Chapter 2146 - 2146: What’s the Rush? (2)

Chapter 2146 - 2146: What’s the Rush? (2)

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The Water Ghost raised the Sea God’s Trident from afar, pointing it towards the Azure Finger.

“Wind and Thunder Sea!”

The water-type Power Upanishad Formation unfolded, instantly covering Abyss Island, replacing the Azure Finger in everyone’s eyes and summoning forth the Aqueous Ink World.

With the power of a demi-saint, he confronted the Holy Emperor!

The Water Ghost fearlessly controlled the Thunder Sea!

Everyone could see clearly that the boundless aquatic realm had transformed into a massive sphere, surging with thunderous energy, integrating the power of the supreme saint calamity.

At this moment, everyone was in awe.

“The Holy Emperor can’t force him to submit, and he even accommodates the residual power of the supreme saint calamity...”

“The Upanishad demi-saint! This is the Water Ghost’s trump card!”

“But where is the ‘Wind’ in the ‘Wind and Thunder Sea’?”

As doubts lingered in everyone’s minds, the Azure Finger shattered the Order of the Great Path and struck directly at the Thunder Sea.

A fierce wind howled, and the Thunder Sea roared.

With just one touch, the Aqueous Ink World summoned by the Water Ghost was eroded by a third.

However, the water-type Power Upanishad Formation lit up, and the remaining power of the Thunder Sea dragged the Azure Finger into it.

“Chi Chi...”

One after another, water and thunder tornadoes emerged from the Aqueous Ink World, blasting in all directions.

The Water Ghost’s Aqueous Ink World, enhanced by the power of the supreme saint calamity, devoured the Holy Emperor’s power of the Azure Finger head-on and simultaneously redirected it outward.

“The Wind... Thunder Sea?”

“So, this is the ‘Wind’?”Discover, Devour, Delight: N♡vεlB¡n.

The highest virtue was like water, accommodating all things... Xu Xiaoshou observed the situation from above, showing a hint of surprise.

Previously, Rao Yaoyao had broken through while facing Five Decays of Heaven and Man, comprehending the Emotionless Sword Technique. Such talent was already astonishing.

But unexpectedly, the Water Ghost could do it too!

But it could not tolerate Rao Wangze’s arrogance in its presence!

So, even if it exhausted the last bit of its thought incarnation’s power, even if it would be killed by the rules, as long as it could block this one blow...

The Holy Emperor’s strikes on Abyss Island were limited.

Perhaps Xu Xiaoshou had a chance to escape.

This time, there was no equal trade, no prior promises. It was simply that the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon acknowledged Xu Xiaoshou as a person and wanted to do a little more for him.

As for “why”...

Even if it racked its brain, it could not come up with a reason.

Perhaps it was just a mutual understanding between dragons and humans!

The Demonic Emperor Black Dragon was like a resolute warrior, without looking back, full of freedom. It charged toward the Azure Finger, leaving behind its last words:

“Xu Xiaoshou, until we meet again.”

With a loud rumble, the five-clawed black dragon’s body surged, the demonic aura shrouding the sky, passing by the Water Ghost, who was sent flying and disintegrating into flesh and blood.

It faced the Azure Finger head-on, exerting its last breath to spit out the Dragon Pearl, launching an attack and unleashing its final move:

“Rao Wangze! You’re like a worthless dog! Only showing a finger! Dare not bark! Hiding your head and revealing your tail! Vermin! You and that Bazhun...


Its foul-mouthed insults became more unbearable as its temper flared.

Unfortunately, before it could utter the last sentence, it was detected by the force of the rules on Abyss Island.

The black void cracked open, a giant black mouth appeared, and space ruptured. The Great Path was like chains, and the light was like a scissor, ruthlessly cleaving down.

In the agonizing screams it thought were silent, the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon was cut into countless pieces by the Force of Rules, and its residual sound was swept away by the storm, disappearing without a trace.

But the power of the Dragon Pearl it left behind had already been triggered! The Judgment of the Demonic Emperor shot out from bottom to top!

“Boom, boom, boom...”

After the Azure Finger eroded the Wind and Thunder Sea, it pointed at the endless demonic aura.

If the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon were still present, it could contend with this finger, but now, it had no more strength.

At most, it could last for about ten breaths..