Chapter 225: Enemies everywhere! Foreign help had arrived! Feng Qing: You are a straight man! A good day!

Time passed.

Soon, it was evening.

More and more Anti-Angel Alliance members gathered near Twin Mountain.

The number had already exceeded three hundred.

The total number of soldiers under their command was nearly 20,000.

On average, each member of the Anti-Employer Alliance brought around fifty to sixty flying soldiers.

He looked over.

Near Twin Mountain, there were flying soldiers everywhere.

High above, on the ground, in the Dark Forest, all sorts of flying soldiers gathered.

The scale was so huge that even the wild monsters in the Dark Forest did not dare to approach.

The members of the Anti-Angel Alliance, on average did not bring many of the 50 to 60 flying soldiers. Most of them were mid-ranked Castle Lords, and a few were high-ranked Castle Lords.

Due to the weakness of the military.

They could recruit more soldiers every day.

At this stage, the Castle Lord with hundreds of soldiers had also appeared.

Comparatively speaking.

The top-ranked Castle Lord had the least number of soldiers.

This was the disadvantage of a top-ranked Castle Lord.

Of course, the members of the Anti-Angel Alliance who participated in the expeditionary battle could not be recruited because they had not stayed in the castle for the past few days.

In other words, they wasted a few days of recruitment opportunities.

“If I hadn’t been involved in this war, the number of soldiers under my command would have reached three hundred!”

“I can recruit more than 50 horned eagles every day, but because I came here to gather, I couldn’t recruit them, and I suffered heavy losses!”

“What are you talking about? Which of us isn’t the same?”

“Aren’t the leaders of our Alliance unable to recruit soldiers?”


“Brothers, don’t worry about the gains and losses!”

“As long as we eliminate Lin Yi and breakthrough Angel Castle, the entire Dark Forest will belong to us! Compared to the reward, what is wasting a few days of recruitment?”

“Once this war is won, our Anti-Angel Alliance will be the crownless king of the Dark Forest!”

“Destroy all the disobedient castles!”

“At that time, we will be able to obtain a large number of resources. Not only will we be able to upgrade the castle, but we will also be able to upgrade the military structure to a higher rank and recruit more soldiers.”

“The loss now is only for the greater reward in the future!”

“It is said that there are thousands of Nature Elves in the Elven tribe that Lin Yi conquered! When the time comes, we will capture all of them and we’ll split them into a few members!”

“Nature Elf…… Tsk……”

“Such a top-ranked soldier, yet another Native Elf…… Let’s not talk about keeping it, even if we sell it, we can make up for our losses!”

“Can soldiers be sold?”

“What can’t be sold on the Super Space Trading Channel?”

“As long as you can afford the price, our Alliance’s boss, Black Brother, will still sell one or two of his Dark Dragons to you, alive……”

“Shit! Only now do I know that even soldiers can be sold!”

“Hey…… Didn’t you know that there were special middlemen in the trading area? They buy the soldiers of other Castle Lords and then sell them to those who need them.”

“How can we solve the problem of soldier loyalty?”

“Once it’s in the trading area, the loyalty of the soldiers will return to zero! If you want to buy a soldier, you can only find a way to increase their loyalty.”

“Although the loyalty of the soldiers starts from scratch, as long as the radish increases its stick, it’s still very simple to increase the loyalty to more than 60 points!”

“As a human, you have endless potential. You can think of any move!”

“Indeed, it’s too awesome!”

On the top of Twin Mountain, a group of senior Castle Lords gathered here.

A middle-aged man dressed in simple equipment said in a low voice, “I heard that one of the leaders of the Alliance, Brother Wang, is the one with the top soldier, the stone giant……”

“He not only contacted Boss Black.”

“He even got the support of a group of top soldiers!”


The surrounding Castle Lord’s eyes lit up. “How did you know?”

The middle-aged man smiled and said, “Of course, there is a source! I also know that most of the top-ranked soldiers that came here are from the All Gods Alliance.”


Someone inhaled and was shocked.

Then he said excitedly, “No wonder the Elder King is so confident. Even if he knew that Lin Yi had conquered the Elven Tribe, he still insisted on starting the Alliance. He has found external help!”

“That’s a top-ranked soldier. They have the potential to advance to Saint-rank, how could they bear to do so?”

“What’s there to be reluctant about?”

The middle-aged man said, “It’s not like all of them are coming out. Each of them is helping a few of them. That’s a lot! Besides, what is the original intention of all Gods Alliance? Wasn’t it to suppress Lin Yi? Now that our Alliance has gathered together and would besiege Angel Castle, what reason do they have not to support us?”

A young man laughed, “I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do it, but now it seems that Lin Yi will die!”

“Victory belongs to us!”

The middle-aged man said, “Our Alliance is not a lonely hero. There are many top-ranked Castle Lords secretly supporting us! They all wish for Lin Yi to be eliminated by us!”


Hearing this, the Castle Lords agreed.

After all, who else was afraid of Lin Yi other than the Castle Lords in the Dark Forest?

Of course, it was the top Castle Lords!

If Lin Yi did not die, they would not be able to sleep.

Even if they couldn’t kill Lin Yi, they had to think of a way to push Angel’s Castle away. They had to break Lin Yi’s castle heart and make him lose his identity as the Castle’s Lord.

After becoming a ranger, Lin Yi was also not a threat to them.

That was why it seemed like the Anti-Angel Alliance was fighting alone.

However, in reality, many top-ranked Castle Lords in other regions were secretly supporting them.

Their castle was too far away from the Dark Forest.

They could not participate in this war.

However, they also used all sorts of methods, such as supporting top-ranked soldiers, to help the Anti-Angel Alliance win this war.

This was also why the Anti-Angel Alliance’s expedition had not stopped.