Chapter 777 Last Peaceful Days

Over the next few days, nothing happened in this entire Galactic Humanity Alliance.

After the Thunder Sect, True Spirit Sect, and the Assassins Association locked themselves up, the other nine of the twelve great factions also settled down.

They didn't go as far as the Thunder Sect, True Spirit Sect, and the Assassins Association by completely locking up, but they started doing less business with the outside world.

It was almost as if all of the twelve great factions were doing something.

This Galactic Humanity Alliance ran around the twelve great factions and now that the twelve great factions were laying low, there was no way for anyone to do anything.

The smaller factions could all smell the changes with the Galactic Humanity Alliance from the actions of the twelve great factions. If they were to take any large actions at this time, they would surely be caught up in something that they wouldn't want to be caught up in.

So no one dared to act rashly until they knew what the twelve great factions were up to.

It was just like this that the entire Galactic Humanity Alliance fell into a period of peace. However, everyone knew that it was an unsettling period of peace.

People didn't even dare leave their houses if they didn't have a reason just to avoid being caught up in something.

Everyone knew that it was the calm before the storm.

As for Lin Fan's store, it was just as calm as the world outside.

The number of customers that came to the store had dropped and for the first time in a long time, Lin Fan wasn't able to sell all the training spots in the morning. Even as time passed and night came, he was still left with two training spots in the end.

Even the foot traffic in the store had started to decrease as there were less people that came today.

Lin Fan wasn't close to the customers since he spent most of his time away from the store, but Lulu who spent most of her time managing the store was different. Plus, there was the fact that Lulu was a beauty, so people felt more comfortable talking to her, much to the dismay of Mo Ze Chen.

Lulu told Lin Fan that most of the regular customers had been called back to their families and were forbidden from leaving. They all sensed that something big was happening, so they were trying to hole up and avoid it before coming out after it was over.

The ones that still came to the store were people who hadn't been called back yet, had snuck out to come to the store, or were people that weren't affiliated to any factions.

But even these people would stop coming to the store as soon as they were either called back to their families or found a safe place to weather out the oncoming storm.

Lin Fan didn't blame them since he knew much more than normal people.

This was a disaster that involved far more than just the twelve great factions, it wasn't strange that these people were picking up on the signs. He didn't look down on them for choosing to hide since that was most likely the best solution for people like them.

Even though he wanted to hide, it was just too bad that he wasn't allowed to do so.

He was one of the people that were caught up in the middle of this.

The other person should be Lin Xue.

Lin Fan had seen how obsessed Bing Jun was about marrying her, so it was unlikely that someone as arrogant as him would give up that easily. The only reason that he had backed down before was the appearance of that black cloaked figure.

So Lin Fan was certain that Bing Jun would be coming to take Lin Xue back.

That was why he had wanted to send Lin Xue back to the Blue Star Planet to avoid all of this.

Even in these turbulent times, the twelve great factions still had their foundation. It wasn't a problem for them to send people down to the lower realms since it was just a simple transport array that they would use.

Then when it came to guarding them, Lin Fan didn't need any help since he could just send a few Nascent Soul Realm beasts with them. Since coming back, he had hatched and raised even more Nascent Soul Realm beasts, so he was even stronger compared to before.

But even with all this, he couldn't convince his family to go back down to the Blue Star Planet.

Lin Ao refused to run from this and Lin Xue and Yue Qingrou didn't want to leave them alone. But even with all their excuses, Lin Fan knew that the only reason they were staying was because he was staying.

So he accepted their feelings and he didn't bring this matter up again since he knew that it was useless trying to convince them.

The only thing that he could really do now was prepare for what was coming.

As he came into the store today, he found that Angela was currently with Lin Xue and Song Shu.

It wasn't surprising to see Angela with Song Shu since this was something that had been happening since the Blue Star Planet, but it was certainly surprising for him to see how quickly Lin Xue had taken to Angela.

He had thought that it would take a while for Lin Xue to get used to Angela, but he never expected to see her spending this much time with her. In fact, whenever he tried to get some private time with Angela, Lin Xue would always cut in between them and take Angela away.

When he had talked to Angela about it, she just looked at him before shaking her head with a sigh.

It seemed like she was also getting tired of it...

Still, he was happy to see the two of them getting along so well.

After all, he had been worried about how to get his family closer to Angela, but it didn't seem like it would be a problem.

So he just left them alone as he went to take care of his matters.

He had been busying himself with Brainy over the past few days, setting up surveillance networks and trying to send spies into the Thunder Sect, the True Spirit Sect, and the Assassins Association.

While Brainy could use her seeds to control people from the factions, her cultivation wasn't that high, so she couldn't control people that had higher positions in those three factions. So even with puppets in the headquarters of these three factions, she still wasn't able to get any useful information.

When Lin Fan came into the back room where Brainy was, he could see just how tired she was.

She had been controlling several thousand puppets day and night for several days now, even if her cultivation had reached the Child Soul Realm, it was impossible for her to maintain this kind of spiritual sense consumption for this long. The only reason that she was able to keep going was Momonga who helped by using a secret technique to restore her spiritual senses.

But even then, Lin Fan didn't want her to keep up like this, so he came forward to say, "That's enough, you can take a break."

Brainy looked up with an unwilling look, but he shook his head and said, "It's better than you falling down midway. We still need you for later."

With Lin Fan's firm words, Brainy reluctantly released her control of her puppets and put them all on autopilot as she went into the pet storage space to rest up.

Momonga on the side didn't say anything, but it was clear by his eyes that he agreed with Lin Fan. Second to Lin Fan, the one he cared about the most was Brainy who he had spent the most time with, so naturally he didn't want to see her dropping down in the middle of this.

Lin Fan gave a sigh before turning to go over the reports that his subordinates sent him.

His subordinates had also been sent out to gather information, but according to the reports, it didn't seem like they were getting anything important.

The one person that he could depend on was Xu Lin, but the True Spirit Sect was completely locked down, so he wasn't able to send any information out. The only thing that he could send was a letter to his family that at least told them that he was still safe and not under suspicion over what happened before.

After all, Lin Fan had been hiding as a servant of the Xu Family.

But Lin Fan was certain that Xu Lin would be suspected once they investigated Lin Fan more and found the relationship between him and the Xu Family, so he had advised Xu Lin to get out of the True Spirit Sect if he could.

It was just that Xu Lin wasn't able to right now.

There were many things like this that Lin Fan had to worry about. While everyone was having their peaceful time, Lin Fan was incredibly stressed dealing with all these different matters.

It was just that no one knew that the invisible hand of the enemy was also reaching out towards Harmony City.

Early this morning, there was a batch of people that arrived in Harmony City through the public transport gate. Among these people was a person who was wearing a blue cloak that completely covered him.