Chapter 318 - Chapter 318: The Truth Back Then (1)

Chapter 318: The Truth Back Then (1)

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Su Xiaoxiao said calmly, “Alright, you’re normal. I won’t examine you anymore.”

Wei Ting was speechless. Could she stop talking?

However, Su Xiaoxiao abided by the principle that if he was embarrassed, she would not be embarrassed. She sat up and blinked at him. “Wei Ting, you like me a little, right? Are you jealous of Xiao Zhonghua?”

Wei Ting had already regained his composure and said coldly, “You’re thinking too much. I just hope you remember your identity! Your Su family provoked me first. I have the final say when we terminate our relationship!”

Su Xiaoxiao: “Oh.”

She lay down calmly.

Wei Ting stood up and left.

He had already gone out and strode back.

He stood in front of the bed like a god in the night and looked at her unfathomably. “Close your eyes!”

Su Xiaoxiao curled her lips and closed her eyes to sleep.

Wei Ting bent down and held her cheek with one hand, kissing her forehead.

Su Xiaoxiao opened her eyes.

Wei Ting explained coldly, “What a husband and wife should do.”

Su Xiaoxiao burst out laughing. “Wei Ting, I also do this with Dahu, Erhu, and

Xiaohu. If you really want to kiss…”

Wei Ting said coldly, “Don’t push your luck!”

“Oh.” Su Xiaoxiao raised her eyebrows and turned around to face the three children inside.

“Next time.”

With that, Wei Ting left with a cold expression. Su Xiaoxiao touched her kissed forehead and soft lips. “Can I… kiss you here next time?”

“Then next time… should we go straight to third base?”


Xiaohu sat up in a daze.

“What’s wrong?” Su Xiaoxiao asked the little fellow.

“Pee,” Xiaohu said.

Su Xiaoxiao carried Xiaohu to the backyard to pee.

“Mother, are you smiling?” Xiaohu asked while nestled in Su Xiaoxiao’s arms.

“Thinking about big pig trotters… delicious.”

“Xiaohu wants to eat too.”

That night, Xiaohu hugged Dahu’s feet and ate pig trotters for the entire night.

In Kunning Palace, Princess Jingning slept until the next morning. When she woke up, she was stunned by the scene in front of her.

What happened?

Why were there so many people in her bedroom?

And they were all kneeling on the ground…

Taozhi, the personal palace maid, had been paying attention to Princess Jingning’s movements. Seeing that she was awake, she cried tears of joy. “Princess, you’re finally awake!”

Princess Jing Ning looked at the room full of palace maids and eunuchs in confusion. “What’s going on?”

Taozhi went forward on her knees and only stood up when she reached the bed. She helped Princess Jingning sit up. “Princess, you were unconscious for so long. You scared me to death!” “I was… unconscious?”

Princess Jing Ning was surprised.

She didn’t feel like she was unconscious. Didn’t she just sleep?

“What time is it?” she asked.

“Seven o’clock,” Taozhi said in a choked voice.

Princess Jing Ning was shocked. “It’s morning?”

She clearly remembered that it was her lunch break…

Taozhi sobbed and said, “You’ve been unconscious for a day and a night. No matter how hard I called you, you couldn’t wake up. The Empress called the imperial physician over and he performed acupuncture on you, but you were still unconscious…”


Jingning, who refused to admit that she was sleeping like a pig, cleared her throat and said with a serious expression, “I’m awake now. It’s fine. Get up.” Everyone stood up with relief.

Taozhi said, “I went to report to the Empress that you are safe. The Empress was worried for the entire night… In addition… Third Prince and His Majesty also came.”

Fifteen minutes later, Aunt Mei came over with an imperial physician behind her.

The imperial physician took Princess Jingning’s pulse. “Her Highness is fine.”

Aunt Mei asked the palace servants to send the imperial physician out.

Princess Jing Ning said, “Open the windows. It’s too dark.”

The palace maid removed the screen and opened the window.

Taozhi brought hot water over and Aunt Mei personally twisted a handkerchief to wipe Princess Jingning’s face.

Before the handkerchief could touch her face, Aunt Mei exclaimed in surprise.

“Your Highness, your face…”

“What’s wrong with my face?” Princess Jing Ning’s heart tightened. Could it be getting worse? “Taozhi! Bring me a mirror!”

She instructed.

Taozhi brought over a small peachwood mirror.

Princess Jing Ning looked in the mirror and exclaimed, “My face…’

Yesterday, her face was filled with acne, and a few of them had even gotten worse. Today, imost of them had actually disappeared.

This face was not scary at all.

“Did you apply Imperial Physician Hu’s medication?” Aunt Mei asked. Taozhi nodded repeatedly. “Yes, Aunt Mei!”

Aunt Mei smiled knowingly. “Imperial Physician Hut s medical skills never disappoint.”

Princess Jingning said, “It was not Imperial Physician Hu..”