Zhao Lei nodded, and looked at Lin Song with a grateful expression. On the other hand, Old Hu still maintained his serious expression, because he felt that Liu Gang was not someone who was easy to talk to.

"Gangzi, this Grandpa Hu is an old friend of mine. You should at least give him some face." Lin Song and Liu Gang stood facing each other. One was a handsome, young youth, and the other was a scarred, vicious, rogue rascal.

"Why?" Liu Gang was not willing to let go and asked his bluntly.

Lin Song's smile froze. This Liu Gang was famous for being ruthless, he did not give him any face at all.

"Because he's an old friend of ours. If you touch him, how am I going to explain this to the old man? When he punishes me, I can only come to find you." Lin Song squinted his eyes, revealing a bit of killing intent.

Being able to survive in the underworld wasn't entirely dependent on one's family. No matter what, he had to be a bit ruthless.

Liu Gang looked at him for a while, then smiled, "Of course I have to give you face, but Lin Song, this time you owe me a favor."

Liu Gang patted Lin Song's shoulder. He was not stupid, and gave him a protection fee for nothing.

"Fine, I'll treat it as owing you a favor!" In order to not let anything happen to Old Hu, Lin Song agreed as well.

This Liu Gang had never been one to be trifled with. If he really fell out, it would not benefit his gang.

"Then let's go!" Liu Gang led his few brothers and left in a grandiose manner. Before leaving, he took a gloomy glance at Old Hu.

He reckoned that this time, he would be considered to have struck it rich.

In the future, it was impossible for Lin Song to come here to watch the show every time.

After they left, Lin Song quickly instructed his subordinates, "What are you guys still standing around for? Quickly pack up your things.

"Yes sir!"

"Yes sir!"

This Lin Song was still very mighty, moving with just a command, without the Old Hu having to do it themselves.

"Sigh, there's no need …" "I can do it myself …" Zhao Lei was embarrassed, she wanted to clean up the mess herself, but she was stopped by Lin Song on the sofa.

"Little girl, don't worry about me. You don't need to do it yourself." Seeing that Zhao Lei was such a beauty, Lin Song immediately started to curry favor with her.

"Cough, cough." Old Hu pretended to cough on the side. He knew that this brat did not have any good intentions, and was afraid that Zhao Lei would be deceived by his appearance. He quickly stopped him.

"Lin Song, thank you for this time."

The Old Hu thanked him sincerely. If not for him, a fight of great scale would have been unavoidable today.

He wasn't afraid of fighting, mainly because he was afraid of smashing the shop up.

"Great sir, there is no need to be polite with me. I have come too late. If I had come earlier, such a thing wouldn't have happened." Lin Song hurriedly expressed his apology. Even his little brother felt that this was a very far-fetched reason.

Under such circumstances, it could be considered as a mistake to be late?

"Don't say that, it makes me feel too bad." Old Hu was polite, after that, most of the things in the house were cleaned up, and some of his subordinates went out to find someone to fix the glass in the bathroom.

"Hurry and sit, Xiao Lei. Go get some tea." Old Hu did his best to send Zhao Lei away, so as to not let Lin Song see her and not let any accidents happen to her.

"No need, really no need to be so polite." Lin Song immediately waved his hand, his gaze fixed on Zhao Lei's body from beginning to end, unable to move away.

"Lin Song, did you come this time just to give me a congratulatory gift?" The Old Hu interrupted him, telling Zhao Lei to leave quickly. Zhao Lei seemed to understand his intentions and quickly retreated.

"Grandpa Hu, I feel embarrassed saying these words." Lin Song laughed, and felt a little awkward, "The main reason I'm here today is to congratulate you."

"And after that?" Old Hu also laughed, his eyes staring straight at him, wanting to see something else from his eyes.

"And my father wants me to invite you to this banquet?" Lin Song's smile became even more brilliant, but from the first glance, one could tell that he was flattering her.

"Dinner?" Old Hu raised his eyebrows.

"Mm, yes, I hope you can give me some face if you have the time." Lin Song's eyes were extremely delicate.

"Look at what you're saying, I'm not that respectful. Since your father invited me over, I can't refuse his respect." Old Hu half pushed it and it was considered that he agreed.

After all, Lin Song's father was the Chief of the Public Security Bureau.

But Old Hu was also very clear that they would not treat him to a meal for no reason at all. They definitely had some motive, but he had guessed it already.

He did not have much benefit points on him, and the only thing he could use was to recognize Chen Lin through him.

Previously, Chen Liyun wanted to use him to get to know Chen Lin, and the two of them even went through that kind of peach-blossom affair. However, in the end, it was a coincidence, and the Old Hu did not help Chen Liyun, so the two of them went to sleep for nothing.

Fortunately, Chen Liyun did not fall out with him, and the two of them could still get along together like before.

This time, the Chief of the Public Security Bureau had personally stepped in. It seemed that he really had something that he needed Chen Lin for.

"That's great! "Then let's go now?" Lin Song stood up, his mood agitated. He originally thought that Old Hu would repeatedly decline, but he never expected him to agree so quickly.

"Alright, then wait for me to change." After Old Hu finished speaking, he walked into the bedroom and changed into a set of formal attire.

Ever since he pretended to be Su Fei's boyfriend, he had bought a suit for himself. He planned to wear it at an official ceremony, and this time, it would be useful to him.

When he finished changing her clothes, Zhao Lei just happened to walk into the living room and exclaimed out loud.

"Uncle, you're so handsome!" She was not stingy with her praises. Old Hu's expression did not change, but his heart was elated.

He didn't pay much attention to small details, otherwise, he would look really handsome after a bit of tidying up.

"Xiao Lei, go back to school tonight, stop watching, I'll give you a holiday today, I'm going out for a meal, I might be back a little late" The Old Hu said to Zhao Lei, he was mainly afraid that Liu Gang would come back and cause trouble, and what if he didn't come back by then?

Zhao Lei had been completely frightened today, and hearing what Old Hu said, she was naturally willing to go back as well.

"Alright, then let's go together." Zhao Lei agreed happily to Zhao Lei's suggestion.

They walked out of the clinic together and got on Lin Song's Mercedes-Benz. Originally, Zhao Lei said that she would walk back to school, but Lin Song insisted on sending her back.

They arrived at a super star hotel, it was the most luxurious hotel in the center of the city.

This place was not a place where one could enter just because they had money. They also needed to make an appointment in advance, as well as have a social status. Thus, in the hearts of the people, their status was very high.

Old Hu looked up and knew that the director must have something important for him. Otherwise, he wouldn't praise him so much.