And Wu Wu who was on the bed wasn't feeling any better either. Just now, she had already been pushed up into the clouds, but had suddenly returned back to reality.

Since Su Fei was already back, the Old Hu didn't dare to play around with it anymore. She hurriedly took out some medicine to treat the diarrhea of Wu Wu's stomach, mixed it with the soup and brought it over to Wu Wu.

"Uncle, do you still want to drink this!?" When Wu Wu saw the bowl of Chinese medicine, she could not help but grin. The taste was too bitter, it made her nauseous just by smelling it.

Su Fei also caught a whiff of it, and frowned as she asked Old Hu, "Uncle, is this medicine really that bitter? It just smelt that way …."

"Ah, it's such a bitter medicine. The syrup tastes great, but it's useless against diseases!" Old Hu still walked to the front and gave it to Su Fei, indicating for her to drink it quickly.

Wu Wu hesitated and refused to drink, but Old Hu cut him off, "Xiao Wu, all of the unhappiness that happened to us earlier is considered to be over. Now that you are looking for me to treat your illness, I have put in effort, you don't want to drink anymore, it's your own disease anyway, if you don't want to treat it, no one else can do anything about it."

After hearing what he had to say, Su Fei did not understand what she meant, "Hmm? Great sir, did you know each other before? Are you still unhappy? "

She was in a state of complete ignorance.

The Old Hu did not say anything, but Wu Wu said it herself, "Previously, there was a misunderstanding between me and Grandpa Hu, but it has already been resolved. I do not have any prejudice towards Grandpa Hu, I will drink this pill, and I will drink it."

Hearing Old Hu say something so serious about his illness, Wu Wu did not dare to delay any longer, and went all out. Although he was bitter to the point of vomiting, she endured it in the end.

"Good job, Little Wu." Su Fei took the bowl, laid her down, and tucked her in. Then, she stood up and called Old Hu out to ask.

She did not believe that things were that simple, it was better if Old Hu said it out loud.

Old Hu told her everything. Su Fei was silent for a long time, she never thought that Wu Wu was this kind of girl.

Su Fei sighed, she felt that she still did not manage to take care of her own student properly. So many things had happened between them, but she, the coach, was completely unaware of it.

"Don't blame her. It's normal for children to not know their place. I hope that in the future, she will be able to correct her mistakes." Old Hu spoke sincerely and sincerely, showing that he was very tolerant.