"Oh, so it's like that. It's fine, it shouldn't be hard to do." Old Hu picked up the shower and looked at it. He felt that it was blocked but cleared up a bit, so it was still useless.

That should be the problem with the water pipe. Old Hu walked to the water pipe on the side and found that there was indeed something wrong.

"Xiao Fei, do you have any pincers or wrenches? Bring them over to me. I'll be useful later." The Old Hu earnestly inspected and instructed Su Fei to be her assistant. She knew her own home well and didn't need the Old Hu to do anything.

Very quickly, Su Fei took out all the tools. Old Hu began to seriously practice the water pipe, but at the last moment, when it was almost done, Old Hu twisted the switch and the water pipe suddenly burst open!

The Old Hu squatted right in front while Su Fei stood behind him. Both of them were drenched in the water.

"Pu pu pu — —" Su Fei spat out saliva, feeling that the smell of the running water was really unpleasant. She wiped her face, feeling that it was too stimulating just now.

The water pipe was still spraying water, and the Old Hu was drenched from head to toe, but he still held onto the water pipe tightly, not letting it spurt out any more, but the results were not obvious.

Seeing that it was extremely taxing on Old Hu, Su Fei did not know what to do, but instead, she spun in place, and in the end, it was Old Hu who said, "Xiao Fei, quickly go and close your water lock, quickly!"

"Oh, yes! I'll go right now! " Su Fei started to run out. She did not know if it was because he lacked experience in life, or if he was truly stunned, but in short, she was silly and was a little cute. Although Old Hu was sprayed with water, she was not angry at all.

Su Fei closed the water lock and the water pipe was fine. Old Hu got up and took off his drenched jacket and shook his hair. Su Fei walked in and felt very bad to see Old Hu acting in such a manner. It was all because she was too careless that caused the two of them to look so miserable.

Old Hu squatted down to fix it again. After a while, it was finally repaired, and after it was opened, it could finally be used normally.

"Uncle, please quickly take a bath here. This water is so cold, please don't catch a cold." Su Fei gave Old Hu a towel to wipe his body.

At this time, Old Hu also saw Su Fei's appearance. Her body was also drenched, her originally silk pajamas were now all stuck to her body.

Old Hu gulped down his saliva. He felt a little embarrassed to look at Su Fei, even though he really wanted to look and still wanted to touch her!

Thus, he said, "Xiao Fei, your body is weak, it's better for you to go wash first. My body is sturdy, so it's fine to wash later.

He knew that Su Fei's health was never very good, especially when she was cold water. He knew that he must not cause her to become serious again because of this.

"Uncle, then I won't be polite anymore. I'll go wash first. I'll be out soon." Su Fei felt that the Old Hu's gaze was too hot. She lowered her head and looked at herself, and saw that she was no different from a naked woman. Furthermore, she felt that what the Old Hu said was reasonable. She loved to feel cold, so she had to pay attention to her body.

The Old Hu nodded and walked out of the bathroom. Not long later, the sound of water splashing could be heard, and when he thought about Su Fei's figure, a small flame of desire once again ignited in his heart.

With nothing else to do, Old Hu walked around Su Fei's bedroom a few times and realized that the black notebook was still on top of her bed.

At first, he was afraid of being discovered, so he didn't dare peek too much. However, due to his curiosity, he eventually opened the notebook.

Initially, he thought he would be able to see many different things, but he never expected that ever since he had finished reading, there had been no updates.

This meant that Su Fei no longer had the habit of writing a diary anymore, or maybe it was because she did not want to write anymore. The Old Hu could not understand and placed the notebook back to its original place, waiting for Su Fei to come out. Very quickly, Su Fei finished washing up. This time was different, she had donned her underwear and even changed into a new set of pajamas. It seemed like she intentionally avoided the kind of awkwardness just now.

"Uncle, quickly go in and wash up. I'll find a new set of clothes for you, don't catch a cold." Su Fei urged the Old Hu to quickly go in, it was indeed for the sake of his body.

Old Hu's current bathroom was filled with the fragrance of flowers. How could he still take a bath? His mind was filled with the scene of Su Fei here.

While washing up, he used a lot of Su Fei's things, her soap, her towel, and her bath towel. Most importantly, Old Hu found the undergarments that Su Fei changed out of in the basket at the corner.

Old Hu was as excited as if he had discovered a new continent. He smelled everything, although he felt that he was a little abnormal, he actually enjoyed this process.

Old Hu wore it on his body, stroking it over and over, as if he was stroking Su Fei. It was especially stimulating as he let the water flow, satisfied with only himself.

After that, he put her clothes back in the basket, and reluctantly left the bathroom. When he went out, Su Fei had already prepared everything.

"Come, master, drink some ginger soup to chill yourself. Although it's not rain, the nature of the clothes is about the same, and this, is the clothes that Huang Hailong left behind previously. Wear it, or else I won't have any more men's clothes for you, and I won't be able to dry my wet clothes in a while." Su Fei was afraid that the Old Hu would mind and even intentionally explained it to him, but he didn't have any problems with it. Picking it up and putting it on, it was better than nothing, since he couldn't go out naked anyway!

"Great sir, it's getting late, you should stay and sleep. Otherwise, you won't have the right pants for you to wear …" Su Fei found out about this problem and was embarrassed to tell Old Hu.

On the lower half of Old Hu's body, there was even a bath towel.

Old Hu was naturally happy. This was a golden opportunity! He had to do it properly, otherwise this shop would not exist after this village!

Old Hu nodded and said that he could only sleep on the sofa. Su Fei did not say anything, but her expression was not right.

After that, Old Hu sat on the sofa and watched TV while Su Fei dried Old Hu's clothes. The atmosphere was very harmonious, as if the two were an old married couple.

After drying everything, Su Fei moved her clothes to the side and walked over to Old Hu, "Uncle, you can go to sleep in a while. I'm fine here, please help me out, I'll let you sleep on the sofa, it's against the rules."

"What's wrong with that? Why are you being so courteous with me, go sleep on the bed!" I sleep on the couch! "If you're so courteous, then I won't help you anymore in the future." Old Hu did this again. In order to make these women listen to him, he had no choice but to pretend to be angry.

"But …" Su Fei wanted to refute Old Hu, but she didn't know what to say. Recently, she hadn't interacted much with Old Hu, so they were really separated by quite a lot.