. Candidates with abilities related to mental attack' in the top 1,000 will also be able to defeat Jinhoon. Of course, if you try something like that, you will be crushed without hesitation.

Next came Sung-Hyeon Gil.

-Candidate Sung-Hyeon Gil 932 Points-

Gil Sung-Hyun threw the wand', after comparing Jinhoon's record with his own.

"Longer, fewer points."

"It's probably because of magic. He's great to have endured so far."

"Well, it seems like this test is at a disadvantage for wizards."

"Not necessarily, there are terrain advantages. "

"Has the other two entered the next stage?"

"Ah, next is a C-class monster? Rather than that, can that candidate kill all D-class monsters? Does it make sense?"

That was then. Another gate went out.

-Candidate Han Byul 1,021 Points-

"Wow! You have surpassed 1,000 points!"

"Great! If it's Hanbyul, isn't it the youngest member of [Jeongyeon], one of the world's best mage families and the guardian family of Korea?"

"Right. Even so, they are called geniuses with non-magic abilities."

The cheers were brief. It was because the fourth gate has still not been turned off. Not only Gil Sung-Hyun but also Jinhoon and Hanbyul gathered there. They began to wonder if there was a problem with the gate that was still not turned off, or if it was still active.

"Is this gate broken?"

"Do you think I should call the instructor?"

At that time, the lights on the gate went out and the points were revealed.

-Candidate Hanseong Lee, 1,201Points-

Han-Seong Lee, who came out of there, walked out proudly, and the crowd of candidates parted. Gil Seong-Hyeon was frowning, Jin-hoon was curious and Han-Byul was suspicious. As soon as Hanseong left the gym, thunderous cheers erupted.

"Wow! Crazy, what is that?"

"It was cool."

"Did you see me ignoring Gil Sung-Hyun, looking down on Jinhoon, and laughing at Hanbyul?"

Are you a hero candidate raised by a large corporation? Or another genius? What. What the hell!"

"But he looked ugly."