"Master, please slow down. She drank too much." Old Hu could not help but remind Chen Liyun, who would probably puke if she braked like this a few times.

"Ah, alright." The driver nodded his head, but he couldn't be blamed. It was a cat that jumped out from the roadside just now.

The Old Hu was someone Young Master had arranged for him to be here, even if he felt wronged, he didn't dare to say anything.

Following that, the driver drove very smoothly, as if nothing had happened. Chen Liyun also hadn't woken up yet, she just lay on Old Hu's lap. Old Hu looked at her sleeping face and felt an impulse in his heart.

If they let the criminals see it, who would commit the crime? Old Hu muttered in his heart, he raised his head to look at the driver, and realized that the driver was also peeking at him through the mirror. He didn't dare to move, and could only watch Chen Liyun sleep.

Chen Liyun's small mouth pouted slightly. She was so soft and tender, if not for the driver watching from the front, he would have definitely kissed her.

Very quickly, the driver drove to a small district. Through the glass window, Old Hu could see that the buildings in this district were all only four stories tall, and it was obvious that this was an old district, probably built twenty years ago. The environment was also not good, and garbage could be seen everywhere.

Old Hu could not help but exclaim, why would Chen Liyun live in this kind of place? Was she living in poor conditions?

As a policeman and a captain, his salary would also be 7,000 to 8,000 yuan. Why did he have to live here?

According to Old Hu's understanding, most of the people living here were elderly, and most of them were poor. They had almost walked through the whole residential area, and there wasn't even a car in sight.

According to the address that Lin Song gave, the driver stopped at the bottom of the innermost building. The sewers here seemed to be blocked, and the air was filled with a decaying smell.

"This is her house. Should we wake her up?" The driver saw that Chen Liyun was still sleeping, and could not help but suggest it, but seeing that Old Hu had no intention to let go of Chen Liyun, he could only clear his throat and say, "Then why don't you send her up, I'll wait for you downstairs."

The driver said that he would be careful, the Old Hu nodded and agreed. He let the driver open the car door, then carefully walked inside with Chen Liyun in her arms, afraid that she would wake Chen Liyun up.

If it wasn't for the light coming from outside the window, Old Hu would have really fallen over, the environment of this place was too terrible, he couldn't stand it anymore. He waited for Chen Liyun to wake up and help him find a place to stay, not to mention a girl's house, living in this kind of place everyday wasn't very safe either.

Old Hu found the key from Chen Liyun's body when he reported her to the third floor, but opening the door was extremely strenuous, it took almost three minutes.

"Sigh, what exactly is the story on you?" His family's condition must be really bad, otherwise, how could there be a young girl who was willing to stay here? The place was lifeless, and the place was dirty, so it was not enough to express how terrible the environment here was. There were clothes that were hung all over the corridor, and when Old Hu walked over, he felt that he had burrowed into the crotch of quite a few people.

But when she thought about it, Chen Liyun had even driven him there to send him off, how could she... Oh, yes, the cars are probably for a matching fee, because they often have plain-clothes operations, not just a police car.

After entering the room, Old Hu searched for a long time before finally finding the switch on the wall. After activating it, he found a very small set of rooms, one room and one room.

Old Hu placed her on the sofa and wiped the sweat off her forehead. She initially thought that Chen Liyun was light, but didn't expect it to be so heavy.

It could be seen that Chen Liyun lived here very diligently and many of the small decorations were very cute. She was also a girl with a girl's heart, when Old Hu pushed open the door to the bedroom, she saw that there were a lot of dolls placed around the pillow.

He guessed that Chen Liyun was definitely a girl who was extremely insecure. Otherwise, she wouldn't need so many people to accompany her, even using dolls as substitutes.

He recovered his strength and moved Chen Liyun from the living room's sofa to the bedroom's bed. She slept soundly, and there were no traces of her waking up.

Old Hu sighed, took off her shoes, and covered her with the blanket. Although he yearned for the beauty, he did not want to take advantage of her, as long as he was awake, there would be some meaning to it. Otherwise, he would be no different from those thugs.

After settling her down, Old Hu went into the living room to pour a cup of water and put it on the bed, so that she wouldn't have to run out in the middle of the night to drink and run out to catch a cold. It wouldn't be worth it if he caught a cold then.

After finishing all these, the Old Hu prepared to leave, but just as he was about to tuck her in, his hand was suddenly grabbed.

"Don't go... "Don't leave me alone …" Chen Liyun sobbed softly, causing the Old Hu to think that she had woken up. When she turned around, she saw that she was still sleeping.

Looking at her wrinkled little face, Old Hu's sympathy flooded. He wondered if this girl was dumped by some trash of a man, and was still so infatuated that she didn't even forget about it. She was even afraid of being abandoned even in her dreams.

Old Hu crouched down and looked at Chen Liyun, his heart aching, "Just what happened to you? Why do I feel like you and the Chen Liyun in my impression are becoming more and more different?"

At first, she gave him the image of an aloof policewoman, but then she became charming and even took the initiative to seduce him, and then she became shy. It was really too incomprehensible.

Chen Liyun was still asleep, so sshe naturally wouldn't answer Old Hu's question. Old Hu watched for a while, thinking that she wouldn't wake up, before getting up, intending to leave. However, when he turned around, he discovered an album on top of her bed.

When he picked it up, he saw that there was a little girl and a couple on top of it. They were holding hands, looking very happy, and the little girl inside looked somewhat similar to Chen Liyun.

The Old Hu sat on the side of the bed and looked at the photo album carefully. He was sure that the little girl was Chen Liyun, but the photo seemed to be very old.