Seeing that, Old Hu had no other choice, he could only allow her to cause trouble, and do whatever she wanted as long as she did not take off her clothes.

Very quickly, Chen Liyun opened her mouth, "Today, I want to sing a love song! It was called 'Stop it'! It's the theme song from my favorite hair brother movie! I really like this song, just like describing my love! I want to give this song to Grandpa Hu! Yeah! There should be applause here! " Chen Liyun's interest was piqued, she suddenly called out Old Hu's name, causing Old Hu to be confused, but seeing Chen Liyun's smiling face, he did not care that much.

He had to listen to the song that was given to him.

"Emotions are easy because it won't be for long. It's as though you can touch it from a distance. "It's unfortunate to be nostalgic, because we used to have them. Night after night, we would be entangled with longing …"

The moment Chen Liyun opened her mouth, Old Hu's bones softened. Although this was a sad song, Chen Liyun was very moved by the song and was touched by it. Especially since she was looking at him while she was singing, it was as if the man who broke her heart was him.

At that time, he would still be happy or sad for a girl, and would even know what was hate and hate. It was not like now, where when a person matured, they would become complicated, and their feelings would not be as pure.

Old Hu was deep in thought as he listened to the song. He didn't know when Chen Liyun had finished his singing, but he heard cheers from the surroundings, all of them were for Chen Liyun. Her singing was not bad, and if possible, Old Hu really wanted to wrap her up as a singer.

"Thank you! "Thank you everyone for supporting me!" Chen Liyun had not drunk much yet, so she bowed three times on the stage as if she had won a prize.

"Alright, alright, let's go back and play." When Old Hu helped her off the stage, she was still dancing with joy and excitement. Old Hu didn't want to disturb her and wanted her to continue acting crazily on her own.

After an unknown period of time, Chen Liyun was tired and laid on the sofa. Old Hu found her shirt and helped her put it on again.

"Uncle, what's wrong? Are you interested in this policewoman?" Seeing that Chen Liyun had fallen asleep, Lin Song walked over and whispered with Old Hu.

"Hur hur, alright. Who doesn't like such beautiful women?" When the Old Hu said those words, he did not believe that Lin Song's heart would not feel itchy just by looking at him.

"Haha, sir, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. Since men aren't married yet, why can't we be fair? We all have the right to pursue love!" From Lin Song's mouth, these words that came from a great being had become a little earthy. However, this was the truth, and Old Hu didn't need to suppress his emotions.

"Lin Song, what are you saying!" Chen Liyun suddenly sat up, and said something, which frightened Old Hu and Lin Song quite a bit, but very quickly she fell back on the sofa, looked like he was sleeping, and was probably completely drunk.

"This girl's ears are really sharp. I wonder if she's really drunk or pretending." Lin Song laughed, and returned back to Old Hu's elbow, "Uncle, I have high hopes for you. When it's over, I will arrange for someone to send you guys home, to send her off first …"

When he finished speaking, Lin Song purposely whispered into Old Hu's ears, and Old Hu immediately understood his ambiguous expression.

He nodded his head in tacit agreement. Wasn't it fine if there was someone willing to help him pick up girls?

If he did not agree, then he would be a fool. After all, by himself, he did not even know where Chen Liyun's home was.

"Come, I can sing another song …" Chen Liyun turned her body, and then muttered another sentence. The clothes in front of her chest were wrinkled and loose, revealing a large portion of fair skin, causing Old Hu to be unable to resist gulping down a mouthful of saliva.

Thinking about his beautiful body, how he would even take the initiative to cater to her, Old Hu's heart was in turmoil, he really wanted to jump onto Chen Liyun right now.

As she looked, Old Hu's claws couldn't help but touch her little face. But in less than a second, Chen Liyun cried out again, shocking Old Hu to the point that she retracted her hands.

Director …" I'm not fat, really, and I've got a big chest! " It was unknown what kind of dream Chen Liyun had. Yet, she actually said such a thing which almost made Old Hu burst out in laughter. This girl, could she even have a dream of becoming a celebrity? "Then why don't you become an actor? Do you have to become a police officer or a girl? It's so dangerous.

And she was so good-looking, she must be hot as an actress.

"Wuu … wuu …" "Why don't you want me? Director, I've already sung so well!" Chen Liyun suddenly pouted. She looked as if she was about to cry.

"Alright, don't cry anymore. You've passed!" Old Hu didn't want to make her feel that bad. Even in her dreams, she had to be happy.

"Great sir, come and play games with me!" When the delinquent girl saw that Chen Liyun had fallen asleep, she ran over and grabbed onto Old Hu's hand. Ever since Old Hu finished drinking that bottle of wine, she paid special attention to Old Hu, she did not expect that a young and strong person was not one bit inferior to those young fellows.

It was just that Chen Liyun had been very fierce just now, and she didn't even dare to come find Old Hu. Now that the tigress had fallen asleep, the male tiger could also come out and rest.

Seeing that everyone was still playing, the Old Hu thought that Chen Liyun did not have anything to do here, so he went to play games with them. During this period of time, the Old Hu had to be punished, either drinking wine or interacting with girls.

The Old Hu was naturally having fun, these female delinquents were very open-minded, and looked harmless when they drove. In fact, everyone had many wild wolves in their hearts, some of which were very human, even the Old Hu admired them.

For example, that delinquent girl just now, she immediately took off her clothes after losing the game, and continued losing all the way until only her underwear was left. However, those Little Punk s became spirited and refused to let her go, continuing to pull her along to play, and in the end, even took off their underwear!

Furthermore, the little girl was not shy at all, it was as if she was used to seeing such things, and even generously shared photos with other people.

Halfway through the game, seeing that Chen Liyun had not woken up, Old Hu decided not to play anymore and sent her home.

In order to help the Old Hu complete his plan, Lin Song had his chauffeur take them home, and the Old Hu did not refuse.

Carrying Chen Liyun onto the carriage, Old Hu did not calm down at all. Thinking about the beautiful bodies of those little girls, it was as if a fire was ignited in his body.

Chen Liyun sat with him in the back seat, originally she was leaning on the back seat properly, but when the driver braked, she fell into Old Hu's arms.