Chapter 321 - Chapter 321: The Caring Dahu

Chapter 321: The Caring Dahu

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Su Xiaoxiao looked at Qin Canglan and then at the Old Marquis in the wheelchair.

The Old Marquis felt a little uncomfortable under his granddaughter’s gaze.

However, this wheelchair was not very obedient. Its wheels were stuck in the grass pit.

He stood up irritably and moved the wheelchair over.

Su Xiaoxiao was dumbfounded.

In the house, Su Cheng was showing off his weapon to his son.

“Here, this is the Cloud Shattering Saber. It’s much more powerful than the Pig Slaughtering Saber. With this slash, it’ll shatter all sorts of things!”

Su Cheng gestured.

Su Ergou’s eyes lit up. “Dad, I want to play too.”

Su Cheng hurriedly said, “You can’t play with it. You’ll get injured.”

He picked up another spear. “A knife is inferior to a sword. A sword is inferior to a spear. Do you know where the power of a spear lies?”

Su Ergou shook his head.

“Dad.” Su Xiaoxiao walked in. “Someone wants to kill your son-in-law.” Su Cheng stabbed the spear into the ground and asked fiercely, “Who is it?!”

Su Xiaoxiao turned around and looked at Qin Canglan and the Old Marquis.

The two big shots looked at each other.

Each raised his head and pointed at the other party. “Him!”

Su Cheng’s face darkened. “You want to kill my son-in-law?”

The two of them denied it in a second. “No, no. It’s a misunderstanding. I didn’t say that I wanted to kill him!”

They were not two big shots born from the same mother. They had never had such tacit understanding when fighting a war.

Qin Canglan muttered to himself, “It’s too scary. In my son’s eyes, I’m not even as good as a kidnapped son-in-law.”

Old Marquis remarked, “Uncle is inferior to son-in-law. Sigh.”

Su Xiaoxiao was satisfied.

Indeed, her father had to be involved.

Some things were easier said than done. From the standpoint of an observer, Su Xiaoxiao felt that things might not be so simple.

For example, why did Lord Wu An rebel?

If King Nanyang was still alive, it would barely make sense. However, seven years after Emperor Jing Xuan ascended the throne, King Nanyang was discovered conspiring to rebel. He was his biological brother. For the sake of the empress dowager, Emperor Jing Xuan did not announce King Nanyang’s crimes to the world, but he secretly killed his entire family. To the public, he claimed that he was unfortunately infected with a plague.

Could it be that Lord Wu An wanted to avenge King Nanyang?

It seemed that she had to ask the Wei family about what happened back then.

“Grandpa!” “Grandpa, Grandpa!”


Not far away, the soft voices of three children suddenly came. Su Cheng, who was standing at the door, mercilessly pulled the two big shots to the side. He threw the spear away and ran over to pick up the three children.

Xiaohu was sandwiched in the middle and stuck out his tongue. “I’m bursting! I’m bursting!”

Su Cheng put the three little fellows down and squatted down to touch their heads. “Did you miss Grandpa?” “Yes!” Dahu said obediently.

“Erhu misses you too!”

Xiaohu patted his chest seriously. “Xiaohu misses you the most!”


Su Cheng was amused by the three little fellows.

He looked around. “Where’s your father?”

Xiaohu complained, “Sleeping in. Uncle Blackie sent him over.”

Yuchi Xiu, who was outside the horse ranch: I’m just wearing black clothes, not Uncle Black!

Su Xiaoxiao was also surprised by the arrival of the three little fellows.

She thought that Matriarch Wei would let them stay at home for the night.

In fact, Matriarch Wei did try to keep them, but the three little fellows did not buy it.

In the beginning, they were still playing well. When it was dark, they started to look for Su Xiaoxiao. Wei Ting could not coax them.

Old Madam Wei had no choice but to get Yuchi Xiu and Fu Su to send them over.

It had been a long time since they last saw each other. The three little ones also missed Su Cheng very much. The three of them leaned into Su Cheng’s arms and actually forgot to look for their mother for a short time. Xiaohu pushed Dahu. “Move aside. You’re squeezing me.”

Dahu did not indulge him and pushed him out.

Dahu did not take the initiative to bully Xiaohu, but if Xiaohu wanted to bully him, there was no way.

In front of Dahu, Xiaohu’s strength was like a younger brother.

However, although he could not win, he kept squeezing in.

The two little fellows began to fight again.

“Okay, okay, okay. Grandpa will hug you all!”

Su Cheng stopped the two of them from fighting in time.

Su Cheng looked at Xiaohu and sighed helplessly. “Why do you keep squeezing when you can’t win?”

Xiaohu placed his hands on his hips and stomped his feet. “When I grow up, I can win!”

Erhu said, “When you grow up, so would Dahu. You still can’t beat him.”

Dahu nodded.

Xiaohu was furious. He stretched out his small arm and drew a big circle. “I, I, I’m bigger than him!”

A child’s temper came and went quickly. The two of them, who were fighting a second ago, squatted together to catch crickets in the next second.

“Dahu, I can’t catch him,” Xiaohu said gloomily.

“Here you go.” Dahu caught a big one for his brother.

“I want one too,” Erhu said.

Dahu began to catch crickets for his brothers.

Su Cheng missed his daughter’s food. The chef had just killed two sheep.

Su Xiaoxiao decided to roast a whole sheep.

The cook of the ranch helped Su Xiaoxiao set up a bonfire on the grassland.

“Do you have sesame?” Su Xiaoxiao asked.

“Yes, yes!” The chef entered the kitchen and brought over a large jar of stir-fried white sesame.

“It’s still lacking.” Su Xiaoxiao asked the chef to watch the fire first. She went into the kitchen to stir-fry a sauce and make mixed sauce noodles later.

The smell of roasted whole sheep and green onion oil mixed with sauce filled the entire horse farm.

The three little fellows surrounded the bonfire and drooled as they stared at the roasted whole sheep.

Su Ergou stared at them, afraid that if they were not careful, the three of them would rush forward and eat the uncooked sheep.

Su MO stayed for dinner.

It was quite lively by the bonfire.

Qin Canglan sat alone on the grass field with the moonlight on his back. His tall body was enveloped by the night, and he looked a little lonely.

Dahu walked over and tilted his head to look at him. “Big Grandpa, what’s wrong?”

Qin Canglan said nothing.

“Big Great- Grandpa, are you unhappy?” Dahu continued to ask.

A complicated look flashed across Qin Canglan’s eyes, but he still ignored Dahu.

Dahu thought for a moment and took out a big cricket from his left pocket. “Do you want the big cricket I just caught?”

Seeing that Qin Canglan was unmoved, he took out another piece of crisp candy from his right pocket.

Qin Canglan still did not reach out.

Dahu asked him to play again, but he did not move.

Dahu left dejectedly.

Qin Canglan turned around and looked at the little fellow’s lonely back, wondering if he had gone too far.

He was just a child…

But he was a child of the Wei family…

Qin Canglan turned his head.

Suddenly, footsteps came again.

A small hand handed him a small milk bottle. “For you to drink.”

This was Dahu’s favorite. He had never even given it to his master.

What Qin Canglan did not tell Su Xiaoxiao was that his most capable subordinate, his brother who had risked his life with him, had died at the hands of Lord Wu An and the Nanyang King.

Dahu was still young and did not know much about the grudges of adults, but he felt the huge sadness of Qin Canglan.

He placed the milk bottle on the ground and imitated his mother. He reached out and touched Qin Canlan’s cheek. “Big great-grandpa, don’t be sad..”