She had never thought that she would be so timid. In the face of danger, she could not think of anything other than crying for help.

"Silly girl, what are you talking about? It's all because I didn't think highly of you. Fortunately, nothing happened, or else I wouldn't be able to rest in peace for the rest of my life." Old Hu said seriously. Such a beautiful university student could not be tainted by Little Punk.

"If it wasn't for me …" Zhao Lei still wanted to say something, but was interrupted by the Old Hu, "Alright, stop thinking about it, just rest while I sleep. I look at you, nothing will happen."

Old Hu carried her into her bedroom and gave her a shirt to change into.

In the process of struggling, Zhao Lei was also injured. Although it was not serious, it was very eye-catching.

After Zhao Lei finished changing her clothes, Old Hu brought over a medicine box to treat her wounds.

Zhao Lei looked at Old Hu's lowered head and carefully treated his own wounds. She felt even more sorry for the disinfection and treatment, but she was also touched at the same time.

"Great sir, how about you deduct my salary? This way, my heart will feel a bit better. Otherwise, I will feel really bad." Zhao Lei said. She remembered that Old Hu himself seemed to be injured when she was fighting against them. She then asked, "Elder, were you alright? You're not hurt, right? "

"It's okay, I'm just carrying it on my body. It's not a big deal." Old Hu laughed, patted his chest and continued to show off, he couldn't lose face in front of this little miss.

Actually, he had a lot of bruises on his body. He was one against five, and they were all young and strong young men. It was already great that he wasn't beaten up badly.

After helping Zhao Lei with her wounds, Old Hu asked her to lie on the bed, "Sleep well here today. I'll sleep on the massage bed below.

With that, the Old Hu patted Zhao Lei's shoulder. He must have been terrified to have met with such a situation.

"This... Uncle, you can sleep here, I'll go down and sleep. " Zhao Lei felt apologetic, and wanted to leave, but was pressed down on the bed by Old Hu.

"Child, why are you always so polite? Hurry up and sleep. I'm leaving." Old Hu pretended to be angry and got up to leave.

After he left, Zhao Lei had not been able to sleep. She tossed and turned on the bed, her mind filled with the scene of Liu Gang bullying her, and the scene of Old Hu fighting to save her. Tonight, she felt that Old Hu was too cool.

Even when Old Hu walked to the massage room downstairs, he was still unable to sleep quickly. The bruises on his body made him feel pain even if he moved slightly.

He knew clearly in his heart that he had to rely on luck to defeat Liu Gang and the others today. If Liu Gang came back again to stir up trouble again, he would definitely call more people over.

This time, he had truly formed an alliance with Liu Gang, and his future days would probably not be good. On this night, Old Hu practically did not close his eyes, but he was also unable to think of any countermeasures.

When the sky was about to brighten, Old Hu only fell asleep, but he did not sleep for long before Zhao Lei woke him up.

Zhao Lei had already woken up, but she did not dare return to school, afraid that Liu Gang and the others would still be waiting for her outside. Seeing that Old Hu was sleeping soundly, she did not want to wake him up, so she decided to head to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for him.

"Uncle, get up and eat a bowl of wontons." Zhao Lei's voice was very gentle, afraid of scaring Old Hu.

After that, Zhao Lei went out and prepared. Even if she were to call him that, Old Hu wouldn't be able to sleep, so she got up, put on her clothes and walked to the kitchen.

Just as she reached the door, she saw Zhao Lei walking around in his shirt, which was very big and big, wrapping around her body. It had a unique flavor, Old Hu could not help but swallow her saliva, as her heart stirred again.

In front of such a beautiful lady, even if she didn't want to, she wouldn't be able to change her mind.

"Grandpa, you're awake. Come in and eat. It won't taste good when it gets cold." Zhao Lei saw that he was standing at the door but did not come in.

"Hur hur, it's so sumptuous." The Old Hu laughed dryly a few times before he walked in and sat down. Zhao Lei had already arranged everything.

"No, I just did it to see what was in the fridge." Zhao Lei took off her apron and sat across from Old Hu. She felt a little embarrassed by her praise.

Because she didn't dare to go out and buy breakfast, she could only make these things.

"This is the best breakfast I've ever had." Old Hu laughed. Because he was a bachelor, no one bothered to ask him about it. He would often not eat breakfast, or he would just go out and take a simple bite.

"Great sir, just laugh at me." Zhao Lei lowered her head and smiled, the two of them started to eat in silence.

During this time, Old Hu could not help but praise her cooking skills, because her cooking skills were indeed not bad.

Seeing that it was already noon and there were more people outside, Old Hu felt that Liu Gang and the others would not come again, so he asked Zhao Lei to go back and change.

But this time, it was Old Hu and Zhao Lei who went to school together, and watched her enter the female dormitory before returning to the duty room.

Old Hu thought that he should not let Zhao Lei go to the clinic in the next two days. He should stay in the dorm properly.

Liu Gang and the others couldn't enter the school, so long as Zhao Lei didn't go out easily, nothing would happen to them.

When night fell, Old Hu returned to the clinic. Just as he finished dinner, there was a commotion outside the door. Liu Gang's people had come to take revenge.

As expected, he knew that Liu Gang would not let it go.

The one leading them was Liu Guang, Liu Gang's brother. He had brought two people with him, looking like he wanted to beat Old Hu to death.

Luckily, the Old Hu locked the door when they entered the clinic, otherwise they would have rushed in and made a mess.

"Old thing!" Don't you dare come down! What a cowardly person! " Liu Guang was clamoring from below. His brother was lying in the hospital after getting beaten up, so naturally he had to come here to take revenge.

Old Hu looked down from above, thinking that hiding like this was not a problem, what if they really rush in?

"You old thing, don't think that we won't be able to do anything to you if you don't open the door!" Liu Guang scolded again, his voice was loud, there were many neighbors around him who stuck their heads out to watch the commotion, but no one dared to meddle.

Just as Liu Gang said, this matter had nothing to do with him.

Seeing that, the Old Hu called Lin Song.

"Big brother, Liu Gang's men are here to cause trouble again." His words were concise and did not say much. After hearing everything, he immediately said that he would rush over and tell Old Hu not to be afraid, and not to act rashly.

Old Hu hung up the phone. Although he had some confidence, he was still worried. He won the battle last time because of luck, if he was beaten up by them this time, he would be either dead or crippled.

Very quickly, Lin Song brought people over and blocked off the entrance of the clinic.