"You could say that I haven't met anyone who truly loves me …" Su Fei sighed, feeling helpless, and a little sad.

How she longed for a man to appear, to embrace her, to understand her, to love her.

However, things like love had to be determined by fate.

"Great sir, you're still the same old saying. You're so young and beautiful, there's no need to be anxious. If you want to find any one of them, you might as well wait for your chosen one." Old Hu made the last suggestion, which Su Fei also heard. He stood up and said, "That's right, Master, what you said is right. I'll dry your clothes a bit more, don't get wet tomorrow. "

After Su Fei finished speaking, she turned her sexy butt and walked into the bedroom.

Looking at her gentle profile, wearing a black knit pajamas, wrapping her body up in a way that made her even more attractive.

The curve of her chest was indistinct, causing Old Hu to be unable to resist gulping a mouthful of saliva.

Her collar was a little loose, revealing a large piece of fair skin. Her body was also emitting the fragrance of Jasmine, which made Old Hu want to hug her.

Then, he wanted to kiss her from top to bottom. As he thought, Old Hu's crotch started to straighten up.

"Ahh, grandpa, I feel that it's about time. It's getting late, why don't we rest early?" Su Fei suddenly stopped and walked towards Old Hu.

He was too embarrassed to let Su Fei see her body's reaction, so he quickly took a pillow and placed it on her waist, then leaned back on the sofa.

"Um, Xiao Fei, if you want to sleep, then go to sleep. I'm fine sleeping here, I want to watch TV." The Old Hu pretended to be calm and said.

"Ah?" "How can I do that? No way, you have to go to the bedroom and sleep. You'll catch cold here." Su Fei immediately shook her head, "Ah, so it's like that. You watch the TV first, I'll go in and clean up before calling you in to sleep."

With that, Su Fei turned and entered the bedroom, busily making the bed, looking very virtuous.

Old Hu's heart warmed, this kind of woman was what he needed.

When he saw Su Fei bringing her quilt to the ground, he hurriedly ran over, "Xiao Fei, you sleep on the bed, I'll sleep on the floor. You are a girl, you can't catch cold."

Su Fei stood in place and thought, and seeing that Old Hu was so resolute, she could only agree.

"Alright, I'll be troubling you then." After that, the Old Hu took down the blanket and laid it down.

"Great sir, do you still want to watch TV?" "Why don't we just go straight to sleep?" Su Fei suggested.

"That's fine, I'm a bit tired too." Old Hu went out to turn off the lights and television, then lay down quietly in bed, ready to sleep.

Su Fei laid on her bed quietly, not saying a word for a long time. Old Hu was excited to be alone in a room, she had been unable to sleep all night. She wanted to talk to Su Fei, but she felt that she had fallen asleep.

Seeing the darkness outside the window and smelling the fragrance of the lavender in the room, Old Hu gradually started to fall asleep. Just as he was about to fall asleep, he heard the person on the bed flipping over and even made a charming noise.

He subconsciously looked at the bed and saw that Su Fei had a frown on her small face, as if she was in great discomfort.

An aunt?

Old Hu suspected but did not know how to ask.

After a while, Su Fei turned around and called out softly once more. Old Hu finally could not hold it in anymore.

"Xiao Fei, are you alright?" In the silence of the room, his voice was exceptionally loud, like a clap of thunder.

"Uncle …" "Are you awake? Did I wake you up?" Su Fei's voice was apologetic but it still sounded a little weak. She thought that she had made too much noise and woke the Old Hu up.

"No, I haven't fallen asleep yet. Are you feeling unwell?" Old Hu sat up, obviously very worried.

"I have a stomachache, but it's fine. I'll be fine in a moment." Su Fei replied, "It's getting late, please rest. I still have to go to work tomorrow, so I will try to be quiet."

"This child, why did he not say anything? I'll go get you some hot water." Old Hu immediately stood up and walked out.

Arriving at the kitchen, Old Hu familiarly found brown sugar and ginger. Using these two ingredients to make water, even if one did not have dysmenorrhea, it would still warm the stomach, and no matter what stomachache, it would still ease up a little.

After tossing and turning for around ten minutes, Old Hu returned to his room with a piece of hot roasted ginger water. He found Su Fei still curled up into a ball on the bed, and he did not recover.

"Come on, drink this. I'll help you massage it later." Old Hu walked over and helped Su Fei up.

Su Fei tasted it, and her mouth was flat, not wanting to drink it, "Uncle, it's so hot, and it's even a little spicy."

"It's fine, it's only going to be useful if you drink it like this. Be good and finish it as soon as you bear with it. That cola is so delicious, it's not going to be useful at all." Old Hu acted as if he was coaxing a child, coaxing Su Fei to drink the large bowl of Red Sugar Ginger Water.

"How do you feel?" Old Hu put the bowl to the side and stared at Su Fei's smiling face.

"My stomach is hot. I feel a little better." Su Fei touched his stomach, and smiled at Old Hu.

"Alright then, come and lie down. I'll give you a massage." Old Hu felt a lot better seeing Su Fei's expression, and his heart felt a lot more at ease.

Su Fei laid down obediently and let Old Hu's big hands rub on his stomach.

The man's palm was warm to begin with. The Old Hu itself was brimming with firepower, so it was as warm as a small stove.

After a few rounds, Su Fei no longer felt pain in her stomach, but she didn't want Old Hu to stop. The feeling of being cared for was truly very enjoyable.

"How is it? Are you feeling better?" Old Hu asked, feeling that both of his hands were sore.

"Mm …" But it still hurts. " Su Fei looked at him, blushing.

How could Old Hu stop after failing to cure the patient?

The atmosphere was quiet and awkward. He cleared his throat and looked at Su Fei seriously.

"Hmm, I don't know why, but ever since my first aunt had ended, she had been in intermittent pain. Before, it was only pain for a bit, but today it hurts a bit longer. Maybe it's from being drenched in water …" Su Fei felt that she had caught a cold, so she didn't think too much about it.

"Many days?" Old Hu looked up at her.

"Well, almost a week." Su Fei never thought about it too much and thought that it was just a side effect of her aunt.

"You should pay more attention to that, kid. Why didn't you tell me? I was just showing you." Old Hu scolded, then took the initiative to feel Su Fei's pulse.

"I think it's not that serious. I think we should be able to hold on for a bit longer …" Su Fei was a little wronged. She had been too busy these days and couldn't care about her body at all.

People said that if you didn't work hard when you were young, you would only have regrets when you were old.