Thinking about it, Old Hu's mouth became parched. She really wanted to let Su Fei have a try at it right now, to see how powerful a real man was.

"Then, did you not manage to control yourself during those few days?" Old Hu asked.

"Once in the last two days … But I used a condom... " Su Fei answered honestly, but she felt that her stomach pain had nothing to do with it.

Then we'll find out the reason. It must be because of some bacterial infection during the process. Don't you have a stomachache?" "It's also the exact position of the uterus." "Old Hu seriously stared at Sophie. "This isn't something that can be avoided by using a condom. Girls need to avoid sex before and after the end of their physiological period. Although you aren't with a man, you can get infected by special blood.

The Old Hu then spouted nonsense, but there was a certain theory, girls could not have sex until the aunt was completely clean.

"Then what should we do?" Su Fei was a little regretful. If she had known earlier, she would not have been like that, how could she have been able to resist!

"It's fine, I'll get you some anti-inflammatory medicine specially for women tomorrow. You'll be fine after a few days, don't be afraid, there shouldn't be any big problems." Old Hu patted Su Fei's head, signalling for her not to be nervous.

"En, that's good. Thank you, sir. You treat me so well. My stomach no longer hurts." Su Fei said bashfully.

"Then rest early, everything will be fine after a night's rest." Old Hu got up and tucked Su Fei in, then walked out of the room.

"Great sir, where are you going?" Su Fei hurriedly asked, thinking that the Old Hu was about to leave.

"I'm going to the bathroom. You go to sleep." Old Hu closed the door without looking back.

He was just being burned by Su Fei's desire to sleep. She could have slept soundly, but he could not sleep soundly. He had to take care of this matter for now.

Old Hu entered the bathroom and locked the door from Su Fei's embarrassment.

He found Su Fei's underwear and sniffed it, imagining Su Fei's beautiful body, and then took a whiff.

The scene ended very quickly, because Su Fei's description was too thrilling, it was as if he had seen it with her own eyes.

By the time she returned to her bedroom, Su Fei was already asleep.

In the early morning, he felt that something was happening on his bed and could not help but open his eyes. He thought that Su Fei was feeling uncomfortable again.

But as he watched, she realized that something was wrong. This time, not only did Su Fei curl up together, her body was also shaking. It caused the bed to creak. Although the sound was not loud, it was very regular.

Even if she was in pain, she wouldn't be like this.

Old Hu soon understood. It was most likely that Little Girl had not slept for a long time, and her desire had come, to vent the flames on herself!

The Old Hu continued to pretend to be asleep. He could only hear Su Fei beginning to pant, but he was suppressing himself, probably afraid that the Old Hu would hear a sound.

After listening for a while, Old Hu's blood started to boil and her body felt very hot. She couldn't help but lift up her blanket, but this small action caused Su Fei to wake up.

"Great sir!"

"Great sir!"

In order to confirm whether Old Hu was asleep, she continuously called out a few times, but Old Hu continued to pretend to be asleep and did not answer. If he answered, Su Fei would definitely feel awkward, and would not continue. If he did that, how would he be able to watch the show?

Seeing that there was no reaction from the Old Hu, Su Fei finally relaxed and continued with her work.

Su Fei's voice was getting louder and louder, becoming more and more enticing. Old Hu felt like he could no longer continue pretending, and really wanted to climb onto the bed to play with her.

He was thinking that Little Waves must have gotten himself into a fire just now, so he wanted to vent.

After a while, Su Fei was still moving crazily, but because sshe was afraid of waking Old Hu up, he was still unhappy.

In the end she couldn't get enough, so she got up and pulled back the covers and went out onto the balcony.

Old Hu watched her back as she left. Her pajamas were pulled so tight that it was creased, and his hair was messy.

Thinking about it again and again, he really didn't want to miss out on such an exciting scene, so he simply followed her quietly. Su Fei directly ran to the balcony, but didn't turn on the lights.

In the darkness, the Old Hu had also followed and hid behind the curtains so that Su Fei wouldn't find out, but he could see everything clearly.

Su Fei took out his phone, and on it, a very alluring scene played out. Although Old Hu could not see the position clearly, he could still hear the female lead's soft moans, one after another, extremely capturing.

Su Fei watched for a while, and then used both hands to caress her body, especially her chest, it looked like she was using a lot of strength, maybe it was not enough.

Then she went down.

Her legs tightened as her body constantly twisted. It was a very torturous yet enjoyable experience.

Su Fei lifted her nightgown, and directly took off her underwear to her ankles.

Old Hu thought, isn't this woman too shameless? She didn't even have a man to do it, and I can do it myself.

Su Fei leaned against the wall, slightly lifted her head, and opened the toy up. She first massaged her chest for a while.

The toy was originally very clear, but after that it became a low sound. Su Fei leaned on the wall, one hand continuing to rub her chest, the other holding onto the toy as she moved.

Her frequency became faster and faster, her body also started to shake faster and faster. Old Hu kept on swallowing, the speed of her hands also increased, and she even closed her eyes, imagining Su Fei right under her.

He never thought that Su Fei would be so hungry and thirsty, furthermore, she hadn't been satisfied for so long.

If that was the case, then normal men simply wouldn't be able to satisfy Su Fei. Against such a great beauty like Su Fei, not many men would be able to hold on for long.

Thinking about it this way, Old Hu felt extremely confident.

The two of them got faster and faster, Su Fei could not help but let out a loud and charming sound, louder than before, not afraid of being heard by others at all.