"That's because your body is more important! "You can't be so careless in the future. If it gets too serious, you won't even make it in time to regret it." Old Hu had a serious face, Su Fei nodded, he had received his instruction.

"Haven't you been paying attention to your diet lately? You often eat cold food? " Old Hu asked again, regaining his gentle tone.

"No, because my aunt came earlier, she had been very careful with her food. She didn't even eat any seafood." Su Fei tried to explain for herself, but she also thought that it was strange.

"Then... This is very strange. Normally, if you have a stomachache for a long time, it must be related to your usual habits. Since it's not a diet … "

Old Hu scratched his chin and thought, but Su Fei did not dare to say anything.

He suddenly remembered that when he was flipping through Su Fei's diary, he found some strange toys. Could it be that those toys were … To satisfy himself?

"Xiao Fei, let me ask you some private questions. Just answer them truthfully, don't feel embarrassed." Old Hu coughed lightly and tried his best to act serious. However, he was extremely curious in his heart.

He knew that Zhao Yali liked to use his hands, but he was not sure if Su Fei liked it or not, but he really wanted to know the answer.

Su Fei nodded and replied hesitantly, "Go ahead and ask."

She was afraid that the questions asked by the Old Hu would make her feel extremely awkward, such as whether she had any relationship with Huang Hailong or if she had any relationship with other men.

"Don't worry, I'm here to help you understand your illness. We can only cure it if we know the cause." Old Hu smiled, soothing his nervousness.

"Just say it, I'm fine." Su Fei's gentle voice floated past Old Hu's heart, and easily stirred the impulse in his heart.

"Do you have yourself... "Hmm, that's the one?" Old Hu's question was also very tactful, it was not as direct as when he was asking Zhao Yali.

"What?" Su Fei was stupefied, she did not know what Old Hu was saying.

I thought she would understand, but this time it's Old Hu's turn to feel embarrassed. He scratched the back of his head, "I was just feeling satisfied …" Physiological Needs... "

With that, Su Fei's face immediately turned red. "Un …"

Old Hu never thought that she would actually admit that he had used it before.

This answer made Old Hu a little excited and he continued to ask, "Then should we use our hands or?"

"Sometimes I can use my hands, and sometimes I can use some toys …" Su Fei's voice was especially soft, but it just so happened that even the Old Hu could hear him clearly.

Maybe it was because she was too shy. After Su Fei finished speaking, she covered half of her face with the blanket, and didn't dare look Old Hu in the eye.

This was a very private question, yet he had to share it with a man. It was a bit embarrassing.

"So it's like that. It's fine. There's nothing to be embarrassed about. We're all adults, so it's normal for us to have some physical needs." The Old Hu quickly comforted her, and then said, "If you keep suppressing it, it will be counterproductive. It can also lead to endocrinopathy, or an imbalance in hormone secretion."

"It's that serious." Su Fei was very curious, "Then does everyone do it like that?"

"More or less. Actually, everyone is the same. They're all just ordinary people. Unless they have a family background, they might not have any desires."

In fact, in the Old Hu's heart, he felt that even if it was those outlaws, they might not be able to do it without any desires, and did not consider emotions and desires.

But then he added with a smile, "Of course, those with lovers will be much better."

Su Fei also laughed, "Can that man also do that?"

Old Hu nodded his head, "That's right, men's desires are much more exuberant than women's. In a situation where they don't have a partner, this is the only solution."

When most men were young, they would do this, right? Otherwise, who would they go to?

"No wonder Huang Hailong wanted to kidnap me before." Su Fei muttered, but after sensing the Old Hu's gaze, she quickly added, "Fortunately, I did not agree to it."

"Yeah, although it's normal for couples to do this sort of thing before, girls still have to be careful. After all, Chinese people are still very traditional." The Old Hu was like an experienced person, but he only had his own selfish intent, and did not want to see Su Fei being taken over by another man before him.

Such a superior delicacy, of course he had to first taste it himself.

"Indeed. Even though I liked him a lot, I don't think I've reached this stage yet. But the fact is, I didn't agree to his request!" Thinking about Huang Hailong, that trash of a man, Su Fei became a little agitated.

"It's all in the past now. You just have to rub your eyes in the future, but not all men are like him. There are still many good men in this world. You have to find out for yourself."

Old Hu also didn't want Su Fei to be too wary of men. Wouldn't that mean that she herself wouldn't have any chance in the future?

"Yes, you're right. I think you're a good man." Su Fei's sudden praise of the Old Hu caught him off guard.

"Hehe, Xiao Fei, then what kind of situation are you in normally … Yours? " Old Hu brought up the topic again.

"That's right. Sometimes when I watch a movie, there will be intimate scenes where I feel itchy and my body will be hot. I feel like I need to expel something." Su Fei answered Old Hu very seriously, but she didn't know that her secret had been completely exposed.

"Then do you watch some island action films?" Old Hu smiled and looked at Su Fei mysteriously.

Su Fei nodded with a reddened face. This caused Old Hu's heart to surge even more, because it was usually men who liked to see it. It wasn't that girls didn't like to see it either, it was just that they couldn't find it.

"When you're watching a movie, do you use your hands or your toys?"

"Mm …" Su Fei felt that Old Hu's questions were getting more and more exposed, so he was too embarrassed to even say a single word.

"Does it feel different to using your hands and toys?" The Old Hu was curious, what would girls feel when they do that kind of thing?

"The feeling is indeed different. If you use your hands, it will be very warm and also more agile. It will be able to control the position of the sensitive parts on its own. However, if he used a toy, it would be a bit harder. Although it was more difficult to find a sensitive spot, but he could enter a bit deeper … More Satisfactory... "

These replies really made Old Hu a little surprised. He never thought that the pure looking female university teacher would have such rich experience! He even said it all out in one go.

Su Fei spoke too carefully, and a beautiful scene appeared in front of his eyes.

Su Fei lied on the bed naked, island action films were playing in front of him. As she consoled herself with her hands, she moaned, or picked up those toys, and slid them deep into her body …