Chapter 2148 - 2148: Bazhun’an? (1)

Chapter 2148 - 2148: Bazhun’an? (1)

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“Even Water Ghost of the sanctification can’t take it.’ “The Demonic Emperor Black Dragon was killed by the rules.”

“My Holy Emperor’s power is more fundamental....”

In the air, Xu Xiaoshou, who had been flung by the precious dragon, saw

Wangze, the Holy Emperor’s finger strike and the defeat of his own army.

In the eyes of outsiders, he was scared silly, but in fact, he was still comparing the power of their fingers through combat strength analysis.N♡vεlB¡n: Your Escape into Infinite Tales.

With this method, he could deduce the strength of Wangze, the Holy Emperor!

From the beginning to the end, Xu Xiaoshou never gave up, nor did he lose control and shout like a bystander.

He still held the arrogant thoughts he had when the Holy Emperor first arrived. Was there any way to bury him on the Abyss Island as well?

It was true that killing Rao Yaoyao was a reckless move, but Xu Xiaoshou had already foreseen the worst outcome whenever he was determined to go his own way.

Despite that, he would still do as he wanted.

He ignored the Water Ghost’s advice.

Because he had a brain, he could calculate, and he knew what trump cards he had.

The Azure Finger was unshakable in the eyes of outsiders, but Xu Xiaoshou did not think so.

He was someone who had seen great storms.

The Demon Emperor Black Dragon had been his mount before. Xu Xiaoshou would not underestimate the Holy Emperor, but he would not think highly of him either.

Although the power of this finger was indeed great, it was actually just so-so. Its strength was similar to the smash that the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon made with its tail. Normal people would not be able to withstand it.

Bai Lian couldn’t take it because compared to the existence of the Water Ghost, he was still too normal of a person.

However, Water Ghost’s Sea of Wind and Thunder could use the Upanishad Demi-saint’s Power to grind away 30% of the power of the Azure Finger.

Before its death, the Demon Emperor Black Dragon’s Dragon Pearl power lasted for ten breaths of time, wearing away more than half of its remaining power.

From that moment, the Azure Finger was only left with the Holy Emperor’s pressure. It didn’t even have 10 to 20% of its original power.

When Xu Xiaoshou stabilized himself in the air, he had already figured out the Holy Emperor Wangze’s combat strength under the cover of his panic.

“It’s just a thought incarnation of a Holy Emperor. It’s similar to the precious dragon, but his use of the spell is different.”

In the blink of an eye, Xu Xiaoshou saw the Azure Finger break through all the defenses and point at his head again.

There was still panic on his face as if he was powerless to change the situation.

In the distance, Master Siren flew over with his sword and was about to attack.

The Holy Emperor’s guidance left behind by the white pearl in his body let out a sound once more, guiding him back to the Desolute Inferno Domain.

Even Lord Qing Shi of the Divine Prison seemed to be alive.

At the same time, the Communication Talisman in his chest trembled and a voice came out.

“Cough...Cough cough! ”


The Communication Talisman could transmit messages?

It didn’t matter anymore!

The information could be useful for his situation or it could be not!

At this moment, he could choose to obey the Azure Finger, but he could also choose not to obey!

Xu Xiaoshou would never place all his hopes on others. When danger was imminent, he put away all his panic and revealed a ferocious expression. He roared,

“Rao Wangze, how dare you underestimate me!”

This shout of the Holy Emperor’s name was earth-shattering.

“How dare he? That’s Wang Ze, the Holy Emperor...”

“Why not? It’s just a wail before death. Out of all his body, Xu Xiaoshou’s mouth is the toughest.”

“Sigh, a pitiful person often has something pitiable about them, yet there may be something hateful about them as well. Xu Xiaoshou is indeed... Wait, what did he take out?”

Everyone saw Xu Xiaoshou take something out of his hand, but they didn’t see what he was holding.

At this moment, time was frozen!

This scene was familiar. Xu Xiaoshou had used it before. It came from...

“Time Ancestor Shadow Staff?”

A surprised voice sounded from the horizon.

However, that was all. The pressure of the Holy Emperor suppressed the laws of time once more, and everyone on Abyss Island recovered..