Chapter 775 Reunion

After he recovered from being suddenly transported, Lin Fan found that they had been brought back to Harmony City.

In fact, there was a crowd that had gathered around them since they had suddenly appeared out of thin air.

But Lin Fan didn't have time to care about that.

He quickly went over to his family and after making sure that they were alright, he let out a sigh of relief.

He turned his attention to the black cloaked figure that saved them who had been standing on the side the entire time. After narrowing his eyes to look at this person, he said, "Thank you for…"

But before he could finish, the black cloaked figure raised his hand and said, "That's enough. There's no need for that. I was just ordered by someone else to save you."

Lin Fan revealed a confused look when he heard this, but he also knew that he wouldn't be able to get any information from this person, so he didn't ask anything else.

Then as he had expected, after the black cloaked figure said this, he gave them a nod before suddenly disappearing.

Lin Fan just stared at where the black cloaked figure had been standing a moment ago in silence. After staring at that empty space for a while, he finally turned back to his family.

He calmly said to them, "Come with me, let's go to my store."

Lin Fan believed that the safest place to go now was his store since that was where the system's defense system was. He didn't believe that there was anything in this Galactic Humanity Alliance that could destroy the system's defense system.

After all, the system had been able to access the peak realms of this world in the form of cultivation realms. It shouldn't be limited to the power of just this small upper realm, so there was no chance that its defense would be destroyed.

The crowd naturally dispersed once Lin Fan led his group away, but there were people with sharp eyes that went to report to their various factions. Naturally that included the people from the twelve great factions.

But that wasn't of any concern to Lin Fan.

After leading his family to his store, Lin Fan let his mother and little sister settle down first before coming over to talk to them.

The two of them had been silent the entire time since they had arrived in Harmony City, but after settling down, it seemed like they were finally ready to talk.

Naturally, the first thing that his mother did was take her two children in her arms. It had been a long time since she had seen either of them, so it was normal for her to be emotional.

During her time at the Yue Family, Lin Xue had been separated from Yue Qingrou so that she could be brainwashed by the Yue Family to be loyal to them. However, it was already too late since there was already something else that completely filled her mind. Her thoughts of her brother.

There was nothing that could eliminate that.

Once Yue Qingrou had her fill of her children, she turned to Lin Ao who had been silently waiting on the side.

She ran into his embrace and the two of them just stood there hugging each other and whispering to one another.

It was a good thing that Lin Fan had closed the store, or it really would have been an awkward thing for the people in the store to witness this.

As for Lin Fan and Lin Xue, they naturally didn't want to watch their parents like this either, so they moved to the side and left the two of them alone.

But as soon as Lin Fan came to the side, Angela and Yuki also came over.

For some reason, Angela could feel a threat from Lin Xue, so she had come over when she saw that they were done with their family time.

When she did come over, Lin Xue also looked at Angela with a look of hostility. It was just like how Angela could feel a threat from Lin Xue, Lin Xue could also feel a threat from Angela.

But the two girls quickly revealed smiles and greeted each other.

Lin Fan was none the wiser of the interaction between the two of them.

Then there was a sudden knock on the door of the shop.

Lin Fan was surprised to hear this since he wasn't expecting any visitors, but when he took a look, he let the people outside in. They were his friends from the Hunters Organization, the Myriad Sword Hall, and the other factions.

Song Shu was the first to rush in as she immediately charged Lin Fan, grabbing him by the waist and burying her face in as she said in a worried voice while crying, "Big brother Lin, are you alright?"

Lin Fan was caught off guard by this, but as he looked around and saw the worried looks that everyone had, he figured out why they were here.

They had most likely been sent by their factions to check up on Lin Fan. After all, the representatives of these nine factions had been at the True Spirit Sect, so they should have reported everything that had happened.

Lin Fan had suddenly disappeared, so the first place that they would check was naturally his store.

Now that they had seen him, they all let out a sigh of relief before secretly sending reports back.

Lin Fan patted Song Shu's head and said, "I'm alright, I'm alright. Can't you see that I'm perfectly fine?"

Even though he said this, in truth Lin Fan was holding back his internal injuries. When he had been suppressed by Bing Jun, the injuries that he had suffered weren't light. However, it was a good thing that his Nine True Sun Body Art allowed him to quickly recover. Even now, the suns in his body were releasing golden energy that was healing his injuries at an incredible rate.

Song Shu brought her head out of Lin Fan's chest and started moving around him, as if she was checking his body for injuries. Lin Fan just raised his hand and let her do what she wanted as she looked at the others.

It was normal to see Wang Jian, Qiao Yi Fei, Mao Tao, Fu Ling since they were close friends of his, but he was surprised to see that Murong Yue and Bing Yu had also tagged along.

Murong Yue was based in a city that was far away from here, so it was hard for her to have free time to come here. As for Bing Yu, it wasn't as if he and Bing Yu were close. Rather, there was some contradiction between them because of what had happened before.

Still, since they were here, it wasn't as if he would turn them away.

The other surprising person that came was the one from the Tamers Guild. It was a young Monster Trainer by the name of Chen Dong.

After Lin Fan had obtained his Monster Trainer qualifications, this young man had started following him around, asking to be trained by him. Lin Fan had always rejected him and kept him at an arm's length, but Chen Dong never gave up.

The fact that he came now was surprising since Lin Fan never thought that he would have this kind of loyalty. He should know who Lin Fan was facing, so for him to still come regardless of this…

It seemed like this Chen Dong could be raised…

To the side, Ying Ling and Dian Lun had also come to see Mo Ze Chen after hearing that he had been at the True Spirit Sect as well.

Mo Ze Chen had been silently letting Lulu treat his injuries until Ying Ling suddenly butted in and the two of them were now arguing over who would take care of him. As for Dian Lun, he just casually talked to Mo Ze Chen about what had happened.

Seeing this, Lin Fan turned to Wang Jian and asked, "How are things with the Nascent Soul Realm Experts that you sent to True Spirit Sect?"

That was the one concern that he had.

After he escaped, he was afraid that the True Spirit Sect would take their anger out on the nine experts that had come to help him.

But Wang Jian said with a smile, "What do you think? They all just came back like normal." Then with a snort, he said, "It's not as if the True Spirit Sect would dare do anything to them since that would start a war. With what happened just now, I doubt they would want to start a war right now."

The girls who had been ignored by Lin Fan were clearly unhappy to see that he was only talking to Wang Jian, so they came forward to say something. However, before they could, they were intercepted by Lin Xue.

They were surprised to see Lin Xue standing between them and Lin Fan, but it didn't take them long to realize who this Lin Xue was.

Since Lin Xue was willing to come out and greet them, naturally they wouldn't be against talking to her. After all, if they could befriend Lin Fan's sister, it would let them have a better relationship with Lin Fan.

But as for Lin Xue, there was only hostility on her mind.

How did her brother gather all these beauties in the short time that she was gone?

She couldn't allow them to get closer to her brother.

After all, her brother belonged to her.