"What's going on? Brother Liu Guang, why are you doing this? " Lin Song had a smile on his face, and his tone was kind.

As long as he could not attack, he did not. After all, this was Liu Gang's territory, if any conflicts were to occur, if word of this spread, Lin Song would not follow the rules.

When Old Hu saw Lin Song coming over through the window, he didn't know whether he should go down or not. Later, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, he decided to just stand there and watch, hoping that Lin Song could settle this issue smoothly.

"Yo, isn't this Lin Song? What wind blew you here?" Liu Guang was still very polite when he saw Lin Song. After all, the two sides were of equal strength and his father was the Chief of Public Security, so he didn't have to provoke Lin Song. However, if they really needed to fight, he wasn't afraid.

This is my friend's clinic. I'm here to take a look. What about you?" So many people have come here for treatment? " Lin Song took out a pack of cigarettes and handed one to Liu Guang, but he waved it off.

How could he have stopped smoking, it was just that he did not want to have a good relationship with Lin Song.

"Your friend's clinic?" Liu Guang raised his eyebrows and asked, he did not believe Lin Song's words, how could it be such a coincidence, he came over to settle the score, Lin Song said that this was his friend's clinic.

Previously, Liu Gang did not explain clearly to him that Lin Song had helped Old Hu. He only told Liu Guang that he had been beaten up by him.

Liu Guang was a tyrant in the development zone, he was stronger than Liu Gang and had many nightclubs under his command.

The Game Hall had Sauna Center and other places, so he had a bit of money. Plus, he had a lot of power and had hundreds of subordinates. Not many people dared to mess with him.

Although Liu Gang was fighting more ruthlessly, he didn't have much money, and only Liu Guang was able to give him face. The two brothers helped each other, so their status in society was not low.

"That's right, if you want to see a doctor, I'll just call for you." Lin Song laughed, "As long as you don't bring your brother here to cause trouble, it's fine."

He smoothly exhaled a mouthful of smoke, and narrowed his eyes as he looked at Liu Guang. His tone had a hint of threatening intent.

"What a coincidence, your friend beat up my brother until he was hospitalized. I came here today to stir up trouble!" Seeing that Lin Song was no longer polite, Liu Guang's tone also became more wild.

He knew that this Lin Song could not come here for no reason.

"You old thing, if you have the ability to call for help, come down here! Do you dare to come down!? "You coward!" Liu Guang shouted upstairs, angering Old Hu so much that his ears turned red.

He was, after all, a hot-blooded man. Having been provoked to such an extent, he couldn't sit still any longer and charged down the stairs.

In any case, Lin Song had also come over, at most they would just have a fight, so he wouldn't be at a disadvantage.

When he opened the door of the clinic, ten pairs of eyes were staring at him. Liu Guang smiled, knowing that this method was effective, he still managed to force him down.

When Lin Song saw Old Hu, he could not help but sigh. He quickly pulled him to his side and muttered, "Why did you come down? Didn't I tell you not to come down?

He had originally planned to leave on his own as long as Old Hu did not show himself. Liu Guang would not waste any time here.

But since the Old Hu had come down, he would definitely make his move.

Although he was worried, Lin Song was still very loyal. He turned around and instructed his little brother, he could not submit after a while, and even if he had to use all of his strength, he could not let Old Hu be injured.

Old Hu patted his shoulder, signalling him not to be too nervous.

"Old thing, you finally came down. What's the point of asking a young lad to do something for you!" Where's your enthusiasm for my brother? Take it out! "

Liu Guang sat on top of a motorcycle with a cigarette in his mouth, looking like a ruffian.

"Liu Guang, pay attention to the way you speak. Old Hu is my friend, don't be too rude!" Before Old Hu could speak, Lin Song opened his mouth first.

As long as he could help Old Hu, it didn't matter if something happened. His father wouldn't blame him when the time came anyway.

"Lin Song." The Old Hu called out softly. He did not want him to get into too much trouble with Liu Guang and the others, as it would be very inconvenient for him in the future.

"Since you dare to call in reinforcements, don't be afraid of getting yourself into trouble!" Liu Guang saw through Old Hu's intention and directly said it out. The scene was extremely awkward.

The Old Hu was truly conflicted. He also wanted Lin Song to help his solve the problem, but he didn't want him to cause trouble.

"What are you trying to say? I only have one sentence to say. Since I'm here today, you can't even touch a single finger of his. If not, my brothers won't agree either!"

Lin Song pointed at Liu Guang and said rudely, thinking that this stalemate was not an option, at least someone had to take the lead.

"He hurt my brother and hurt so many of my brothers. If it was you, would you let him go?" Liu Guang asked in response, leaving Lin Song speechless.

If it was anyone else, they wouldn't sit idly by.

"I'm sure I didn't tell you about your brother's wicked deeds, but you're right, you're all the same kind of trash." Old Hu sneered, then took off his jacket, planning to use force to solve the problem today.

When he thought about how Zhao Lei was being bullied that day, he felt extremely furious. These Little Punk beasts were inferior to him.

"You old thing, how can you speak like that!" Liu Guang took a big stride forward, wanting to grab hold of Old Hu's collar. However, he was blocked in front of him by Lin Song, so he did not dare make a move against Lin Song, and could only stand in place.

He knew that Liu Gang was only beaten up because of a girl.

Moreover, he didn't think much of it. Wasn't it just a girl that he fancied and wanted to sleep with, not a murder or arson?

Moreover, Liu Gang had already said that when the girl came out, her hair was still wet and her clothes were untidy.

Furthermore, she only came out of Old Hu clinic that late. She must have had something to do with him.

"Liu Guang, don't go overboard." Lin Song pulled down his face and looked at him, but his body remained unmoving, as if he was determined to protect Old Hu.

"Too much? This old brat clearly didn't follow the rules! I'm here to avenge my brother, if you stop me again, I won't be polite anymore! " Liu Guang was angry, and shouted at Lin Song.

"Get away from me, or else don't blame me for being impolite." He issued an ultimatum, but Lin Song did not move an inch.

"I'd like to see how impolite all of you can be!" Lin Song was angered and wanted to fight to the end with him. Seeing that, the Old Hu immediately stood up.

"This matter started because of me, you guys can look for me if you want, it has nothing to do with Lin Song." Old Hu spoke in a manly manner, surprising Lin Song for a moment.

Although he knew that the Old Hu could fight, facing more than ten people, could he?

"Great!" "At least you're a man!"