"Alright, no buts. Go sleep, I'm going to sleep too." Old Hu was the first to lie down on the sofa, acting like a scoundrel. However, Su Fei also didn't leave, she only sat quietly at the side, accompanying Old Hu to continue watching TV.

"Xiao Fei, I feel that something is amiss with you. Has something happened recently?" After being silent for a while, the Old Hu couldn't help but break the silence. He felt that Su Fei was very bored, and not as lively as before.

"I... "It's nothing." Su Fei wanted to say something but hesitated, as though she felt that it had nothing to do with the Old Hu.

"Why are you still being so courteous with me? It seems like you really don't think of me as your own person. Then why am I still staying here? I think it's better if I leave!" Although Old Hu's temper was good, he was actually a little anxious. Why did Su Fei stutter, and why didn't he say it?

Seeing that Old Hu wanted to leave, Su Fei pulled him back, "Uncle, I'm leaving!"

Old Hu turned around and sat back down, "When did it happen?"

His expression was very calm, but she was secretly happy. Su Fei had finally broken up with that trash of a man! This proved that he would have hope soon! At the very least, Su Fei would not only be able to see him, she would also be able to see the silent sacrifice that the Old Hu had made.

"More than a week has passed since then. I have forgotten the specifics." Su Fei scratched her head, looking a little agitated.

"Why did they suddenly break up?" Old Hu asked, that was the main point, previously his advice was useless, how did he suddenly see through Huang Hailong?

"Sigh, this matter... "It's a long story …" Su Fei looked at Old Hu and sighed, then began to narrate her story from one week ago.

Because the two of them had always been at odds with each other and had never gotten rid of it, Su Fei had a very bad attitude towards Huang Hailong. However, Huang Hailong kept wanting to save Su Fei by giving him gifts and apologizing and swindling her into making a marriage proposal in public!

Seeing this, she thought that Huang Hailong might have really changed his mind. She thought to give him another chance, so the two of them reached an agreement.

When he proposed marriage, Huang Hailong gave her a huge diamond ring that was especially valuable. Su Fei didn't want it, but Huang Hailong insisted that it was his own kind intentions, so she could only accept it.

The two of them were together again. Although Huang Hailong was no longer working here, he would come here often to pick his up and send his off.

But one night, she had a fever of almost 40 degrees and her entire person was almost unconscious. She wanted Huang Hailong to come and take her to the hospital, but no matter what, she couldn't make a phone call. However, she had no other choice but to keep on calling. In the end, the call connected, but no one said anything. There was a huge commotion over there.

"Kiss one!" Sea dragon, Danielle, kiss me! "Kiss one!" Many people shouted out, and the name they shouted caused Su Fei to wake up. Sea Dragon was Huang Hailong, then who was Dany?

Before this, Huang Hailong said that her father was sick, and that he was always accompanying his in the hospital, so for a few days, she did not come to find Su Fei. She often could not contact him, but when he thought about how he was taking care of his family, Su Fei felt relieved.

However, he was clearly in the hospital, so why was there the sound of a KTV?

She thought for a moment that there was something deceptive about it.

"Hello? Speak! Huang Hailong, speak! " Su Fei shouted, but there was no response. They were still bustling about, but Su Fei's tears were almost flowing down.

She was angry and sad. He had clearly promised that he would never have anything to do with another woman, never to play any more games. What could this phone prove?

If she were to directly interrogate Huang Hailong, she would definitely not admit it, so Su Fei decided to look for evidence on her own. At that time, he would put all the evidence in front of him and see what else he had to say.

She had heard Huang Hailong talk about a few night clubs that he loved to go to before, but Su Fei had never been there. She did not know where he was, so she looked around one by one and finally found Huang Hailong at 1 in the morning.

At that time, he was having a glass of wine with a large wave of beautiful women, and they were extremely intimate. Many people around them were jeering and thinking that they were a pair.

In the end, a dog couldn't stop itself from eating feces. Huang Hailong's debauchery couldn't be reversed!

She rushed over, picked up a cup of wine and poured it on Huang Hailong's body.

Huang Hailong wanted to explain to Su Fei, but she didn't want to give him any chances, because the number of times he had forgiven his was too many!

What was even more laughable was that Dany still stood up and asked Su Fei who exactly was she, and whether she was Xiao San or not. Su Fei smiled and was too lazy to explain.

She took out the diamond ring from her bag and handed it over to Huang Hailong, saying that they should stop conversing with each other from now on.

Seeing that she was not giving him any face, Huang Hailong immediately changed his face and laughed extremely arrogantly, "Did you see that?! This fool actually thought that this was a precious diamond ring!"

When the surrounding people saw this, they also started laughing out loud, especially Dany. She stood up and pointed at Su Fei's nose while cursing, "Who do you think you are? Could a seadragon buy you a diamond ring? Watch carefully! This is the real deal, the one with you is just a piece of cake! "

As Dany spoke, she waved her finger. The pink diamond was so dazzling that it almost blinded Su Fei.

Huang Hailong glanced at her provocatively and threw the diamond ring far away. No one knew where he went in the darkness.

Su Fei didn't know how she came out of the bar. The love that she was so proud of had turned into foam, the diamond ring that she never dared to touch was actually used by others as a tool to tease her. She felt that her life was just a joke that no one could make up for.

So even now, she still couldn't walk out of the shadow of that day.

Old Hu felt sorry for her after hearing her story. He had already said that Huang Hailong was a trash of a man, but she didn't believe it! Being injured like this really made his heart ache and his head hurt!

However, the most important thing right now was to comfort Su Fei, "The wicked one has their retribution, he will definitely have his retribution, Xiao Fei, there is no need to be so sad, the heavens are only afraid of you falling into his trap, so I let you see his true appearance in advance, why are you not coming out? The one who should be regretting it is him! "

The Old Hu said while patting her shoulder, also had a certain amount of effect.

"You are so beautiful, so outstanding, there are many people who are better than him, and yet you are worried that you won't be able to find someone who truly loves you? Think of him as a dog. Would you bite him back if he bit you? There is no secondary reason for us to get angry at him, nor is there any need to hurt our souls because of him! " The Old Hu's words were logical but Su Fei felt much more comfortable after hearing them.