Chapter 2: Luck explodes (2)

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Chapter 2: Luck explodes (2)

Chapter 2-Luck explodes (2)

The practical exam at the academy starts tomorrow at 9 am. At the same time, a system in which the entire freshman ranking is determined based on stats. Hanseong's stats here are poor. It would not be an exaggeration to say that I had to clear the screening by luck.

The academy must be entered unconditionally.'

To reach clear without a single death, you must clear all courses with the highest efficiency. A brilliant and flashy debut at the academy is considered as the first step to reach his goal. The screening has been held on the assumption that the player has undergone the [1st Awakening], the ability to use the system, and has one [Attribute], [unique ability], and [special ability] that are provided to players.

Hanseong's luck' was really good, so that kind of ability came out. Usually, the maximum potential is between F grade and C grade. There is an open potential of 200 which is just able to scratch the bottom of the candidates.

I was really lucky.'

However, the current ability excluding luck is about 100. But his other stats are at the level of the general public. [Korea Hero Academy], one of the top three academies in the world, is a prestigious academy that the world's most famous geniuses want to enter. place where only geniuses among geniuses in the world gather. It was the best place for interacting with the main characters, the hidden pieces', and obtaining the graduate status' in the academy to unlock some elements that can only be obtained from this story.

Unconditional admission.

By achieving a spectacular debut. Since he has SSS level [unique ability] which will help him to reach the endgame within 10 years, the shortest time to clear. Characteristic of SSS level is that it is the highest ability that only protagonist' level characters have.

Besides, there are also EX grade skills. It means out of standard. [Information Access (F/EX)] which he has is one but this is the first time he has ever seen such an ability. [Information View] is an out-of-standard ability to view' desired information in the game.


[Awaken Target (F/SSS)] which accelerates the awakening of the ability' or characteristic' of the unawakened' state of a set target. It can be considered as a growth' skill of potential and abilities. Depending on how you will use it, it will show great efficiency.

[Magic Domination (F/SSS)] is the highest-rated attribute among attributes related to magical affinity,

"I have to completely revise the plan."

Since the chance of survival is significantly higher than expected. Hanseong sat and pondered for several hours and the conclusion he came up with is.

start making money?

Whether in reality or a game, money is always the best. You must earn as much as possible before the start of tomorrow's entrance ceremony, and find an item to support the reduced stats. Otherwise, admission will be impossible. Hanseong checked the balance with his smartwatch.

[10 million won]Updated from novelb(i)n.c(o)m

This is the default holding amount at the start of play. It's an amount that will disappear if you buy a decent potion, but it's an ambiguous amount that can be used for several months worth of living expenses. Hanseong moved to the nearest subway station. Passing through the first basement floor and getting on and off the subway, in the corner of the second basement floor, he opened the door that reads [No entry except for officials] and entered it without hesitation. As he went down the stairs to the second floor, he started to hear soft music.

"How did you get here."

A guard in a suit blocked Hanseong.

"West Casino."

It is much more efficient for Hanseong' to make some magic items with knowledge and earn royalties by registering patents'. But if you need a place to make money at the moment is the casinos. The guard pondered for a moment at Hanseong's calm demeanor and then stepped aside.

Raising his abilities to A-class is not difficult if you work hard. However, it is difficult to obtain

S-class, and SS-level or higher can only be obtained after 5 years at the earliest.

Currently, Hanseong has good potential, but overall his stats are quite low and he doesn't have

any special attack abilities. In this state, even if he enters the academy, he will be kicked out of

the academy of heroes in one year.

They started to move to the classroom. The people gathered here receive basic training and information from the instructor and to begin the practical test. It was similar to the tutorial for this game.

"Hello. I am Han Do-Seok."

A hero named Han Do-Seok was the instructor in charge. Everyone here felt his strong presence. S-class heroes were not easily seen in the Korean Academy of Heroes. Some looked at them with reverence, and some looked at them with fear. Hanseong also knows him as he used to have lots of ties with this instructor. Because he was related to various sub-quests and several main quests.

Hanseong turned his head on the far left was a girl with long black hair. Her bangs were raised beyond her eyebrows and she wore high-precision glasses. Her head is also always bowed, so she is a character with no presence. Her name is Hyerim Ahn. She was a promising prospect who would become an SS-class hero in the future with hidden Piece.

In front of her is a tall, innocent-looking boy. With dignified and bright eyes, he is extremely biased toward goodness and is a typical protagonist with endless talents. Everyone ignored his body strengthening in the beginning, but in the mid-game, he grows into a terrifying figure who can even beat dragons with bare hands.

Jinhoon, I should slowly get to know him.'

Next to him was a boy named Hanbyul, Hoon's friend who followed him and had a healthy rivalry. Although this friend was born into a famous mage family, an irregular in a family that is gifted with non-magical powers. He almost developed a crooked behavior because of that, but thanks to his friend Hoon, he maintains goodness and later becomes a hero who will save Jinhoon and the world. Well, in the end, position of the player is to help from the sidelines.

"This is not streaming. For me, it's a reality."

He resolved himself in his heart to not die. That means you have to be perfect from start to finish and avoid gambling or relying on unreliable variables. These are the main characters created to help the player. How the player behaves will determine whether the heroes in the future will stand by or stand in the way.


A translucent window appeared in front of me. Hanseong also wanted to associate with them. But this was not the right time. There are numerous strategies to make them your allies since this a famous game. One must be patient and make allies one by one.

One by one, one by one, let's go slowly.'

In an instant, something pounded in my chest.

Why should he be in this situation and worry about death? He wanted to see my parents, whom he doesn't usually visit, and he missed the beer and food which could have been eaten comfortably with his friends. The instructor in charge taps the blackboard. He is reciting history with a student' who has yet to be confirmed as a candidate'. This wasn't for other characters, it was a device to convey basic information to the player.

"It was exactly 100 years ago."

It is a story about this world. Starting with the attack of monsters pouring out from the spores that fell from the sky, mankind had to go through a devastating war for decades.

"There was still hope."

At the same time, people started developing magical powers and began using magic. In addition, humans combined magic, superpowers, and science to overwhelm monsters. But was not able to keep up with the monsters. As monsters also started evolving and growing, they adapted to the Earth. Africa has long been turned into a land of undead, demons, and monsters, and the Amazon has become the largest monster ecosystem on Earth. In some parts of China, black orcs have established a country, and in North America, yeti, fairies, and elves live in villages. The current Earth wasn't just inhabited by humans, humans and monsters were still at war. So mankind established the hero academy' that fosters heroes', and [Korean Hero Academy]has become a hero academy that represents Korea and ranks among the top three in the world.