Chapter 776 Meeting

The rest of the day passed by like normal.

The True Spirit Sect didn't send anyone to Lin Fan's store. In fact, the True Spirit Sect had completely shut themselves off from the rest of the world during this time.

They had sent off all their guests and then pulled back all their disciples.

They still left some people to manage the businesses that they had, but all non-essential members had been pulled back to the True Spirit Sect headquarters.

It wasn't just them though, it was also the Thunder Sect that had also closed their doors and called back all their members.

It was clear that something was happening with these two factions, but as for what, that was anyone's guess. After all, this was something that was only for the higher ups of these two factions to know, so it was hard even for spies to learn what was happening.

Then when it came to people who had dealings with the Assassins Association, they had found that the assassins had cancelled most of their missions. The important ones for important allies were still being done, but most of the minor ones were being cancelled.

As well, for the businesses that the Assassins Association owned, they were all being staffed by only the most minimal of staff. They were pulling back anyone that wasn't essential to running the businesses.

It was as if the Assassins Association was also closing their doors and locking themselves away.

If it was just one of them, it would be understandable. Especially if it was the True Spirit Sect after what had just happened.

Now that they've embarrassed themselves in front of everyone, it would make sense that they would want to close their doors and regroup. That way they wouldn't give their enemies any openings to exploit.

But for all three of these factions to close their doors at the same time, it was without a doubt suspicious.

As part of the twelve great factions, the nine factions that had allied with Lin Fan didn't miss this since they were already watching the Thunder Sect, the True Spirit Sect, and the Assassins Association.

As soon as they noticed this change with the three of them, they immediately called a meeting.

Naturally Lin Fan was also invited to this meeting.

They had seen what kind of power Lin Fan had after his clash with the True Spirit Sect and they knew that they couldn't ignore it.

Just the over a hundred Nascent Soul Realm beasts was a large threat to them, but now there was also that mysterious cloaked figure to deal with?

The Nascent Soul Realm Experts that the nine factions had sent all said that they couldn't even sense the cloaked figure appearing. As for knowing what he did, they didn't have a single clue.

But what they did know was that the cloaked figure was linked to Lin Fan since that person did help Lin Fan and his family escape, as well as protecting them from the True Spirit Sect.

So there was no doubt that the cloaked figure was one of Lin Fan's allies.

If they could secure the help of that cloaked figure in the upcoming war...

However, that was only one of the topics that they wanted to discuss today. The other was naturally the appearance of Bing Jun and that other red haired young man.

They had all seen the way Bing Jun had treated the leaders of the True Spirit Sect and they had seen how they had just accepted the way Bing Jun treated them. There was no doubt that this was abnormal.

The safest guess was that Bing Jun and the red haired young man were from the organization that had backed the three of them.

But as for the identity of that organization, they didn't have a single clue. So they were hoping that Lin Fan would have some clues for them.

The meeting was held in a virtual space since it was impossible for them to gather all together. After what had happened at the True Spirit Sect, there was no longer a need to hide themselves since everyone already knew that the nine factions were working together after they came together to protect Lin Fan.

However, they were all important people, so it was very unlikely that they would be able to gather together for a meeting, so that was why they were holding the meeting in virtual space instead.

When Lin Fan opened his call, he found that most of the people invited were already present and just waiting. Of course, they weren't idle as they were taking care of business while waiting for everyone else to come.

But the moment that Lin Fan arrived, everyone stopped what they were doing to look at him.

p Lin Fan just calmly sat there, waiting for everyone else to arrive even though he was being stared at like this.

When the final person invited arrived on the call, old man Qiao took the lead to start the meeting by saying, "I want to thank everyone for gathering today for this meeting. I know that all of you are busy, but this is an important matter that we have to discuss."

Everyone gave a nod in response to this.

Old man Qiao continued, "Now, let's not delay this any longer." He turned to look at Lin Fan as he said, "Little friend Lin, can you please tell us about what happened at the True Spirit Sect yesterday?"

