Chapter 319 - Chapter 319: The Truth Back Then (2)

Chapter 319: The Truth Back Then (2)

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She remembered very clearly that after applying Imperial Physician Hu’s medication, her skin only cooled for a while before it hurt and itched again.

However, after taking the medicine given to her by her classmate, she felt much more comfortable.

It was also because it was too comfortable that she slept well.

Thinking of Su Xiaoxiao’s medicine, Princess Jingning recalled the snacks Su Xiaoxiao had given her.

She looked at the missing snack box on the table and asked, “Where are my snacks?”

Taozhi said, “Are you talking about the box on the original table? His Majesty ate it.”

Emperor Jing Xuan was originally here to visit Jingning. As he sat, he saw the snacks sent by Kunning Palace last time. Then, he accidentally finished them all.

Not a single one was left for Jingning.

Princess Jing Ning’s face darkened.

At Pear Blossom Lane, Su Xiaoxiao got up too.

She recalled what had happened last night and was in a good mood.

However, looking at the three little ones sleeping soundly at the side, she slapped her forehead.

“I let this guy flirt with me. I forgot to ask him if the three children are really his brother’s flesh and blood. Indeed, beauty is a hindrance.”

After Su MO said his guess yesterday, she asked Su MO not to tell Qin Canglan and the Old Marquis for the time being.

Su MO agreed.

However, it would only be for three days because three days later, the spy would definitely report to the Old Marquis.

“I should be able to see Wei Ting in three days, right?”

Su Xiaoxiao went to wake Su Ergou up. After the siblings finished making snacks, the three little ones were almost awake.

Breakfast was mutton buns and mixed grain porridge.

The mutton was fat and thin. The gamey smell was removed with spices. Accompanied by a mutton soup, the meat was fragrant, oily, salty, and fresh, with a hint of sweetness.

The sweet potato was cut into pieces in the mixed grain porridge. The sweetness of the sweet potato was completely infused into the porridge. The porridge was thick, sweet, and soft. Just as the food came out of the pot, someone came to freeload.

Su Qi and Su Yu revealed their white teeth. They were just short of carrying an alms bowl to solicit alms.

The three little ones only finished brushing their teeth before the family came to the table for dinner.

Su Qi and Su Yu did not expect their little cousin to make good snacks. The food was cooked well, and even the buns were more fragrant than those that were made by the chefs in the residence.

Unlike the old bread they used to eat, the dough was soft when they took a bite.

Extremely fresh soup burst out, and there was no gamey stench at all.

This was mutton.

They have never cared for mutton!

The two brothers buried their heads in their buns and couldn’t stop eating.

After Su Ergou finished eating a bun, he reached out and touched nothing.

He looked up in a daze at the empty steamer.

Uh… where were the buns?

Su Qi and Su Yu were not satisfied.

If not for the fact that the three little ones’ buns were uniquely shaped like pigs, and they were too embarrassed to snatch them, the plates of the three little ones might have been empty.

The Directorate had morning classes, so Su Ergou and the other two set off after dinner.

The three little ones finished eating slowly. Su Xiaoxiao took off their clothes, washed their hands, and rinsed their mouths before sending them to Ling Yun’s place.

Although Princess Jing Ning was fine, her “sleeping” for a day and night was really worrying. The empress sent someone to the palace to apply for a day off.

Today was Teacher Jiang’s class again.

Master Jiang had long treated Su Xiaoxiao as rotten wood and did not attempt to sculpt her.

Therefore, Su Xiaoxiao’s day was quite calm.

After school, Su MO picked her up.

Su Xiaoxiao got into the carriage. “I want to visit my father with Ergou.”

Su MO did not object. “Okay.”

In the evening, Su Mo’s carriage arrived at the Qin family’s horse farm.

Although it was called a horse farm, it was not only a place to raise and train horses. It had a training ground with an armory and archery targets. It could be said to be an excellent place to practice martial arts.

Su Cheng had just finished drawing the bow when he seemed to have lost control of his arms. Just as he was feeling depressed, Su Ergou ran over.


Su Cheng turned around and his eyes lit up.


He whistled past Su Ergou.

Su Ergou, who had been treated as air, was speechless.

Su Cheng grabbed Su Xiaoxiao’s arm and felt extremely aggrieved. “Daughter…

you’re finally here to see Dad… Dad misses you so much… those two old fellows trapped me here and forced me to practice martial arts every day, not letting me go back… I can’t beat them…’

At the mention of this, he was angry.

It was fine if he could not defeat that big guy. That person in the wheelchair looked easy to bully, but in the end, he knocked him down with one move.

He rolled up his sleeves. “Daughter, look.”

Su Xiaoxiao pinched his wrist. “Dad, you’re stronger.”

Su Cheng was speechless. “…I wanted you to see my injuries.”

Su Cheng had been trained by Qin Canglan and the Old Marquis for a few days. He was tanned, and his skin was a light wheat color. However, as Su Xiaoxiao had said, he had become stronger and more energetic..