Liu Guang took a step back, "Since you have the guts, then we don't need to fight all of you. How about this, you fight with one of my brothers alone, so that no one will say that I am bullying you."

Liu Guang had a profound and righteous look, as if he was a hero.

Old Hu scoffed, he had never been afraid of anyone just by himself, "Alright, then come."

Liu Guang laughed, with a pleased look in his eyes, he shouted: "Ying Yan, come out! I'll give you a chance to practice! "

After hearing what he said, Old Hu muttered in his heart. Why does it feel like he's been tricked, looking at Liu Guang's expression, it seems that he's determined to win. Could it be that this Ying Yan is very powerful?

Lin Song also frowned, he tugged on Old Hu's arm: "Elder, do you really want to go up yourself?"

"Hmm, it's my own business after all, I don't want to implicate you." Old Hu spoke in a light tone.

"Alright then, this Ying Yan doesn't seem to be that kind of person, you need to be careful of his safety." Lin Song reminded his repeatedly, feeling worried.

"Big brother, this Ying Yan seems to be the person they can best beat! And you crafty fox, you have never lost when fighting against others. " One of his lackeys stood out and whispered something into Lin Song's ears, causing Lin Song's expression to immediately change. It was already too late when he wanted to stop Old Hu, he had already stood out.

"Forget it, since it's already this far, let's just leave it to fate." Lin Song heaved a long sigh. If he went out to stop them at this time, Liu Guang would definitely find a place to fight. At that time, even more brothers would be injured.

Furthermore, he believed that the Old Hu would definitely be able to handle it.

In front of him, the famous Ying Yan walked down from the car. As he walked over with large strides, he took off his sunglasses with an imposing manner.

One of his arms was thicker than Old Hu's, and there were muscle pieces on his arm. He was a head taller than Old Hu. As he walked, he took off his shirt, revealing his stronger pectoral muscles.

The little brother behind Lin Song could not help but exclaim, "As expected of Ying Yan, he's too strong!"

After he finished speaking, he received Lin Song's disdain, "I told you guys to practice a lot during the day, you're not listening! In a while, when something happens in Old Hu, you will have to go up and take his place! "

At this crucial moment, how could he put on airs and extinguish his own willpower?

"Big brother, please don't …" I believe that Grandpa Hu can definitely beat Ying Yan! " The little brother immediately flattered Ying Yan, but in his heart he secretly said that with Old Hu's physique, he definitely could not beat Ying Yan.

This was because not only was Ying Yan strong and sturdy, his reaction was extremely agile. However, even though his movements were crafty, the Old Hu was definitely not his opponent.

In the past, he had seen many people that were stronger than Ying Yan in the army, and he had also seen many people that were better at fighting.

Although he was now fifty years old, he didn't think he had regressed much.

Previously in the army, he was also a first-class general! He was first class in many aspects of combat and shooting, and his momentum was still there. The more powerful the opponent, the more it would stir up the little universe in his heart.

Ying Yan stood in front of Old Hu with a face full of disdain. Ever since he had become Liu Guang's number one fighter, he had never lost, and in the past, he was also number 1 when he was training.

When fighting, one must not only rely on physical strength, but also use one's brain. However, this thing is something that most people do not have.

"Geezer, I'll give you three moves. Don't say I'm bullying you." Ying Yan was extremely arrogant, not only did he show contempt for the Old Hu on his face, he even said it out loud.

"No need, how do you know that you will definitely win?" Old Hu took a step back and began to move his neck and wrists. The young people these days really did not know the depth of the heavens and the earth, he had to teach them a lesson.

"Aiyo, old man, I'm afraid you didn't know I, Ying Yan, in the past. I have another nickname, although it's very vulgar, but it's the truth, and I'm called 'General Chang Sheng'!" Ying Yan smirked, and also started to move. Since Old Hu did not see him in his eyes, then let's have a spar.

"Hehe, I used to raise a rooster called General Chang Sheng!" Old Hu sneered, but in the end, his next words infuriated Ying Yan, as he directly struck out with his hook fist, catching him off guard.

"You're courting death!" At the same time, he muttered something.

"What a coincidence, I feel that you too!" Old Hu dodged gracefully with a squat, and was not harmed in the slightest.

However, just now, from the sound of the wind, he could tell that this Ying Yan was indeed very strong and his speed was very fast.

The reason why Old Hu said those words was to anger Ying Yan, and let him make the first move, when fighting, whoever made the first move would be the first to expose themselves.

When Ying Yan saw that his fist did not hit Old Hu, he smacked his lips and muttered, "Old thing, you are really nimble, but at the end of the day, monkeys can't beat tigers …"

Being able to avoid his punch proved that Old Hu's reaction speed was very fast, because most people were knocked to the ground before he could even react.

He possessed strength and speed. While he was fast, he was also very strong. It was very easy for him to not get up while lying on the ground.

"That may not be the case." Old Hu's feet touched the ground, it felt like he was punching. His steps were very light, ordinary people couldn't even hear his footsteps, this was the basic technique he used to practice.

"Ahhh!" Ying Yan suddenly turned his head around, raised his fist and struck at Old Hu's head. Old Hu moved to the right, wanting to dodge, but Ying Yan seemed to have expected his movement, with an extremely fast speed, he extended his right leg and kicked towards Old Hu's waist.

As he watched the Old Hu Cup pincer attack from the left and right, he quickly turned around and dodged Ying Yan's fists and legs. Then, he directly leaped behind him and ruthlessly attacked the corner of his clothes at the back of his waist.


Ying Yan screamed, but he had only stumbled and did not fall to the ground.

After he steadied himself, he touched his waist, and looked at Old Hu in disbelief. His speed just now was simply too fast, like a snake.

Normally, he wouldn't use this move to the left or right. It could also be called a sound attack to the west, but the first time, he wouldn't be able to dodge it.

But the Old Hu had obviously dodged them all! His strength truly couldn't be underestimated.

"Ying Yan! Get your spirits up! " Liu Guang watched on from the side and could not sit still any longer.

Ying Yan had always been his ultimate killing technique, he would often defeat his opponent in less than three moves, but now not only did he not defeat Old Hu, he had even kicked him.

"Great Lord!" Good job! F * ck him! "F * ck him!" On Lin Song's side, the subordinates were all cheering for the Old Hu. However, Lin Song himself was very calm, because he had long seen the abilities of the Old Hu.