Lin Fan just calmly gave an account of what happened and what his goal in going to the True Spirit Sect was.

Everyone just calmly listened at first, but when they heard his description of Bing Jun, they couldn't help knitting their brows. Especially after hearing that Lin Fan had already clashed with Bing Jun in the Ancient Era Ruins.

Most of them didn't actually know about this.

After Lin Fan finished telling his story, there was only silence that followed.

This silence lasted for a few seconds before it was broken by someone who asked, "Then who was that cloaked figure that appeared at the last second?"

Everyone turned to look at Lin Fan when this was asked since this was the question that everyone cared about the most.

Lin Fan naturally knew this as well, but he just gave a shrug as he said, "I don't know either. All he said was that he was ordered by someone to protect me."

It was clear by the expression on their faces that no one really believed Lin Fan, but if he wasn't willing to say anything, there really wasn't anything that they could do.

What would they even do? Try to force him to talk?

Didn't they already see the powerful cloaked figure that had saved him last time?

If they even tried to do anything to Lin Fan, it was uncertain if they would be able to come back in one piece.

Not to mention that there was his powerful master in the store that had given him over a hundred Nascent Soul Realm beasts.

Lin Fan had shown through his manipulation of the beasts that he could even form an array that could counter their domains. That was the only thing that they had that they could rely on to suppress cultivators of lower realms.

If they couldn't even rely on domains, they definitely wouldn't be able to beat Lin Fan without having to risk their lives.

So since Lin Fan wasn't going to say anything, they could only move on to the next topic.

What they would do about the Thunder Sect, the True Spirit Sect, and the Assassins Association.

It was clear that they were planning something, but that something was the problem since they couldn't find out what that something was. If they knew, they could come up with some kind of counterplay, but since they didn't know anything, there really wasn't much that they could do.

After another long period of silence after this was brought up, it was Lin Fan who spoke up this time.

"I can offer an array to each of your factions to guard your headquarters so that the other factions will have enough time to react."

Everyone looked at Lin Fan with surprised looks when they heard this, but then they revealed doubtful looks.

Even if Lin Fan had a powerful master, they didn't believe that this master would get involved in this based on how he's been acting. So they believed that this array came from Lin Fan himself.

They were the twelve great factions that had ruled over this Galactic Humanity Alliance for thousands of years, the accumulated resources that they had couldn't be looked down on.

The array that came from a junior, they didn't believe that it would even be able to enter their eyes.

Still, they couldn't just say that to Lin Fan's face.

So they didn't say anything as they let old man Qiao take the lead for them, "Little friend Lin, let's see this array of yours."

Lin Fna didn't say anything as he tapped a few buttons on his watch and his display was replaced with the array blueprint.

The representatives all casually looked at this array with an aloof look, but one look was all it took to stun them. They immediately knitted their brows and then moved in as close as they could to take a closer look.

They found that this array far surpassed their own knowledge and they would need to call their array specialists to take a closer look at this.

When this silence appeared, Lin Fan just revealed a faint smile since he knew what was happening, but he didn't say anything.

After a long period of silence, old man Qiao broke it by saying with an awkward cough, "Little friend Lin, we have to take a closer look at this array, but I think that we will have a use for it."

Lin Fan just replied with an "un" sound before sending the array blueprint to all the representatives. After he did that, he said, "Study it all you want, but remember that it's a race against time. We don't know how long they will take to prepare, but we do know that they will be coming. It's best if you can prepare these arrays at your headquarters before this happens."

Everyone was silent when they heard this, but they knew that Lin Fan was right.

Old man Qiao once again took the lead for them as he said, "Yes, we'll make our preparations."

Lin Fan gave a nod before saying, "Then that will be it from me."

Without waiting for anyone to say anything, Lin Fan disconnected from the call.

The representatives weren't angry, rather that all had smiles on their faces. When dealing with someone this frank, it could be considered refreshing with all the double crosses they normally face.

As for why Lin Fan left, he knew that these twelve great factions would have their own things to discuss, so it wasn't suitable for him to stay.

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