Old Hu thought, could it be that she had already seen countless men and had been through hundreds of battles.

But if you looked carefully, it didn't seem like it, because she blushed too easily. How could a mature woman blush so easily?

After Chu Meina heard this, she smiled and placed her little hand on Old Hu's shoulder, bent her left leg and placed it on his waist, then lay down beside his ear and blew lightly.

"Then how about I have a drink with godfather? It's still early. " Chu Meina looked at Old Hu enchantingly, her eyes glistening with tears.

"Alright, I think it's rather boring tonight. Let's go." When Old Hu saw her take the initiative, he was overjoyed. He felt that he would have luck tonight.

He embraced Chu Meina's small waist, but she did not refuse. The two of them were very close, and could not wait to stick together.

Outside the clinic, they took a taxi.

The taxi driver had been sizing them up, feeling that the Old Hu was not a good person. Otherwise, why would such a young girl be together with him?

Fortunately, Chu Meina had always been obedient while getting in the taxi, she did not do anything to the Old Hu.

With outsiders around, the Old Hu was also more restrained. He only said these words to Chu Meina normally, but he secretly held her small hand.

Chu Meina crossed her legs, and continued to stroke his thigh, whether intentionally or not, causing Old Hu to feel itchy in his heart. If he could, he really wanted to change the address and go straight to the hotel.

"Cough cough — —" Old Hu coughed twice. He wanted to remind Chu Meina to be more honest, otherwise, she would have to take action herself, but she did not hold back at all. Instead, he became even more serious and his head tilted to the side.

Because her legs were long, this difficult maneuver was easily completed.

The driver looked through the front mirror and saw that this girl did not seem to be anything good. With the passing of time, he was very angry, so he braked before the Old Hu and the others who were not paying attention.


Chu Meina suddenly dropped to the front row's sofa, rubbing her forehead as she cried out in pain. Old Hu had reacted rather quickly so he wasn't injured.

He quickly sat beside Chu Meina and rubbed her wounds. The driver got even angrier when he saw that, and the brake made them even closer to each other.

Soon enough, they arrived at their destination. Chu Meina and Old Hu held hands as they walked into the bar.

It was very quiet here, just the two of them, so there was no need to worry about being disturbed.

"Waiter, here's a bottle of this, there's a bottle of this …" Chu Meina brought the waiter over and then skillfully ordered a few bottles of wine.

If not for Old Hu looking at her dumbly, she would not have realized how skilled she was.

"Beautiful lady, you truly know this place is our signature wine. It's definitely not wrong to order it." At this time, the waiter did not forget to add another sentence, which made Chu Meina even more embarrassed.

"This is all my foolishness... "What a coincidence." Chu Meina said embarrassedly as she looked at Old Hu.

"It's fine, that's all, right? Then you can leave." The Old Hu laughed and told the waiter that he did not think much of it. Chu Meina heaved a sigh of relief, she had thought that the Old Hu would question her.

In fact, the Old Hu already knew in his heart that Chu Meina was not a pure girl.

But maybe he was overthinking it. He was just a talent.

"Alright sir, I'll be right up." The waiter was very polite, as the level of consumption here was not low.

Very quickly, he brought out the wine. Chu Meina was very enthusiastic and took the initiative to pour Old Hu a cup of wine.

If it was a pure female student, he might hesitate, but if it was a coquettish nightclub princess, then he wouldn't hold back.

"Come, godfather, let me toast you! I wish you all the best in the future! "Always handsome!" Chu Meina raised her wine cup and said in a very social tone. Although her words were a bit casual, her attitude was still very sincere.

"Alright, you drink too. I wish you will always be young and beautiful, and that your studies will be successful." After the Old Hu finished speaking, the two of them went on to the end.

"Wow, this wine is really spicy." Chu Meina stuck out his tongue, it was red like a puppy.

"Really?" I think it's okay. " Old Hu put down his wine cup and poured himself another glass, "No way, how about you order an orange juice? It's normal for girls to have poor tolerance for alcohol, don't drink too much later."

Old Hu wanted to take her wine cup, but was stopped by Chu Meina, "Don't, I just want to drink."

Afterwards, she also filled her bowl to the brim and walked to Old Hu's side. She placed it next to his mouth and said, "Come, godfather, try this one on me. Whether it's ruthless or not, it's definitely different from what you feel."

Old Hu doubted, as he took the cup and tasted it.

Chu Meina stuck close to him and raised his head to see the changes in his expression. His movements were extremely ambiguous.

She lowered her body slightly, her collar loose, and Old Hu could see her beauty at a glance.

Isn't this girl too powerful? That size was no less than Zhao Yali's, it was even older than hers by an inch.

"How is it?" Seeing that Old Hu had remained silent, Chu Meina could not help but ask, and stuck almost to his body. The fragrance assaulted his nose, and Old Hu naturally liked this feeling as well.

"It does seem a little spicy." The Old Hu looked at Chu Meina and lied. Since he was already looking forward to it, how could he not be satisfied?

"Yeah, his mouth is already swollen. Look at his mouth." Chu Meina pouted his mouth and closed her eyes, as if she was waiting for Old Hu to kiss him. Old Hu immediately reacted.

"Such a pitiful little darling. It's better to drink some orange juice, lest it make you spicy to death. I will feel heartache." Old Hu followed the flow and hugged her tightly in his embrace.

Chu Meina took the initiative to massage Old Hu's arms or feed him fruits. There were many intimate actions that made Old Hu's heart itch and he was in an excited state.

As they played, the two of them started to sing a song. This time, Chu Meina was even more presumptuous. She placed her hands on Old Hu's back and caressed it randomly.

Her small hands were always dishonest, and Old Hu's heart was also unable to be honest. She looked at Chu Meina, but her mind kept imagining her under his body.

After three rounds of drinking, they saw that it was already 3 in the morning. Other than the bar, they took a taxi back to the clinic.

"Mena, it's my fault for playing too late today. You won't be able to go back." Old Hu pretended to be apologetic, but he was actually elated.