Upon entering, the waiters immediately bowed and greeted him, making Old Hu uncomfortable. However, this was the rule here.

Walking like this all the way to the private room, there was a beautiful woman standing at the door. Her figure was very tall and she had delicate makeup painted on her face.

"The hotel's standards are really different. Even the waiters are so outstanding." Old Hu could not help but mutter, but Lin Song heard it.

"If uncle likes it, you can have her accompany you." Lin Song smirked, and his words were very ambiguous.

Old Hu immediately waved his hand, grinning from ear to ear, "Child, you're really too naughty."

It would be nice if that beauty could accompany him, but this occasion was inappropriate, so Old Hu could only refuse, pretending to be serious.

Lin Song smiled and did not speak, and continued to bring him in.

Entering through the door was a very luxurious exhibition hall. It was brightly lit and looked just like a stage.

The hall was filled with people of all shapes and sizes. The older men and women were all wearing evening dresses, and they were all chatting and laughing while holding champagne. It was obvious that this was a gathering for the upper class.

"These people are here to accompany you!" Lin Song whispered into Old Hu's ears, causing him to feel that his identity was extraordinary.

"Chief Lin is being too courteous." Old Hu reached out for a glass of champagne and quickly blended into the atmosphere.

Although he was a coarse old man and had never seen much of the world, with Chen Lin's support, what was there to be afraid of? Even if he didn't know the rules here, no one would accuse him of having no one laughing at him, because he was the rules.

"Aiyo, Brother Hu!" Long time no see! " Just as the two were chatting happily, Lin Jiansheng walked over and enthusiastically shook hands with Old Hu.

He was Chief Lin, the father of Lin Song.

"Bureau Chief Lin, I just said that you are too polite, you are still as polite as before." Old Hu shook his hand politely, but he was not used to this feeling. He was just a coarse old man, and was not used to acting.

"Hehe, Brother Hu, today is a charity party that I am inviting business people and government officials from the city to attend." Hehe, Brother Hu, today is a charity party that I am inviting business people and government officials from the city to attend. Lin Jiansheng was extremely polite, so Old Hu naturally agreed.

As for what a private dinner was, he didn't really care.

Soon, Lin Jiansheng walked onto the stage and began to speak.

"Thank you for giving me face today, to be able to attend this charity party … "Next, we'll …"

The Old Hu did not understand what Lin Jiansheng meant by his speech. It was probably because of the charity auction and the charity donations collection.

He didn't have much money anyway, so he really couldn't help.

Old Hu found a corner to sit down and waited for the private banquet.

He took some food and looked at the bustling crowd. He felt a little bored.

"Sigh, if I knew earlier, I wouldn't have come." Old Hu muttered to himself, but a voice suddenly sounded out from behind him, "Then you won't be able to see me."

Old Hu was shocked, he turned around, and saw that it was Chen Liyun.

She wore a long white dress and a golden crown on her head, like a princess in a comic book.

"Liyun, you scared me so much, how are you going to compensate me?" The Old Hu smirked and pulled her to sit on the side.

"Then can't I drink a few more cups with you?" Chen Liyun laughed heartily, a bewitching light shining from her eyes. She was seducing the Old Hu at all times, as if she no longer had the cold and aloof image from before.

"Sure." Old Hu laughed and drained his cup. The alcohol content here was not high, it was like water after drinking it.

"I heard you opened a clinic?" Chen Liyun asked.

The Old Hu waved his hand and was very modest, "Stop messing around."

After that, the two happily chatted for a while, probably about the trivial matters that happened every day. After the auction and the fund-raising event were almost over, those people started to casually chat with each other and move around.

Lin Jiansheng personally came to Old Hu and invited him to a private dinner next door.

"Brother Hu, I was too busy earlier. Sorry, I was too slow!" At the dining table, Lin Jiansheng raised his cup to apologize. After saying that he would directly do it, Old Hu couldn't blame him even if he thought about it.

"If Chief Lin says so, then it's foreign. I don't have that intention." Old Hu followed suit, and after that, everyone started to eat. Seeing that Old Hu was not used to using knives and forks, Lin Jiansheng took the initiative to ask the waiter to bring two pairs of chopsticks, he accompanied Old Hu in using the chopsticks, eating and drinking happily.

Lin Jiansheng poured wine for Old Hu as he introduced them, "Big Bro, this is the real Lafite from 82 years old. Right now, many of them are fake! Those idiots and bullies, they don't even understand! "

"Then how did you get this bottle?" Old Hu asked out of curiosity, he did not know anything about this wine anyway, so he could drink whatever he wanted.

"I have a French friend who brought it out from the vineyard. It's definitely authentic!" Lin Jiansheng patted the bottle and said confidently, "But the main thing is to drink wine, right?!"

These words reached the heart of the Old Hu, and then the two chatted for a long time.

When Lin Jiansheng saw that the Old Hu was no longer on guard against him, he proposed to get to know Chen Lin through him.

Old Hu did not refuse or agree, his attitude was still ambiguous from beginning to end.

"Great sir, come and eat a prawn." Chen Liyun personally peeled one for him, then put it on his plate, making Old Hu very satisfied.

The feeling of being served was too comfortable, even if he knew Chen Liyun was working for Lin Jiansheng.

"Liyun, there's no need to be so polite. I can do it myself." Old Hu pretended to be drunk and reached out to grab Chen Liyun's hand, still pressing on his thigh.

"Where did that come from?" Chen Liyun's expression changed as she glanced at Lin Jiansheng. However, Lin Jiansheng's intention was for her to follow the instructions given by the Old Hu, so she did not struggle free.

"Come on, grandpa, don't just drink, drink some juice." Chen Liyun was especially concerned about the Old Hu, and treated him warmly, as if he was his boyfriend.

"Brother Hu, look at this …" Lin Jiansheng took advantage of the heat to strike the iron while it was still hammering.

"Alright, I agree. I'll help you arrange it when I get the chance!" Old Hu laughed, even if it was on Chen Liyun's account, he still had to agree!

The main reason was that he did not succeed last time, otherwise he would not have agreed to this time.

Moreover, if he did not agree this time, Chen Liyun would probably ignore him in the future.

Seeing that the Old Hu had agreed, Lin Jiansheng was so happy that he could not hide his smile. He then arranged for them to go to the KTV to have a good rest, with Chen Liyun and Lin Song as companions.

Because the charity banquet was not over, he could not leave. Seeing that, Old Hu did not force him and supported Chen Liyun down the KTV.