Lin Song also went along. After arriving at the KTV, he showed a very warm expression and secretly asked the Old Hu if they needed Miss to accompany them to play.

Initially, Old Hu really wanted to ask the few young misses to play together, but seeing Chen Liyun beside him, he gave up on that idea.

"Come, Grandpa Hu, let me toast you." After Lin Song arranged for them to sit, he started to take up his wine cup and Old Hu's toast.

Seeing that he was being so courteous, Old Hu drank a cup of wine.

After Lin Song finished drinking, he raised his wine again, "My lord, thank you for helping our chief! Let me toast you as well! "

The toast that Chen Liyun had said was a little far-fetched, but her intentions were good, and Old Hu had drunk it as well.

He thought that this would be the end, but who would have thought that Chen Liyun would raise her wine cup once again, "Uncle, you saved me once before, I have always been grateful to you in my heart, and want to toast you once more."

Seeing her serious expression, Old Hu felt as if he had seen that cold and aloof beauty in front of him. He was so grateful, but even if he didn't drink it, it would still be outrageous.

After three cups of wine, Old Hu felt that his thoughts were light and his feet felt like they were stepping on cotton.

Slowly, his thoughts became less rational and he began to let his imagination run wild.

He thought back to the song hall that he went with Zhang Jian that day. When he jumped down from the stairs, he fought with Chen Liyun and even tore the clothes on her chest.

Now, Chen Liyun had changed from the evening gown just now to casual attire. She wore a simple white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, the buttons on the collar were also unfastened, it was loose and loose. As long as one looked down from the top, they would be able to see her beautiful appearance.

As she moved along, she exuded an intoxicating fragrance.

Old Hu felt even more dizzy as he thought about her beauty and smelled her fragrance.

During this time, Lin Song had brought a few friends over, saying that they would play together with the Old Hu, and they had even called a few beauties over, but they all sat together with him, letting Chen Liyun sit next to the Old Hu.

"Come, come, Great Master, let's play a game!" If anyone loses, you can find a beautiful woman to share a potato chip with! Until we finish this pot of fries! "

Lin Song shouted loudly. Old Hu was also interested and agreed.

Of course he wanted to lose, that way he could eat chips with Chen Liyun. Who knew what would happen during the process of the game.

"Come on, let's play something simple and guess poker!" Lin Song took out a pack of poker cards, who looked mysterious. The rest of the people followed behind him and shouted, thinking that Old Hu would lose.

"My lord, Lin Song is bullying you! He's an expert at playing poker!" A yellow-haired boy giggled on the side as he exposed his intentions, but he did not have any malicious intentions.

Another one echoed, "I think so too! He intentionally made you lose! "

Old Hu saw that they were making a ruckus, but was not angry at all. He only waved his hand for Lin Song to hand over his cards.

This game seemed to be quite boring, but there were hidden secrets. The first person to shuffle the cards would remember the order of the cards and change the order according to their own subjective intentions.

Second, in the course of dealing the cards, it is inevitable that the dealer will make a small move and change the cards.

Or perhaps when he opened his cards, he could change the numbers on his poker cards. In short, this was a profound knowledge, but it was also an introduction to gambling.

Old Hu had never played before, but Lin Song was an experienced player.

"It's okay, it's not like we're gambling. We're just playing for fun!" Lin Song smiled as he looked at the Old Hu. Actually, he wanted to create an opportunity for the Old Hu as he could feel that the Old Hu had set his sights on Chen Liyun.

If Old Hu lost, they would definitely let Chen Liyun accept the punishment together with him. At that time, they would be able to go with the flow and punish them.

Old Hu also thought the same. He was afraid that he would win.

"You're right, we're just playing. There's no need to be serious." Since the Old Hu had already spoken, there was nothing left for them to do. The others stood around and watched.

One of the men dealt the cards, and the other three were more powerful than the other three. After three rounds, the youngest one lost.

"I'm starting!" The dealer would wash the cards in a cool way, just swipe them a few times, then open them.

The process was extremely tense and exciting, but after three rounds, Old Hu still lost.

This was within everyone's expectations, the Old Hu himself was not surprised, after all, they were all Old Thousand Hands, he could only be played around with.

"Great sir, if you lose, you will be punished!" Lin Song laughed wickedly as he looked at Old Hu, "Choose one of these girls to be your female companion and eat this plate of potato chips! "Remember, one person needs to stand to one side!"

After he finished speaking, Lin Song laughed wickedly, and the others followed suit.

Although Lin Song and the others respected the Old Hu, the young girls did not like it. They kept hiding behind him, not one of them was willing to partner with him.

With so many handsome young men here, who would want to find an old man?

Old Hu looked around, and no one was willing to stand up and be with him. His eyes revealed a disappointed look, but in his heart, he was very happy.

"Liyun, look at them … "So, are you willing to go through with the punishment with an old man like me?" Old Hu walked in front of Chen Liyun and looked at her in embarrassment.

Chen Liyun looked at Lin Song. They were all jeering at him to agree to Old Hu, but when she thought about the rules, she wasn't too sure.

"Forget it, if Liyun is not willing, then I'll punish you for drinking. We still have three bottles of foreign wine, you just need to blow on one of them!" Lin Song once again changed the method of punishment. Everyone looked at Old Hu with anticipation as he waved his hand and said, "Forget it, I'll drink this bottle of wine myself!"

Then, he used his peripheral vision to look at Chen Liyun; as expected, her face revealed an expression of being unable to bear it.

Hmph hmph, it seems like she cares about him a lot.

Old Hu deliberately staggered as he walked towards the table, as if he was drunk.

Seeing that, Chen Liyun quickly stepped forward to support him, and said to everyone: "I'll play with him, do not let him drink."

After he finished speaking, the surrounding crowd burst into applause. There were even many people whistling, waiting to see a joke between the beautiful police and a diaosi.

"Great sir, do your best!" Don't fall on beauties in the game later! " A girl shouted loudly. Everyone started cheering for Old Hu.

Chen Liyun's little face instantly flushed red, she was extremely embarrassed.

Old Hu patted her arm, "It's fine, if you're embarrassed, then forget it. I can drink another bottle."