Su Fei nodded, feeling that the time was right, she walked into the house.

"How are you, Little Wu?" She was still so gentle.

"Teacher, uncle, I feel much better this time. It doesn't hurt anymore." Wu Wu's complexion also improved, she was more spirited than before, because this time Old Hu had given her a proper medicine, of course it would work.

"That's fine!" Su Fei's face revealed a smile.

Then, Wu Wu looked at Old Hu gratefully, "Old man, thank you so much!"

"It's fine, this is what I should do." Old Hu was also polite.

"Little Wu, there's something teacher has to tell you." Su Fei held Wu Wu's hand, and her attitude became a little serious.

Seeing that, the Old Hu silently retreated to the side.

"As your counselor, I have the responsibility to know what happened to you, so I've already asked Grandpa Hu about it, and he told me what happened." As Su Fei spoke, she watched Wu Wu's expression change. After she finished speaking, Wu Wu indeed became a little nervous as her eyes swept across Old Hu.

"Although he did not pursue this matter to the end, nor did you receive any heavy punishment, I hope that you can learn from this lesson. Don't be so willful in the future, learn to tolerate others, and that would be tantamount to forgiving yourself." Su Fei's words were extremely moving, even Old Hu felt that he had been moved, just that he did not know how this Wu Wu felt.

"En, teacher, I will remember this. I will not do this again in the future. I also want to thank Grandpa Hu for giving me a chance to reform." Wu Wu lowered her head, with a face that showed that she had made a mistake. This made Su Fei feel very gratified, but for some reason, Old Hu just felt that she could not trust him.

"Yes, teacher knew you were a good kid. Since you're almost done, then I'll send you back to your dorm to rest. Let Grandpa Hu rest as well, it's getting late." Su Fei looked at her watch. It was already 12, and she still had to attend class tomorrow.

"Mm. Alright." When Wu Wu crawled up from the bed, she was still holding onto her tenderly, afraid that she would fall down. Since the other students had already gone back, Old Hu proposed to send her back together with the others.

"Xiao Fei, I'll go back with you. It's getting late, so I can't be at ease with the two of you girls." With that, Old Hu picked up his jacket.

Su Fei originally wanted to reject them, but after thinking about how the Old Hu was reasonable and that the recent society was not that peaceful, it was always safer to have a man around.

So the Old Hu brought the two of them and left the clinic. Before they left, he even gave two bags of medicinal powder to Wu Wu, telling her to continue eating it tomorrow. Even if she didn't have diarrhea, she had to eat it.

Wu Wu took it emotionally, and carefully put it in her pocket. This time, the diarrhea had made her so tired, she never wanted to have diarrhea again in her life.

The two of them brought a patient back to the school. The Old Hu was not allowed to go upstairs, so Su Fei helped Wu Wu up the stairs herself.

"Ah, grandpa, you haven't returned yet?" When Su Fei saw Old Hu, she was a little surprised. She had thought that he had already gone back to the clinic.

Ever since the clinic was opened, Old Hu had been living in the clinic. The environment there was much better than in the school hostel and it was convenient to move out.

Although the dorm was full, it didn't have the feeling of home.

"No, of course I'll wait for you to come down. I still have to send you back." The Old Hu laughed and said, the night wind blew gently and it felt cool, he saw Su Fei shrinking her body and immediately took off his jacket and put it on her.

"Hurry, the wind is strong tonight, don't catch a cold." Old Hu's voice was especially gentle. As long as one treated Su Fei, it was as if they had become a completely different person. He truly cared for Su Fei from the bottom of his heart.

"It's fine, I don't need it …" Su Fei didn't want his clothes, so she tried to return it to Old Hu, but was rejected.

"It's normal for girls to love to be beautiful, but they still have to pay attention to their bodies. It's not okay to wear so little, right?" The Old Hu patted her shoulders, and took the opportunity to hug her closer. Su Fei did not reject, and the two walked on, neither said that they would return home first.

On the way, they met a few couples, all of them talking and laughing, all snuggling together with each other like they were very close, making the Old Hu very envious, but it was not easy to say it out loud. After all, he was old, and they still wanted to talk about love, which made him embarrassed.

However, he noticed that Su Fei's gaze was also locked on those young couples, and was always sighing softly. Therefore, Old Hu guessed that Su Fei must have something on his mind, otherwise, if it was already this late, she wouldn't have said that he wanted to go back to his dorm to sleep.

Did this mean that his chance had come?

He lowered his head and looked at Su Fei's clothes. Her clothes were very thin, and you could even see the marks of her bra.

He thought for a moment and asked in the end, "Xiao Fei, do you have something troubling you? I feel like you're a bit unhappy. "

"Ah, nothing, I'm fine." Su Fei ruffled the hair at the side of her ear, refusing to speak further. Old Hu rolled his eyes and said, "I think today is a good day, why don't we go to the pub for a drink? We haven't had a chat in a long time, don't you think? "

Old Hu looked at her in anticipation, making Su Fei to feel embarrassed and reject her offer. However, she was also not in the mood to go out.

"Great sir, I …" "I don't really want to go out. I haven't been in a good mood recently and I'm afraid that going out will affect you." Su Fei said in a low voice. The feeling of cowardice made Old Hu's heart ache.

"Then you should go out for a drink or two. If you're not in a good mood, you should let it out. Besides, you're going out with me and not with other people, so what's there to be afraid of? I can take care of you no matter what happens. Could it be that you're afraid of what I'll do to you? " When she reached the end of her speech, her tone had even changed. If Su Fei did not go, he would not give any face at all.

Now that the conversation had reached this point, Su Fei could only nod her head and agree, "Alright, then I'll go with you, but you have to agree, I'm not very good at drinking …"

Seeing that she had let go, the Old Hu agreed, "Don't worry, we will just focus on chatting!"