Chapter 2147 - 2147: What’s the Rush? (3)

Chapter 2147 - 2147: What’s the Rush? (3)

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“Bazhun’an! What are you waiting for? You coward!”

Outside the Forest of Miracles, Mei Siren was furious. In his eyes, there was only Xu Xiaoshou, his student who had been used and abandoned.

Bai Lian, Water Ghost, Demonic Emperor Black Dragon...

They were like moths to the fire, going one after another.

Previously, the mastermind behind the Abyss Island incident, Lord Bazhun’an, had been laughing and joking. However, ever since Wangze, the Holy Emperor came out, he remained silent.

Could he be scared?

Mei Siren refused to believe that!

However, even the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon had been killed by the rules. If Bazhun’an continued to remain unmoving, who else could stand behind Xu Xiaoshou?

There was no one else!

“Shh.” Faced with such doubts, Bazhun’an only raised his index finger slightly, indicating that there was someone above them and that it was an inconvenient time to speak.

“Are you afraid that Wangze, the Holy Emperor will see you?” Mei Siren thought.

“You’re just a mortal now. Who would pay attention to you?”

“Moreover, why did you set up this trap if you are so afraid?”

“This game of yours will eventually welcome the Holy Emperor, did you really not expect it?”

“I’m so angry!”

Mei Siren’s eyes were wide with anger. He wanted to slash Bazhun’an with his sword, but he was running out of time to save Xu Xiaoshou.

He pulled out the Taicheng Sword and flashed it before the man’s eyes. Then, as he was about to step into the air and leave...

Bazhun’an tugged at the old sword saint’s sleeve and shook his head slightly.

“Get lost!”

Mei Siren really didn’t know how long this cripple was going to hide. Was he planning to bring all his schemes into the coffin?

He didn’t know what a cultivator, at the third realm of the Acquired stage, could do with the power of a Holy Emperor.

He only knew that since the Azure Finger had initially locked onto Xu Xiaoshou, it would not stop attacking until it was obliterated.

Xu Xiaoshou will die in just one hit!

Mei Siren shook off Bazhun’an and ascended to the sky.

“Wait!” Bazhun’an called helplessly.

Mei Siren looked over in surprise. He knew that this kid, Bazhun’an, had a plan and he wouldn’t be able to get it out unless he forced him.

“The game had already ended. I have never once stopped you from leaving, hence you can leave, however, you have to return the communication talisman to me.” Bazhun’an lowered his voice as if he were afraid that Wangze, the Holy Emperor, would look down.

Mei Siren’s eyelids twitched, and his fury of thunder almost spilled out of his sword.

He almost jumped and tackled that man. However, after his lips trembled a few times, he took out a talisman from his bosom and threw it to Bazhun’an fiercely.Ñøv€l--ß1n hosted the premiere release of this chapter.

“Wait!” Bazhun’an called out to Mei Siren again.

Mei Si was about to leave when a hint of surprise flashed across his eyes. He turned around and thought that this kid could still be trusted...

It was a long wait...

Bazhun’an narrowed his eyes before finally closing them. He raised his head and carefully sensed the surging pressure, the aftershock of power, along with a series of delightful screams...


This was the sound of the wind stirring up the sand.


Raindrops hit the broken wooden stake.

“Thud, thud, thud...”

It was not very strong, but it was a steady heartbeat.

One breath, two breaths...

Ten breaths, twelve breaths...

If Mei Siren was still here, he would be surprised to find that Bazhun’an entered a state of epiphany by just closing his eyes. It was also during a time when he had to comprehend extremely difficult ancient sword techniques.

It was as if he had merged into the Abyss Island. He was no different from the grass, the trees, the flowers, and the rocks.

He traveled ten thousand miles and dream-walked in all directions.


Not long after, a fine sword energy flew over from the forest outside.

The skin on Bazhun’an’s chest, which had been split open by Mei Siren, was stitched up by the sword energy like needles.

The sword energy that yearned for freedom was finally hidden again.


It sounded like a rock cracking, but it was actually the foundational roots cracking again.

Bazhun’an’s face turned paler, and his condition became even more dispirited.

He had fallen from the third realm of Spiritual Cultivation to the second realm.

Only then did he open his eyes and smile.

“What’s the rush? All of them are behaving like monkeys...”

He raised the voice transmission stone in his right hand.

After thinking for a while, he switched to the communication talisman in his left hand and took out a spirit crystal from his pocket. Then, he carefully injected spiritual energy into it.


The feeling of having his energy reserve emptied almost made the Bazhun’an collapse to the ground.

The one-way communication array on the Communication Talisman lit up.

Ha, a sword expert, a spiritual array idiot, Master Siren really couldn’t keep up with the times...

Bazhun’an chuckled and held the Communication Talisman tightly. Leaning against the tree stump, he took a deep breath and said in a strong voice,

“Cough...Cough cough!”

Note: From Lao Tzu’s The Book of the Dao, Chapter 8..