"Then what should we do?" Chu Meina leaned on his shoulder, and raised her head to look at him. She seemed to be innocent and innocent, completely different from the enchanting and sexy her just now.

"I'll stay here. You can go back tomorrow. You can sleep in my bedroom while I sleep in the massage room." The Old Hu opened the door and they walked in. Chu Meina's entire person was still hung on the Old Hu's body.

"Okay, I'll listen to dad, but I'm feeling dizzy right now. I feel like I can't walk up there." Chu Meina pouted her lips, her eyes a little blurry, she had indeed drank a lot just now.

"No problem, I'll carry you up." Old Hu immediately squatted down and carried her on his back, walking straight up to the second floor without even being able to catch his breath.

"Godfather, you're really amazing. You're so healthy, much better than those guys. They even breathe when they carry me on their backs. It's like I'm fat, but I'm not fat at all …" Chu Meina seemed to have drank a bit too much and started to blabber nonsense. She didn't care about whether Old Hu would think too much or not.

He placed Chu Meina on the bed and Old Hu wanted to cover her with her blanket, but he was pulled by Chu Meina.

"Don't go, stay with me for a while. Otherwise, I will be really scared." Chu Meina used a bit of force and pulled Old Hu onto the bed.

Old Hu, who was lying beside her, found it hard to suppress the urge in her heart. It was like turning over and pressing her down.

Who knew that in the next second, Chu Meina would actually roll over, and lie on Old Hu's chest, "Uncle, do you think I'm a good girl?"

Her silly tone made Old Hu a bit lost in thought, and subconsciously he answered, "Of course you are, you must be a good girl."

"Really? Hehe …" Chu Meina laughed, it was obvious that she did not feel that way.

The Old Hu didn't know what to say, and could only keep silent. Then Chu Meina suddenly raised her head, and stared straight at the Old Hu, "Then will you like me?"

Old Hu was shocked, thinking that this girl had drank too much, why would she ask such an obvious question?

But after thinking about it for a moment, Chu Meina was very beautiful and attractive, he really liked it.

Old Hu nodded, "I like you. I like you a lot."

After he finished speaking, he lovingly pinched Chu Meina's nose, causing the surrounding atmosphere to suddenly become ambiguous.

"Godfather, I like you too. I really admire you. Ever since the time you saved me …" Unknowingly, Chu Meina suddenly confessed, leaving Old Hu at a loss.

Old Hu told him not to think too much, but Chu Meina very quickly raised his body and directly climbed onto Old Hu's body.

"I feel that other than this method, I don't have anything else that can repay you …" She sat on Old Hu's waist and directly pulled his belt open, extending her hand inside.

"Meina, you …" Old Hu was shocked, he never thought that she would keep thinking this way.

"Godfather, you're not going to reject me, are you?" Chu Meina lifted her long hair, adding on the blurry look in her eyes, her moist lips instantly became even sexier.

"How could that be!?" I can't bear to part with it! " Old Hu immediately lay on his back and hugged Chu Meina.