Chapter 320 - Chapter 320: The Truth Back Then (3)

Chapter 320: The Truth Back Then (3)

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Su Xiaoxiao carefully checked his right hand.

There was indeed a bruise on his wrist. It was caused by the Old Marquis.

The Old Marquis’s heart ached to death, but he did not dare to show it on his face. He continued to scold him fiercely.

Other than the bruise, there was no discomfort in his wrist.

“Doesn’t such high-intensity training hurt anymore?” Su Xiaoxiao asked.

“It doesn’t hurt anymore,” Su Cheng said.

He was just showing off the bruises to his daughter. He didn’t really mean to worry her.

Su Cheng looked toward the grassland. “Eh? Where’s my son-in-law, Dahu,

Erhu, and Xiaohu? They didn’t come with you?”

Su Xiaoxiao said, “No, Wei Ting brought them to class.”

Su Xiaoxiao had originally planned to bring the three little fellows over. Just as she arrived at the entrance of the Lingyun family, she bumped into Yuchi Xiu.

Old Madam Wei missed the little fellows. Yuchi Xiu came to bring the three children over for Old Madam Wei to take a look.

Su Xiaoxiao naturally had no objections.

However, if she were to say that they were brought back to Wei Ting’s house, Father Su would definitely ask if his son-in-law had a family and wanted to meet them.

Now that the two families were incompatible, it was better not to let her father go to the Wei family to die.

“I’ll bring them over next time.” Su Xiaoxiao changed the topic. “Dad, have you finished the medicine from before?”

Su Cheng said, “I just finished eating before coming to the racecourse.”

Su Xiaoxiao took out a small medicine bottle from the small basket. “I have another bottle here. Remember to take it.”

Su Cheng waved his hand. “It doesn’t hurt anymore. This medicine is expensive.

Keep it.”

Su Xiaoxiao insisted, “It’s for Dad.’

She felt that not only did the black technology bone-strengthening pills in the pharmacy have healing effects, but they could also strengthen one’s physique to a large extent. It must have something to do with her father being able to withstand such urgent and high-intensity training.

Su Cheng couldn’t dissuade his daughter and accepted the medicine.


He waved.

A servant jogged forward.

Su Cheng hesitated. “Forget it, I’ll hold it myself.”

He had to hold the medicine his daughter had given him.

Su Cheng realized that his daughter had lost weight again, and his son had grown taller.

He asked about his son-in-law and three grandchildren and was slightly relieved to know that everyone was fine.

“Ergou, talk to Dad first. I’ll go out for a while.”

She was going to look for Qin Canglan, who was brushing the horses on the lawn. Although he was an old Protector Duke, there were some things he liked to do himself.

He was very happy to see Su Xiaoxiao. However, when Su Xiaoxiao explained her intentions, his smile faded bit by bit.

“Why are you suddenly asking this?”

Su Xiaoxiao said, “It’s not sudden. I’ve wanted to ask for a long time, but I haven’t had the chance.”

Qin Canglan asked curiously, “What bewitching soup did the Wei family kid give you?”

Su Xiaoxiao said, “It has nothing to do with him. I want to know it myself. If it’s inconvenient for you to say it, pretend I never came.” How could he pretend that she had never been here?

The little girl turned around and left, looking very much like what Su Huayin used to do in the past.

Su Huayin always used this trick. It worked every time.

He knew, but he was willing to jump in.

“Stop right there! “

He was helpless against Hua Yin and this little girl.

He asked, “How much have you heard about what happened back then?”

Su Xiaoxiao turned around and looked at him again. “Not much. It’s just that Lord Wu An was surrounded by the Beiyan army and sent someone out in disguise to ask you for reinforcements, but you rejected him.”

Qin Canglan nodded. “That’s right. That’s true.”

Su Xiaoxiao was a little surprised. “Why did you refuse to send troops?”

“Why?” Qin Canglan stopped brushing his horse and smiled coldly. “Wei’s rebellion. He’s in cahoots with Beiyan and was using a ruse. If I go, I’ll be walking into a trap!”

Su Xiaoxiao frowned. “Really?”

Qin Canglan said seriously, “You’re my biological granddaughter. Why would I lie to you? Although I hate Wei Ting, I wouldn’t use this method to discredit a dead person.”

Su Xiaoxiao: “Oh.”

Qin Canglan asked, “You don’t believe me?”

Su Xiaoxiao said, “I’m not familiar with you.”

Qin Canglan was hurt.

Su Xiaoxiao continued, “Since Lord Wu An colluded with Beiyan, why was he killed by Beiyan in the end?”

Qin Canglan snorted coldly. “He wanted to kill me, so I naturally couldn’t sit back and wait for death. I attacked the Beiyan army from behind and released the news that I wanted to cooperate with him from the inside. I wanted to make Beiyan think that he was faking his defection to the enemy, but he actually wanted to destroy Beiyan with me.”

Su Xiaoxiao pondered and said, “So Beiyan killed Lord Wu An in a fit of anger?”

She had once suspected that Emperor Jing Xuan could not bear to see the Wei family live well, but from the truth revealed by Qin Canglan, Emperor Jing Xuan had nothing to do with the Wei family’s tragedy.

She did not suspect that Qin Canglan was lying because there was no need.

Qin Canglan snorted. “If he hadn’t colluded with Beiyan and was defenseless against Beiyan, why would he let Beiyan destroy his entire family so easily?” This was a disguised acknowledgment of the Lord Wu An’s power.

In the world, the only person who could fight him to a draw was the deceased Lord Wu An.

Su Xiaoxiao corrected him. “Not the entire family. Wei Ting is still here.”

Qin Canglan said indifferently, “He’ll be gone soon.”

Su Xiaoxiao asked, “You want to kill him?”

Qin Canglan said nothing.

Su Xiaoxiao turned around and left.

Again! Again! This girl was doing it again!

She had Su Huayin’s bad temper!

“If I don’t kill him, will no one kill him?” Qin Canglan’s eyes darted around as he raised his hand and pointed. “The old monkey wants to kill him!”

The Old Marquis, who had just pushed the wheelchair over, trembled!

“Why are you pushing the blame on me?! Qin, I think you want to fight again!”