Chapter 226: Enemies everywhere! Foreign help had arrived! Feng Qing: You are a straight man! A good day!

With the assistance of many top-ranked Castle Lords.

The leaders of the Anti-Angel Alliance were confident.

The middle-aged man instructed in a low voice, “Don’t let this matter get out, in case Lin Yi finds out and runs away before the main force of the Alliance arrives.”

“Don’t worry!”

The leaders of the castle present said that they would not reveal it.

They were telling the truth. They were not here to play. They were truly participating in this expeditionary battle. They did not want the main character to disappear before the war began.

Then wouldn’t it be a waste for them to come here?

Eliminating Lin Yi, destroying Angel Castle, capturing the Elves of the Elven Tribe……

These were the goals they wanted to achieve.

The middle-aged man looked at his friend’s information.

Then he said happily, “Boss Wang sent me a message. The main force of the Alliance is marching quickly. They will be able to reach Twin Mountain by noon tomorrow!”

“In other words.”

“As long as we survive tonight, we can attack Angel Castle tomorrow!”


All the senior Castle Lords were excited.

They were looking forward to tomorrow!

The middle-aged man stood up and looked at the distant horizon. A beam of light was spinning around him.

“That’s the Watchtower of Angel Castle. The surveillance range is ten kilometers!”

“Order them to stay away from the Alliance’s main force before they arrive, let alone cause trouble! If the war is affected and Lin Yi can’t be eliminated, it’s not as simple as kicking out of the Alliance.”


The expressions of the Castle Lords present froze.

If something like this happened, they would probably be killed.

“That’s right!”

One of the Castle Lords suddenly said, “When I came here in the afternoon, I heard the roar of a dragon about 60 kilometers away from Twin Mountain.”

“I only noticed it when I got closer……”

“It’s six adult flaming dragons hunting with a little fire dragon.”

Someone exclaimed, “All six of them were adult dragons?”

The Castle Lord nodded. “Every one of them was a king-ranked dragon. Three of them were at the peak of king-rank! But that little fire dragon’s rank wasn’t high, it was only a fifth-ranked elite.”

Someone whispered, “Are these dragons related to Angel Castle?”

“How is that possible!”

A youth next to him snickered, “Six adult king rank dragons, can Angel Castle be that strong? Besides, Lin Yi’s soldier type is an angel, not a giant dragon!”

“That’s true.”

“If nothing unexpected happens, they should be local dragons!”

The middle-aged man said, “Our castle’s dragon army isn’t that strong yet.”

Everyone agreed.

The Castle Lord smiled and said, “If they haven’t left, or if the Dragon Cave is nearby…… Once we destroy Angel Castle, we’ll gather together and kill them all!”


“King ranked adult dragons, all of them are big bosses.”

“If we kill them, we’ll get something good!”

“If a dragon’s military structure is revealed, then we’ll be rich!”

“It’s not making a fortune, it’s changing fate!”

All the senior Castle Lords present took a deep breath and looked excited.

Ever since Lin Yi auctioned off a [Skeleton Warrior] military construction blueprint, many Castle Lords wanted to kill powerful creatures to release relevant [Military Construction Blueprint].

The same was true for the senior Castle Lords.

They also wanted to reach a higher rank and become the Lord of the top castle.

They stood higher and looked further away.

“Once we destroy Lin Yi’s castle, we’ll go find those dragons.”

“Kill the dragon, drop the blueprint!”


The Castle Lords present were all extremely excited.

For them, the good days were coming soon!


Angel Castle.

Two Angel Battle Teams, the Light Legion, and a dozen Golden Gryphons that had stepped into the ninth rank all returned. Only the flaming dragons were still hunting outside with the small flame.

They were strictly following Lin Yi’s orders.

Before the little flame advanced to commander rank, they would not return with the little flame.

For their safety, Lin Yi did not need to worry at all.

After all, the six flaming dragons were all adult dragons. Three of them were at the peak of the king rank and could sweep through the wild monsters in the Dark Forest.

Even if they met a Saint-ranked magical beast, they would probably be able to escape unscathed.

After all, the dragon was a tyrant in the Dark Forest.

No local power dared to provoke the dragon, not even the saint-ranked magical beast family.

With the help of the connection with the military.

Lin Yi had already sensed that Little Flame’s strength had increased greatly.

After an afternoon of hunting, with the help of the six adult dragons, she had already advanced to the fifth-ranked elite.

“If nothing unexpected happens.”

“After the whole night of hunting, Little Flame could advance to the seventh rank! This was a benefit that belonged exclusively to the soldiers of the castle.”

By hunting a large number of wild monsters and obtaining a large amount of energy, she could quickly increase her rank.

If Little Flame had not become Lin Yi’s castle soldier, relying on her cultivation, it would take her at least a few months to advance to the seventh-ranked commander.

The longer it went, the longer it would be and the harder it would be to break through.

The local dragons of the Endless Continent had been at the peak of the king rank for hundreds of years, but they had yet to advance to Saint rank.

Castle soldiers naturally had the advantage over castle soldiers.

Otherwise, how could they fight against the local forces that had dominated the world for tens of thousands of years?

He counted his gains today.

Lin Yi summoned the Ten-Winged Angel, Katherine, and said, “The Angel Battle Team don’t have to go out hunting tonight to avoid disturbing the Castle Lords of Twin Mountain. If they escape, it won’t be good!”

“Yes, my Lord!”

Katherine bowed respectfully.

After a moment of hesitation, she said, “Almighty Lord, with our strength, we can easily destroy them! Under the suppression of the Saint Realm, none of them can escape!”

After evolving into the Ten-Winged Angel, Katherine had also advanced to Saint-rank and mastered the domain.

Although her Saint Realm was still incomplete, it was easy to suppress enemies who had not even reached king rank.

What’s more, there were two Saint-ranked warriors of the Elven race, Erica and Becky?