Sensing that Chu Meina's body had completely opened up, Old Hu split her legs, placed them on his shoulders, and easily conquered the city.

After half an hour, Old Hu was covered in sweat, but he was still not tired.

Chu Meina laid beside him, not saying anything. She was just accompanying him in this quiet manner, it was unknown what was going through his mind, but Old Hu couldn't care less. He was really comfortable now.

When it was eight o'clock, Chu Meina got up and changed into her clothes. She called out to Old Hu every day, "Godfather ~ I'm going to class now. Rest well, I'll be over after class."

Chu Meina was still as warm and gentle as ever, as if nothing had happened.

This was exactly what the Old Hu wanted. If they could continue to get along in the future, why not?

After taking a rest with Jiang Xiaolin for the whole morning, by noon, Old Hu consciously went out to take out three thousand gold.

Since they had already repaid him in such a way, how could he go back on his words?

By noon, Chu Meina had indeed come over, and even brought some food with him, saying that she wanted to eat with Old Hu.

Her expression was extremely normal, and even Old Hu started to suspect if she was dreaming.

After dinner, Chu Meina still had to go to class. She took out an envelope and handed it to her without saying anything.

He originally thought that Chu Meina would pretend to be careless, but he never expected her to give him a sweet smile, "Thank you, godfather ~"

With that, he twisted her butt and left.

Afterwards, the two of them got along with each other as usual, and were still normal godfathers and goddaughters.

However, they both tacitly agreed not to mention what had happened that night. It was as if they were in a dream.

But on a lonely night, when Old Hu often thought of Chu Meina who was like a little cat, he couldn't help but think of her beauty.

In a blink of an eye, many days passed, but Old Hu was still the same as before. He went to the clinic during the day and did not come to look for trouble during the night, but the police did not manage to find her. Lin Song even secretly guessed with Old Hu that there might have been an enemy who killed him.

On Thursday, 7: 30 PM. Just as Old Hu finished eating and was about to watch TV, he received a call from Su Fei.

Before this, they hadn't been in contact for a while, because Su Fei had been busy and the Old Hu didn't want to disturb her with a hot face.

But this time, when he received Su Fei's call, Old Hu was still very excited, "Xiao Fei, what's the matter?"

"Great sir, are you able to come over for a trip now? "The flowers in my bathroom have all been spilled and I haven't been able to get out of the water much. Even if I play around with them, it won't do any good. I want you to come over and take a look." Su Fei's tone was still polite, but it was also not gentle. Old Hu naturally agreed, and said that he would be there shortly.

Indeed, in less than ten minutes, Old Hu had arrived in front of Su Fei's door.

Standing here, he was filled with emotion. The last time he came here, he had already forgotten when it was. It has been almost a century! "

"Knock knock knock ~" The Old Hu knocked on the door, and very quickly Su Fei came out, quickly inviting him in.

Her hair was still dripping, and she looked like she was going to break down after washing it. She wore a nightgown that revealed her long, fair legs. As she walked, she revealed a triangle, which was especially attractive.

"What happened?" Old Hu cleared his throat and started to talk business.

Su Fei led him to the bathroom. It was a mess on the floor, as if she did some huge engineering.

"Sigh, I was taking a bath just now, and suddenly I ran out of water. I thought it was because of the water loss, but later on I realized that the shower was broken, but no matter how I fixed it, I couldn't fix it …" Su Fei frowned, he was a little worried.

This stopping the water halfway through was the worst!