"Great sir, I'm not embarrassed, let's hurry up and play games, I'm afraid you've drank too much." Chen Liyun looked at Old Hu bashfully, but said that she was not shy. She just wanted to help Old Hu.

"Alright then. I'll be very careful in a while. Try to not take advantage of you." Old Hu laughed. Although it was just a simple sentence, it gave off a different feeling when it came out of his mouth, as if he was trying to take advantage of her on purpose.

They went over to the table and looked at the long French fries on the plate with relief. They thought it was a short one, or at least it wouldn't be too awkward.

Old Hu took the initiative to pick one up, while Chen Liyun followed and held onto the other side. The surrounding people started to cheer.

"Together! Together!"

"Don't talk nonsense, I'm just playing a game." Lin Song looked at them, smiled and helped Old Hu out, but the smile on his face betrayed his feelings. In his heart, it was clear that he wanted them to be together.

As long as it could make the Old Hu happy, Lin Song would definitely bring him whatever kind of woman he wanted.

Because today, his grandfather had already said that he must take good care of Old Hu and do his best to fulfill all of his requests. Therefore, Lin Song did not dare to disobey.

The Old Hu was not affected at all and ate especially fast, but in comparison, Chen Liyun was really unhappy and refused to eat at all.

The surrounding people began to worry, "What's wrong with this little sister? How are you going to finish it within the allotted time? If you can't finish it, you two will have to continue receiving punishment!"

A male student shouted, causing Chen Liyun to widen her eyes. Didn't we agree that we just need to eat fries?

When the Old Hu saw that Chen Liyun had not made any progress, he became a little anxious. After finishing the fries here and there, he bit off all of them and left the rest to Chen Liyun.

Chen Liyun felt that she had burdened Old Hu with this, so she ate much faster on the next needle, but because the two of them had increased their speed at the same time, they bumped into each other when they were eating the last.

In reality, their noses had only bumped into each other. However, in the eyes of others, it was just kissing. Many people took out their phones to take pictures.

"Hahaha, little sister, don't be embarrassed. This grandpa isn't bad!" Those people did not care about Chen Liyun's thoughts at all, and continued to joke.

"Ignore them, we need to hurry up and eat, I will pay attention to the strength." Old Hu patted Chen Liyun's shoulder, and picked up another french fries. Seeing that Chen Liyun did not move at all, she was frustrated, so she directly threw the fries to the side, "Alright, if she doesn't want to, then let's not force her. Bring the wine, I'll drink!"

Old Hu on the other hand, could afford to lose, so he directly looked at Lin Song, planning to get into trouble this time. If he drank too much, Chen Liyun would definitely care about him.

Lin Song understood tacitly and quickly brought the wine over to Old Hu. "Uncle, don't drink …"

Just as Chen Liyun wanted to stop him, she saw that Old Hu had already finished half a bottle. She was dumbstruck for a moment, and all the male and female students around did not say a word, watching Old Hu gulp down the alcohol.

These three bottles of foreign wine had a strong temper, and they could only drink it from juice. They did not expect the Old Hu to be so manly as to directly dry all of it, and did not even stop to take a breath.

"I love you so much! You're amazing! Enough of a man! " One of the delinquent girls started to worship the Old Hu. She rushed out and kissed him on the cheek, but before the Old Hu could react, Chen Liyun had already pulled the delinquent girl aside.

Old Hu felt dizzy after blowing on the air, so he fell on the sofa. Chen Liyun quickly poured him a cup of water, but Old Hu didn't drink it.

"Great sir, it's all my fault … "I really …" Chen Liyun was still a little reserved. Even though she and Old Hu had been so open and proactive previously, she had a reason for forcing herself to do it.

"I'm fine, I'm fine. I've finished drinking. Everyone continue playing, I'm really fine!" Old Hu stood up and explained to them, but his eyes were blurry and he couldn't see who was who at all. When the youths saw that he was fine, they started to exclaim again.

Old Hu sat on the sofa and looked at the colourful person in front of him. He could only giggle.

Lin Song muttered to his comrades at the side. He felt that the Old Hu had really set his eyes on this policewoman, if he wanted to please the Old Hu, he had to do something.

After thinking for half a day, he could only have his little friends take turns to toast Old Hu. Old Hu could not drink by himself, and with Chen Liyun being by her side, she naturally had to help Old Hu drink a few cups.

Indeed, after three cups of overseas wine, Chen Liyun had drank too much. After resting for a while, she started to go crazy with alcohol, and her entire body became lively.

At this time, Old Hu slept and felt that he had sobered up enough. When he opened his eyes, he saw Chen Liyun singing and dancing in the center of the room, as if she was a completely different person from her from before.

"Everyone, you still don't know, but my dream is to be a singer! Sigh! Who said I can't do it!? I'll show you right now! " Chen Liyun stood in front of the microphone and spoke to herself. Maybe those people were not surprised by this scene, so other than the Old Hu, no one else looked at her.

When Chen Liyun saw that she did not receive any response, she became unhappy and immediately took off her shirt and started dancing.

She was only wearing a white blouse underneath her shirt, and now with her shirt tied around her waist as a skirt, she started dancing the sexy dance of the Korean Women's Group. She was very energetic, and gradually, more and more people's attention were attracted to her, but there were also Little Punk who began to cheer, "Take one off! Take one off! Take one off! "

Chen Liyun drank too much, she could do whatever others told her to do. After hearing her words, she started to take off her back, but was immediately grabbed by Old Hu.

"Hey hey hey, you can't take this off. Liyun, you've really drunk too much. Come and sit with me at the side!" Old Hu pulled her towards the sofa, but she didn't move. She just stood there, using all her strength.

"I don't! Director, please give me another chance! I can certainly do it well! If you don't believe me, I'll sing a song for you now! " Chen Liyun started crying. After she finished talking to herself, she reached out to wipe her tears, hugging the microphone and did not let go.