Chapter 227: Enemies everywhere! Foreign help had arrived! Feng Qing: You are a straight man! A good day!

Lin Yi smiled and said, “Of course, I believe in your strength, but don’t do it for now, because more Castle Lords and soldiers are coming over……”

“After killing this batch, the Castle Lords that haven’t arrived will most likely retreat.”

“My goal is to kill them all!”

“Solve the hidden danger caused by the castle lord in this forest at once.”

Lin Yi believed it.

After killing the Castle Lords of the Anti-Angel Alliance.

The other Castle Lords in the Dark Forest would understand what they should do.

If he didn’t kill them all and didn’t give the others a bloody warning, there would always be unwilling people, thinking that as long as they joined forces, they could start a war with his Angel Castle.

He wanted to use the [Anti-Angel Alliance] to deter the castle forces in the entire Dark Forest.

This would be beneficial for him to rule the Dark Forest in the future.

“So that’s how it is!”

The Ten-Winged Angel Katherine said respectfully, “I understand! Lord, don’t worry. The Angel Battle Team will kill all the enemies they have committed in the future. They won’t let any enemy escape!”

Lin Yi nodded slightly.

“Go and pray!”

“Understood, Almighty Lord~,”

After Katherine left, Lin Yi looked at the Light Legion again.

After these days of group hunting, the strength of the Light Legion had also increased.

The weakest had advanced to the sixth-ranked elite.

The most powerful light soldier had already advanced to ninth-ranked Lord.

Because they could revive the reincarnation, they did not reduce their numbers. Instead, their numbers increased.

The reason why the scale would expand.

It was related to the Goblin Tribe in the underground world.

When the Goblin Tribe’s troops were hunting dark creatures in the underground world, there was occasionally a dead Goblin.

As for the dead Goblins, the power of faith guided their souls to the castle [Holy Light Temple] and stored in the golden bosom.

Lin Yi visited the Holy Grail whenever he was free.

If there was a soul inside, he helped resurrect it for reincarnation at the cost of consuming energy stones.

That was why the size of the Light Legion could increase instead of decrease.

At present, the number of light arms was almost close to 400. They were under Lin Yi’s command and ranked second on the faction scale.

Top of the list.

It was not an angel, but a Natural Elf.

Lin Yi’s order of assembly had been sent to the Elven Tribe more than 100 kilometers away.

Tomorrow at the latest, a thousand Nature’s Elves army would arrive at Angel Castle.

They belonged to the highest rank of the Elven Tribe.

The most powerful were a few King-ranked Elven Elders and several King-ranked Nature Elves.

The weakest Nature Elf warrior had also reached the seventh-ranked commander.

Among them, the most numerous were Warriors, followed by Hunters, Mages, and Nature’s Druids.

In addition, other than the Nature Elves in the army there were Tree Elves.

There were only a dozen of them.

They were the spirits of the Elven mother tree, Olivia. They had been carefully cultivated over the years.

Their mission was to protect the Elven Tribe.

During this war, Lin Yi would transfer all the Tree people of the Elven Tribe as well.

Nothing else, just to let them gain experience and rank up!

After settling the Anti-Angel Alliance, they would attack the Goblin Kingdom……

Lin Yi believed that after these two large-scale wars, whether it was the Natural Elves, the Tree people, or the other soldiers in the castle, they could all gain a huge amount of experience and upgrade to a higher rank.

At this moment he received a friend’s message.

Lin Yi opened it and saw that it was Feng Qing’s message.

Looking at Feng Qing’s message, Lin Yi couldn’t help but sigh. This goddess, who was recognized by countless Castle Lords and rangers, had become his spy in the Alliance of the Gods.

Of course, Lin Yi also knew.

Feng Qing’s purpose in doing this was to draw in his relationship.

It paved the way for their future cooperation.

Feng Qing: “Be careful, I’ve received news that many members of our Alliance are secretly supporting the Anti-Angel Alliance! I sold some top soldiers to the Anti-Angel Alliance at a low price.”

“My preliminary estimate.”

“The Anti-Angel Alliance has about four hundred top-ranked troops.”

“This doesn’t count as the support of the other alliances!”

“Lin Yi, I feel like something big is about to happen!”

Lin Yi smiled.

Something big? What could happen?

Once his [Sky City] appeared, even if tens of thousands of top-ranked soldiers would gather they would all be wiped out.

Lin Yi: “Selling the castle’s soldiers, indirectly supporting them across distance, this kind of method can be thought of. Talent!”

Feng Qing: “I feel like you’re not worried at all.”

Lin Yi, “What should I worry about? The first members of the Anti-Angel Alliance have already gathered in Twin Mountain. If I want to end this war, I will do it now.”

Feng Qing: “Shock (expression)! Do you think I don’t know? Are you trying to capture the Anti-Angel Alliance?”

Lin Yi: “Not bad!”

Feng Qing: “That’s an admission? Aren’t you afraid that I’ll tell them about your intentions?”

When he sent this message, Feng Qing was in a good mood.

She believed that she had gained Lin Yi’s trust.

Otherwise, why would Lin Yi tell her this secret?

However, the next second, she was so angry that she gritted her teeth.

“Since I dare to tell you, I’m sure you don’t dare to reveal it! If you dare to ruin my plan, I’ll kill my way to Kalami Prairie and push your Golden Capital. I’ll also give you a free return ticket. Why don’t you give it a try?”

Lin Yi: “You are a straight man of steel, do you know?”

Feng Qing went offline on the spot.

But after a while, she went online again. “Don’t die! I still hope that in the future, we will establish a dynasty and will work together to attack the local empire in the central region!”

Lin Yi read the message.

He didn’t know what to reply to, so he simply turned it off.

This night passed very quickly.

At least for Lin Yi, he had a good sleep.

As soon as someone raised his eyes, the sky outside the window lit up.

The golden rays of dawn spilled over Angel Castle, covering the white and holy castle with a golden glow.

“Today is a good day!”