Chapter 224: Army Gathers Twin Mountain! The prelude to war! Lin Yi’s plan! The future Red Dragon Queen!

However, it made the six King ranked Flaming Dragons tremble and become even more reverent.


The little fire dragon roared again, very excited.

It spread out its dragon wings which were several meters long.

From being slow to using force, he finally flapped his wings crazily and flew into the sky with a gust of wind.


The little fire dragon was extremely excited as it hovered in the air.

Like an instinct, it swooped down and flew into the distant forest.

As he flew, he spat out flames.

Along the way, dozens of trees were lit.

The trees were quickly burned to ashes by the flames of the dragon’s breath.

Looking down from the sky, one could see that there was a charred path that flew away in the direction of the little flame dragon.

“Bring it back!”

Lin Yi looked at the flaming dragon Abelard.

“As you command, my Lord~,”

Abel immediately flapped his wings and charged into the sky.

A few minutes later, it dragged the Fire dragon’s subordinate and dragged the happy little Dragon King back.


The little fire dragon was angry.

A blazing dragon breath fireball shot out at the thick legs of the Flaming Dragon.

The dragon breath fireball exploded into sparks.

The Flaming Dragon Abel was unharmed.

The little Fire Dragon’s strength was simply too low. The dragon’s aura did not cause any harm to Abelard, so he could ignore it.


The little fire dragon was even more dissatisfied.

He struggled desperately against the claws of the flaming dragon.

He then roared as if he was ordering the other Flaming Dragons to attack Abelard.

It was a pity.

The Flaming Dragons were all prostrating on the ground.

They ignored its orders.

There was a muffled bang.

The little fire dragon struggled free from the flaming dragon’s claws and landed in front of Lin Yi.

He saw a human standing in front of him.

It reflexively prepared to spit out dragon breath to attack Lin Yi.


Lin Yi cast a sidelong glance at it, a syllable coming from her nose.


The little fire dragon seemed to have reacted.

He shrunk his neck in fear and immediately shut her mouth.

Then she forcefully swallowed the dragon breath back, and a growl came from his throat.

“Ooh, ~~”

The little fire dragon put away its dragon wings.

She kept wagging his tail at Lin Yi like a newborn puppy trying to curry favor with his master.

Moreover, it was extremely treacherous.

He tried to curry favor with Lin Yi.

He pointed at his butt with his fat paws and pointed at the flaming dragon, Abelard. It was as if he was complaining to Lin Yi that Abelard was hurting his butt.

Lin Yi ignored it and opened its information list.

[Flame Dragon — Unnamed].

[Current Growth Status: Young Body].

[Rank: Third].

[Loyalty: 100 points (Dead Loyalty)].

[Growth Potential Limit: Demigod-rank Flaming Dragon].

[Special Reminder: This is a little fire dragon that will grow into a dragon king of the Flaming Dragon lineage. It is worth the Castle Lord’s attention to nurture and display its value!].

“Demigod potential!”

“Infant form, third rank.”

“It is indeed comparable to the Winged Angels!”

Lin Yi nodded.

Having the potential to grow from birth was already pretty good among the dragons.

Even as one of the powerful races of the Endless Continent, the dragon race did not say that the gods were everywhere.

As for the dragon that had the potential of a True God at birth, it could be said that it did not exist.

True God-ranked dragons all relied on postnatal cultivation to advance.

For native creatures, becoming a God was an extremely difficult task.

That was because they had shackles on their realms.

Every breakthrough was extremely difficult.

Even a dragon that had the potential to reach demigod rank didn’t have to be a demigod in the future.

Many dragons with such potential could not pass the trial of igniting the Divine Flame.

The little Fire Dragon was different.

Now, it became Lin Yi’s castle army.

In the future, as long as it could obtain more energy points than peak Saint-rank, ignite its Divine Flame, and become a demigod, it would be a success. There would be no shackles to its cultivation.

As for those who wanted to advance to peak Demigod-rank, or even condense their godhood to become a Divine system.

Then it could only rely on his efforts.

Perhaps Lin Yi would help it to use the evolution blueprint to increase its growth potential.

Lin Yi used his foot to pluck away the little fire dragon that was rubbing his pants leg and said, “From now on, your name will be Little Flame. When you are promoted to a Saint-ranked dragon one day, you will have your real name!”


Little Flame nodded.

Then, it ran over to Lin Yi’s trouser legs with joy.

Lin Yi’s lips twitched.

Although this little thing’s loyalty was at least a hundred points, it was too joyful and very close to him. It was very annoying to kick him away and even run over and over his pants.

Lin Yi asked, “Are you male or female?”

Little Flame tilted her head and looked at Lin Yi. Her golden vertical pupils blinked.

It didn’t know how to speak.

Lin Yi, on the other hand, kicked it over.

Little Flame let out a wail of grievance.

“Oh, Mother Superior!”

Lin Yi found her much more pleasing to the eye.

He summoned the flaming dragon Abelard and said, “The rest of you, take your future Red Dragon Queen out to hunt and raise her level! In addition, the hunting area avoids the Twin Mountain in the southeast.”

“Understood, Almighty Lord~,”

Abelard and the other five Flaming Dragons nodded respectfully.

They were prepared to take Little Flame away.

However, Little Flame was unwilling.

It had rough skin and thick flesh. It didn’t hurt even after being kicked by Lin Yi. Instead, it became even closer to Lin Yi.

It held Lin Yi’s pants in its mouth and wagged its tail, refusing to leave.

Lin Yi then grabbed it by the tail and threw it into the sky with one hand.

“Don’t come back until you reach the commander rank!”


Little Flame immediately ‘wailed’.

In the end, she was dragged by the flaming dragon. Abelard and the five dragons escorted her towards the forest.